Our Michigan Tree House

Tree House is available for short term rentals on Airbnb! You can book your stay at our Lakeside retreat right here. We’re excited to be able to share our special slice of Michigan with you!

In the spring of 2017, we fell in love with a small town in southwestern Michigan, about 80 miles from Chicago. In search of a relaxing escape, we had booked a long weekend getaway to Sawyer, a sweet and charming respite from the city, full of mature trees and rolling sand dunes. Sawyer is part of Harbor Country, a cluster of eight tiny towns along the shore of Lake Michigan. During that weekend, we slept in (very) late and dined at local restaurants. It rained endlessly, which was only more reason to stay up late, watch movies and drink wine. Through the cold drizzle, we ran up and down the dunes with our pups. And on the way back home to Chicago, we both agreed that it would be a dream to purchase a little slice of Harbor Country to call our own.

We needn’t fast forward very far; innocent house hunting turned into an every-waking-moment-search, and just four months after that weekend away, we were closing on the cutest little cottage that we lovingly dubbed our Tree House. You can read all about that journey here, and we’ve been busy shining her up ever since! The old records are a little unclear, but we guess that she was built in the 1930s. Tree House was originally a 3-season home with no HVAC system, but we’ve since added heat and air conditioning, turning her into year-round retreat. She’s still a work in progress, but she’s already been filled with so many amazing memories.

To view the galleries below, use the prev/next arrows on the first image. If you’d like to know where we purchased something for Tree House, here’s that source list, including paint colors!

Our Tree House | Before

Our Tree House | Demolition

Our Tree House | Today

A full source list of the items in our Tree House can be found right here


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