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Visiting the New Home

First! You all know by now that this is the last week for Google Reader (boo!). If you’ve slacked on the whole switcheroo (you know, like us), now’s the time to import your favorite blogs. We switched to Bloglovin‘, but The Old Reader and Feedly are hot stuff, too. (Add us to your Bloglovin’ here, or Feedly right here!)

Last Sunday, Scott, Half-y Giraffe-y and I spent several hours at the new home. (You may remember H-G was dubbed when he lost one ear and one ossicone during our chilly bokeh adventure.) We met up with our friend and architect, Nancy, and a recommended contractor to discuss the many, many changes we hope to implement in the new space. And you guys, our heads are swimming – but in the best possible way!

Once July rolls around (SOON!), we’ll be eyeballs deep in drywall dust, and I’m terrified and excited all at once to manhandle my first sledgehammer and knock down a wall or two. And a ceiling. Scott has his game face on, and while I wish I had the confidence he has when it comes to demolishing an entire first floor ceiling (yikes!), I am every bit as anxious as he is to get started.

In the meantime, Half-y Giraffe-y wanted to show off the front of our home – in the most obscure way possible. (The man loves his bokeh; what can we say?) Because our future home is still occupied by its current tenants, we don’t want to show much more than this (privacy reasons for those still living there), but you might be able to make out the hint of a front porch – see that support on the bottom left? In-between hammering down walls and leveling floors, we plan on spending our free time on that very porch – on rockers with boozy lemonade, of course. Our bones will be tired, and isn’t that what you do after a day of demolition?

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  • Hannah K.6.24.13 - 7:16 AM

    Too exciting – can’t wait until you can share more!! Do you guys have a certain recipe you like for boozy lemonade?ReplyCancel

    • Kim6.24.13 - 9:01 AM

      Hannah, no recipe (yet!), but we’ll have to think of something quick… July will be here so soon!ReplyCancel

  • Marlene @ Jade and Fern6.24.13 - 9:18 AM

    Man, Half-y Giraffe-y is such a tease! Hope he shows us more pictures soon. In the meantime, good luck with all the planning and the work! It will all be worth it!ReplyCancel

  • Angela [Life With Alfred]6.24.13 - 9:55 AM

    Yay! We were just enjoying some boozy lemonade yesterday…happy to share anytime, neighbor!ReplyCancel

  • Boozy lemonade = the best way to end a demolition day.

    Can’t wait to see more!ReplyCancel

  • Emma6.24.13 - 12:13 PM

    Cheers! So happy for you guys. Looks like a lovely home and I cannot wait to see what you two do once you get your mitts on it. Good luck!ReplyCancel

  • Giuli6.24.13 - 6:18 PM

    You have me on pins and needles!!! Can’t wait for more pics!! Hurry up July!ReplyCancel

  • Jodi6.25.13 - 7:12 AM

    so exciting!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • I have a critter crush on Halfy Giraffey! And I want these days of June to laaaaaaassst, along with those of July and August. But it’s coming on so soon!ReplyCancel

  • Cait @ Hernando House6.26.13 - 11:07 AM

    I’m so stinking excited to see your new place!

    Mmmm boozy lemonade! Jim Beam & lemonade was the signature drink at our wedding. These days Maker’s Mark & Lemonade is our go-to (or Jack, for a truer Lyunchburg lemonade, plus- #jackattack). Although I hear most people use 1 part Jack Daniel’s, 1 part triple sec, 1 part sour mix, and 4 parts lemon-lime soda. Call my lazy, but 2 parts Publix lemonade & 1 part Maker’s is just fine by me.ReplyCancel

  • Kim6.26.13 - 12:28 PM

    Cait, great recipes! THANK YOU! Jack thanks you as well ;)ReplyCancel

  • Cait @ Hernando House6.26.13 - 12:59 PM

    You’re welcome! :)ReplyCancel

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