The Two Flat

Closing Day, April 2019

Two years after we fell in love with our Tree House, we went searching for a new challenge back home in Chicago. During the early months of 2019, we house shopped around our neighborhood, leaving each one with the sad realization that a hundred years of occupancy had stripped away much of the character. After repeatedly giving it the cold shoulder on the MLS, we turned our attention back towards a neglected two flat, expecting more of the same. There were no interior photos in the listing, and we couldn’t get past the bush-turned-tree, butter exterior and sagging porch. We couldn’t help but wonder, ​​​​​​​what’s beyond that front door?

We caved. We scheduled a visit to that yellow two flat (a Chicago term for a building with two apartments), and upon first entering the home, we squeezed each others’ hands. This is it, we whispered to each other. This is The One. We looked past the decades’ old carpet, drop ceilings and linoleum floors. Instead, we pointed out the 19th century baseboards. The dining room built-in. The arched doorways and the porcelain door knobs and the pitched ceiling. The pink bathtub!

We became proud owners of the Two Flat in April 2019. Our goal is to invest in this home, keep it in the family, and rent each unit once the renovation is complete. Welcome to our next adventure!

Completion Day, October 2020

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The Two Flat | Before

The Two Flat | After

You can learn about every step of our renovation process from the very beginning right here. Thank you for following along!


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