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All the Devices in Our Tech Drawer

Today, we’re highlighting all of the items that live inside our kitchen charging drawer. From phone chargers to our daughter’s headphones, it’s all hidden out of sight!

Kim opens our newly upgraded technology and charging drawer // via Yellow Brick Home

Earlier this week, we shared the details of our newly upgraded kitchen charging drawer. We figured we’d round up all of the devices that we store inside it, as well as the cords and ancillary items we use to charge them.

1. Magnetic iPhone Charger, $15

We have a couple of these mag safe chargers around the home (and in our truck!) and they work exactly as expected. They charge fast, attach securely and are available in a couple of colors to match their surroundings.

2. Drawer Outlet Blade Duo, $467

The Docking Drawer Blade Duo is a very impressive piece of hardware. Its high quality, charges fast and can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, offices or anywhere else you want to charge things safely out of sight.

3. Sonos Roam + Charger Bundle, $200

Our Sonos Roam goes almost everywhere we go! Pair it with our favorite travel case and it packs up with ease. We consider it a travel necessity!

4. Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, $195

We’re an Apple family through and through, but I’ve been using Jabra earbuds for a few years. I finally got Kim to switch over from her airpods a few weeks ago and she gets it. They stay put better than any in-ear headphones we’ve ever used.

5. Cat Ear Kids Headphones, $39

On the other end of the headphone spectrum are Lucy’s gigantic pink blinky cat ears. She gets complements on them all the time and they actually sound pretty good! Most importantly for us, they stay connected easily via bluetooth and come with a backup cord in case the batteries run out.

6. Cord Organizer, $14

This one is on order, but we can’t wait to fill it up with every version of every cable we’ve ever needed. There’s nothing more annoying than needing a very specific cable and not being able to find it!

7. 10 Pack Cable Clips, $10

These handy little leather clips are really nothing more than a fancy reusable zip tie, but that’s exactly the point! In addition to the charging drawer, we keep them in our backpacks, suitcases, desk drawers and in the center console of our truck. So handy!

8. 100 Pack Velcro Cable Ties, $12

We use these handy guys for both temporary and permanent cable management. Behind cabinets, inside our entertainment center and all around the house. It’s impossible to estimate how many of these are scattered around our home!

9. USB-A 10FT Cable, $19

Sometimes you just need an extra long iphone charging cable. We keep these on hand for travel and use around the house.

10. Rechargeable Batteries + Charger, $29

Yes, for better or worse, there are still items that run on AA batteries. This charger can juice up your rechargeable AA and AAA batteries in one device, so your old school TV remotes will stay charged for the long haul.

11. 6 Piece Clear Drawer Organizer, $15

These little drawer organizers are indispensable for keeping small items contained. They stack on each other to save space and hold a surprising amount of bits and bobs!

12. 9th Generation iPad, $330

We finally bit the bullet and upgraded Lucy’s atrocious Fire tablet to a proper iPad after the headaches became too much for us. We only use it for car travel and occasional schoolwork, so we felt comfortable buying it certified refurbished to save a few hundred dollars. Well worth the convenience!

13. iPad Case, $25

We wanted to make sure that Lucy’s new iPad was protected, so we picked up this heavy duty snap-together case. It seems indestructible so far and features a neat rotating stand that doubles as a carry handle! Most importantly, it’s pink and purple.

Do you have a charging drawer to cut down on the device clutter? Now that we’ve had one, we can’t imagine life without it! Are we missing anything, what’s in yours?

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