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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Budget

Lucy collecting shells on the beach | Mother's Day gift guide

Mother’s Day is Almost Here!

Being Lucy’s mom is the single greatest joy of my life. Nothing makes me happier than seeing her walk through the door after school, with a big stack of new art for me to see – but especially in the days leading up to Mother’s Day! She outdoes herself every year, full of pride, as she shares the tissue paper flowers, glittery cards and handmade ceramics.

This gift guide is for that little something extra. You may already be doing handmade gifts, going on a family excursion, or picking up from your favorite pizza place. You may already have a family photoshoot planned, or on the other hand, a day of complete nothingness in pajamas! In the list below, I’m sharing ideas in every budget, not just for Mom, but for all the mother figures out there, the ones that will forever hold that role in your heart. See below for my Mother’s Day gift ideas!

Kim’s Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

A round up of the best Mother's Day gifts via Yellow Brick Home

Mother’s Day Gifts

1. Leather Shoulder Bag, $70

We all know the mom that has everything in her big bag of tricks. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade? This one is made from top grain leather with several internal pockets, magnetic snap closure, and a hidden zipper in the back – for toting everything from wipes to gum to her favorite sunglasses.

2. Large Ruffle Bowl, $48

I can’t resist a beautiful bowl! Pick this up as an elevated fruit bowl, a catch-all in the entryway, or a pretty way to toss and display all the Instax photos she can’t stop taking.

3. Plantopedia Book, $50

This one’s for all the plant loving moms! A simple, to the point, encyclopedia of over one hundred popular plants and how to care for them. Gift this with a small potted plant that’ll make her think of you every time she sees it on the windowsill.

4. Radius Frame, $30

It doesn’t get more simple than a framed photo, but it’s all she wants anyway! I love the soft curves of this frame and added it to my wish list immediately. Available in two tabletop friendly sizes and two finish options.

5. Bambino Plus Espresso Machine, $580

For the mom who loves her morning cup, this would be a major upgrade. We have the larger version of this machine and love it to the moon and back, but this compact version does all the same things!

6. Nourishing Night Face Balm, $18

My BFF turned me onto Mom’s Stuff, and now I rely on it every morning and night. It’s all natural while being deeply nourishing and moisturizing. It’s my favorite way to top off my skincare routine, or sometimes I skip everything and only use this. It’s that good.

7. Moody Trees Framed Art, $23

This price-friendly frame would look so pretty sitting in her entryway. Or in the kitchen. Or in the laundry room! Either way, the organic artwork is calming and pretty – while being an easy addition to the family gallery wall, too.

8. The Tortured Poets Department Vinyl, $46

You heard it here, friends: Mom’s love Taylor Swift too! (Okay so personally I love singing her music at the top of my lungs with Lucy, but same difference.) The clear vinyl is stunning, and it would make a great addition to her growing music collection.

9. Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, $32

This must be the most hydrated generation, huh? Regardless, it’s incredible we’re all being mindful of our water intake, and this cult favorite insulated bottle is the bees knees. Available in several color options and sizes to suit her personality.

10. Zombie Pack Mask, $24

This mask is just plain fun, and I guarantee she doesn’t have one like this in the medicine cabinet! A clear goo covers your face and tightens everything, giving the illusion of zombie skin – that is, until you wash it all off and reveal tighter, glowing skin! It’s a favorite in our house.

11. Custom Retro Dog Tshirt, $35

For the mom who loves her dogs as she loves her own (or simply for the dog-only mom!). It’s cheeky, silly and an homage to the kid that will never push back when you’re looking for a good cuddle. It’s on my wish list, obviously!

12. Instagram Friendly Books, $19

She shares photos of everything she loves on the daily, so surprise her with a flip book of all her favorite photos from her Instagram feed! Easy to upload and create, get those photos out of her phone and into a book.

13. Huggie Earrings, $25

I put these huggies in my ears 2 years ago, and… I’ve never taken them out. It has a latch back, making showering and sleeping a non-issue. A small addition for the mom who loves classic jewelry, it’s an easy ‘win’!

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