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A Simple, Effective Solution for In-Drawer Charging

Do you have an in-drawer charging solution? Cut down on counter clutter by installing a Docking Drawer outlet! Here’s what we did.

A view of our kitchen, Kim is opening the charging drawer with a newly installed Docking Drawer outlet | via Yellow Brick Home

Organizing Counter Clutter

We’ve all had that moment – er, moments – of frustration when you walk into the kitchen and find multiple devices with their multiple cords taking up all the outlets. And if you have house guests, you know the clutter builds up fast!

This post is in partnership with Docking Drawer. Eliminate cord and device clutter from countertops with Docking Drawer In-Drawer Outlets for any drawer and every project! Thank you for supporting the brands that support us.

When we renovated our kitchen in 2022, we vowed to find a solution to the cord clutter. We had our electrician install an outlet behind our trash pull-out so we could use the drawer above for an in-drawer charging solution. Scott found a double hidden drawer outlet online that we could then hide inside the drawer. We were so sure this would cure everything! No more cords on the countertop! No more devices taking up our cooking space! Drawer organization at its finest!

Where We Started

Charging drawer cord clutter | via Yellow Brick Home

The problem? Each of our devices needed a charging block to conform to its individual method of charging. Batteries were fighting for space from watches, earbuds fought mini speakers, and it was a constant battle of rotating the various adapters. What we purchased simply didn’t work the way we needed it to!

Why Docking Drawer?

We knew we needed to make our charging drawer work harder for us, and that’s when we discovered Docking Drawer! Docking Drawer was the drawer organization we needed, with built-in safety features like its interlocking thermostat that cuts power if temperatures exceed 120°F.

After reviewing our options and looking at their most popular in-drawer outlets, we landed on the Docking Drawer Blade Duo, which offers direct charging via 65W USB-C, USB-A and AC (connecting up to 8 devices at once!), sleek cable management arms that protect the power cord, and the peace of mind we needed with its built-in safety feature.

Installing Our In-Drawer Outlet

Installation of our hidden drawer outlet was simple, thanks to the cutout template provided with our Blade Duo. We removed the drawer, taped the template on the back, and Scott used a jigsaw to create the properly sized cutout.

Cutout template for installing our Docking Drawer | via Yellow Brick Home

From there, the outlet pops in through the back, and the look is complete with a finish plate! We put the drawer back in place and plugged our Docking Drawer into the outlet behind the pull-out.

Popping the Docking Drawer through our cut in the drawer | via Yellow Brick Home
Newly installed Docking Drawer Blade Duo in our charging drawer! | via Yellow Brick Home

Of course, organization excites me to no end, but I was especially thrilled with this upgrade so we could tuck Lucy’s tablet away once and for all. No more wondering where it is, or if it’s charged up for a road trip, whew! I tucked a small container in the corner for extra cords, then plugged in all the usual suspects – tablet, earbuds, rechargeable batteries, and the mini speaker we’re always grabbing on the go.

Newly installed Docking Drawer Blade Duo in our charging drawer! | via Yellow Brick Home

Docking Drawer for Any Drawer and Every Project!

We didn’t stop there! Our Blade Duo was such a game changer for the kitchen, that we couldn’t help but install a hidden drawer outlet in our bathroom, too.

Our bathroom has a large vanity but needed more organization with the help of Docking Drawer | via Yellow Brick Home

Our bathroom has a large 4-drawer vanity which was a tendency to get chaotic quickly. We needed better systems in place, especially as most items in our life tend to be rechargeable and cordless. Think: electric toothbrushes, beard trimmer, and (of course!) our dog’s nail trimmer.

We removed a power strip with an unprotected cord, not intended for the repetitive movement of opening and closing a drawer. This was upgraded to another Docking Drawer Blade Duo which has a smooth arm to protect the power cord, and we somehow creating more space in the process. My organization-loving heart strikes again! And get this, when Lucy needed to charge her toothbrush last night, she knew exactly where to go, without our help (aka: without needing us to track down the charger and USB cord first).

Newly installed Docking Drawer Blade Duo in our bathroom drawer! | via Yellow Brick Home
Newly installed Docking Drawer Blade Duo in our bathroom drawer! | via Yellow Brick Home

Are you ready to revamp your kitchen junk drawer? How about your bathroom vanity? Think of all the places that Docking Drawer can add convenience for you! Enhance the organization and functionality of your spaces, eliminate the countertop cord clutter, and add power and purpose to your drawers. Learn more about Docking Drawer and purchase their most popular outlets right here!

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  • Jennifer4.22.24 - 10:08 AM

    Thanks for sharing!  We recently did this in a kitchen drawer.  I love the idea of doing this in a bathroom drawer as well – can’t wait to try that :)ReplyCancel

    • Scott4.22.24 - 10:25 AM

      It’s truly a game changer in both spaces! Cords and devices cluttering up countertops are the bane of our existence.ReplyCancel

  • JULIE4.22.24 - 4:13 PM

    It was cool to see the pictures with the unit’s articulating arm in the back. I always wondered how the power in the back moved with the drawer going in and out, and not ever get caught on anything. I’ve seen some vanities come with a built in docking station, but it’s nice to be able to add one too!ReplyCancel

  • Peggy4.23.24 - 4:58 AM

    These are shockingly expensive! Couldn’t the same thing be accomplished with a power strip?ReplyCancel

    • Scott4.23.24 - 11:17 AM

      Quality and safety aren’t cheap! Power strip cords are designed to remain mostly static and the repetitive bending of the cord can lead to dangerous failures. Hope this helps!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel4.26.24 - 1:01 PM

    Wow! With the articulating arm and the safety features with the temperature sensing this is awesome! I will be looking at these for future needs! Thank you!ReplyCancel

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