Do You Have a Design Dilemma?

Problem solving home design dilemmas is what makes us tick, so let’s sit down and have a face-to-face chat about yours.

Book a virtual consultation with us!

We approach design in an attainable, minimalist way and can provide actionable suggestions to implement change within any budget. We’ll guide you with an open ear and provide actionable next steps, and we’ll all leave feeling inspired.

Commonly Requested Topics

Can’t choose a paint color?

Struggling with your room’s layout?

Do you have an eye for design, but need help with execution?

Does your small space need better storage solutions?

Are you looking to add coziness to your large open floor plan?

Feeling overwhelmed at the start of a renovation (large or small)?

‍We got you, Friend.

Consultations are done virtually, and you may schedule in advance for a time that works best for you! Appointments are available in 20 minute, 40 minute, and 1 hour sessions. Choose the time allotment that you feel best suits your project needs. We want you to leave our session feeling excited and ready to dive into your home project with confidence!


Notes from past clients:

After countless internet searches and hours on YouTube, I decided to book with Kim and Scott. I sent my list of questions ahead of time, and they came prepared with answers, and we made quick work of my list! I walked away feeling confident I could now tackle my previously confusing project. Well worth the time and money. They are smart and professional, while still being fun and casual. Highly recommend!

– Sarah | Michigan

I’ve always loved Kim and Scott’s simple and clean aesthetic, and I was thrilled to actually get to chat with them! In the 20 minutes we spent chatting, they helped me turn a useless space outside my kids’ bedrooms into a cute and functional area that not only looks great but is now also super functional. If I ever find myself in another tough spot with home design I will absolutely book again! 

– Carolyn | Boca Raton, FL

Scott and Kim were great to work with when we renovated the kitchen in our Lakehouse. Their ideas and suggestions on how to reconfigure the modest footprint made a big impact without a big budget. At the same time, Scott and Kim understand where spending a bit more will pay off in the long term.

– Kelly + Hanno | Glen Ellyn, Illinois

I live in a home fashioned after the English countryside, and needed help figuring out how to make the main bathroom better for my family of 4. Kim and Scott offered both small, inexpensive changes as well as more costly, but purposeful changes for the room. They were responsive to my follow-up questions and concerns, and helped me to take a risk which everyone in my family now enjoys! Kim and Scott educated me on several design insights and helped me to understand the context better for the bathroom. I am so thankful for their expertise, and plan on visiting with them again when we attack the kitchen in the future!

– Tierney, Washington

Can’t wait to meet you,

Kim + Scott


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