Our Michigan Red House

In March of 2023, we closed on a new property that’s immediately adjacent to our Michigan Tree House. The purchase was definitely not something we had in the cards for 2023, but we are humbled and grateful to have made it happen!

The nearly 4-acre property surrounds Tree House and another small adjacent property on three sides. Roughly 3 of the acres are natural forest that we intend to preserve for decades to come. Watching the sun set through the woods to the west on a warm summer night is one of our favorite Michigan past times, and owning this land will allow us to give the land the love and care that it deserves. Oh, and the house is pretty dang charming too!

We purchased the home from a family estate, where the entire family grew up in the home and on the land. So when the property was being prepped for sale, they approached us before it hit the market to see if we were interested. You can read the whole story here, if you’d like! Once the home became ours, one of the family members gave us tearful hugs and thanked us for our intention to care for the home as her family had for so many years. It was a touching transition, and we thanked the family for entrusting us with their home. Our plan is to show this home her full potential while also honoring her mid-century roots.

The Red House | Before

The Red House | After

We’re just getting started! Bookmark this page, and keep an eye on our Red House Room Makeovers, where you can browse every project as they happen, room-by-room. The ‘afters’ for this home will take time, dedication, and a whole lot of aspirin. Stay tuned, friends!


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