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Adding Functional Beauty to Our Kitchen with Delta Faucet

Our kitchen renovation is almost finished! Today, we’re breaking down all of the stunning functionality that Delta has brought to our kitchen renovation.

The Delta sink, faucet and glass rinser installed in our new kitchen // via Yellow Brick Home
Glass Rinser | faucet | sink | ball knobs | appliance pull

Yes. We realize we’ve been saying that our kitchen is aaaaalmost done for about a month now. This time we really mean it! With the exception of the replacement refrigerator panel that was damaged in shipping (after I ruined the first one attaching it to the mounting bracket), all that’s left is paint, unpacking, laying down a rug, and fine-tuning!

This post is sponsored by our long time partner, Delta Faucet. Delta wants to create lasting change inside your home by transforming your daily life through how you interact with your water.

Our number 1 goal in this renovation was to add a huge amount of functionality to the space, and our friends at Delta helped us make it happen! In addition to the obvious addition of a Cassidy faucet with Delta Touch2O technology, we also added a hard-working new composite sink, a Glass Rinser and a Pot Filler. Let’s chat through the details of each shiny new addition, shall we?

Cassidy Single Handle Faucet

We’ve used the Cassidy collection previously in our garden unit and guest bathroom renovations, but this is our first time using it in a kitchen application. Regardless of placement, we feel like Cassidy is the perfect compliment to the classic-meets-current style of our home. For this kitchen remodel, we selected the single handle pulldown faucet with Touch2O technology in Lumicoat Polished Nickel finish. The finish is warm and beautiful and is the perfect compliment to the brass hardware and fixtures throughout the rest of the kitchen. We’re in love! This beautiful faucet is also jam-packed with too many features to list, but here are a few of our personal favorites:

Our Cassidy Faucet in polished nickel // via Yellow Brick Home
faucet | Glass Rinser | Workstation Sink
  • Touch2O technology stops or starts the flow of water with a simple touch anywhere on the spout or handle. Full or messy hands? No problem! Just tap with your wrist.
  • The integrated TempSense LED light shows water temperature without guesswork. It shifts from blue to purple to red as water gets hotter.
  • The Lumicoat finish wipes clean with a damp cloth. No cleaning agents or chemicals needed.
  • Last but not least, ShieldSpray technology provides a concentrated laser-like beam of water while containing overspray and splatter. It’s truly a game-changer for blasting stuck-on gunk!
The shield spray technology on our new Caassidy faucet blasts tough grime // via Yellow Brick Home
Glass Rinser | faucet | Workstation Sink

This faucet has almost every bell and whistle that Delta offers, but not a single gimmick. Every function gets used almost every day and we can’t imagine going back to a faucet that lacks any of these features!

Workstation Sink

Our new granite composite Workstation Sink is a beautifully-designed workhorse. The integrated WorkFlow ledge allows for a series of included accessories to sit on a small lip at the top of the sink and it’s definitely changed the way we use the sink. The included wood-textured cutting board allows us to prep and chop right over the included color-matched drain. Veggie peels and scraps can be pushed right into the sink without dripping onto floors and counters. It’s made prepping for meals so much easier and tidier!

Our newly installed Delta faucet, glass rinser and sink // via Yellow Brick Home
Glass Rinser | faucet | Workstation Sink | ball knobs | appliance pull

In addition to the cutting board, the dish drying rack has also been hugely helpful. We use it not only to dry our hand-washed dishes, but also as a plant watering station. The silicone non-slip coating gives us peace of mind balancing delicate terra cotta planters over the sturdy sink and allows water to flow right through the drainage holes. When we’re done, we just pop the drying rack in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning!

Scott uses the sprayer function to water some of our houseplants // via Yellow Brick Home
Glass Rinser | faucet | Workstation Sink

Glass Rinser

Ever been to a fancy cocktail lounge or a bar that takes beer way too seriously? Have you also seen the bartender push a glass down onto what looks like a splash pad for barware? That device is called (shockingly enough) a Glass Rinser! Glass Rinsers have been a staple in commercial kitchens and bars for a long while, and Delta offers a beautiful version for residential use.

Scott rinses a specialty beer glass on our Delta glass rinser // via Yellow Brick Home
Glass Rinser | faucet | Workstation Sink

The Glass Rinser installed easily onto our cold water supply line with high quality fittings and was up and running in a matter of a few minutes. It’s an absolute game changer for uniquely-shaped glasses with nooks and crannies that can be hard to clean in the dishwasher or with a dish brush. Plus, pushing down on the actuator is an incredibly satisfying feeling. When we’re done, we pop the matching cover over the device and we’re done. No splashing, no mess! We’re in love and our glasses have never been cleaner. We swear that our drinks somehow taste better from a freshly rinsed glass!

Pot Filler

Initially, I had my doubts about the necessity of a Pot Filler, but Kim was insistent that we install one above the range. Now that it’s in, we couldn’t imagine our kitchen without it! The Pot Filler itself adds touch of beauty to what would otherwise be a blank spot on the backsplash and having water directly above the range is a total luxury. No more lugging heavy pots of water from the sink on the other side of the room!

wall sconce | ball knobs | appliance pull | range | Pot Filler

While not technically from the Cassidy collection, the Traditional Pot Filler is a perfect compliment to the rest of our fixtures and plays beautifully with other kitchen elements.

The delta traditional wall mount pot filler above our new range // via Yellow Brick Home
Pot Filler

As with all of our Delta products, you can also feel the quality of the fixture. The handles turn smoothly and feel great in-hand. Water flows in a dense, satisfying stream and at the perfect rate. We’re not sure how we lived without it previously, but we’re certainly glad it’s here now!

The delta traditional wall mount pot filler above our new range // via Yellow Brick Home
Pot Filler

There you have it! All of our Delta Faucet fixtures are in. They’re beautiful. They’re functional. They make our lives easier. Just as we intended.

An incredibly huge thank you to our friends at Delta Faucet. As always, we appreciate you supporting the brands that support us!

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  • aussiebushgirl12.16.22 - 8:41 PM

    What an incredible piece of technology! Love your faucet and other gizmos. Thanks for sharing, and here’s wishing you hours of fun in your new and improved happy space. HxReplyCancel

  • Cheryl12.17.22 - 4:32 PM

    The thing I love most about our Delta kitchen faucet is the magnetic docking that makes putting the pull down back in place a piece of cake!ReplyCancel

  • Julie12.21.22 - 4:13 PM

    I definitely agree with Kim on having the pot filler, especially since it’s on the other side of the kitchen. The nickel finish is beautiful! Too bad Delta doesn’t have one of these (or do they?) – an instant hot water dispenser! We just got one and my winter beverage situation just improved 10 fold!ReplyCancel

    • Kim12.21.22 - 7:08 PM

      They do have one! We opted instead for the glass rinser. We didn’t want too many gadgets at the faucet, and our espresso machine has a hot water feature.????ReplyCancel

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