While rummaging through every junk drawer, closet, and storage space in our home for our recent yard sale, we stumbled across an old plant hook. Picked up at an antique store during our last visit to Cincinnati, the purchase had almost slipped our minds. Almost. So as a daily reminder (never one to purposely let things slide), I set it out on the counter. There would be no forgetting again. And don’t you know, we had the perfect spot for it.

Many of you may remember the now infamous bedroom saga (starting on a whim here, and evolving into a new retreat here, here, and here). Never leaving well enough alone, we added one last piece to this puzzle. But first, a fresh coat of robin’s egg blue (thank you, Design Master).

Because the hook’s new home rested on top of a stud, no anchors were needed, making installation a snap. Seriously, you could hang off this thing and it’s not gonna budge. And by turning the plant hook on it’s side, it gained a fresh new life as the perfect curtain tie back to our flowy bedroom “door.” (More on that here). Lucky us, I had a sweet seafoam paint in my arsenal of acrylics that just-matched the new blue hue. A few dabs with a cotton swab helped to conceal those garish screw heads.

We’re absolutely loving the pop of color against our barely green walls, and the crisp curtain panel has the perfect place to perch. Don’t you just love when such a simple design can be seen in a new way? Does anyone else have a story of reinvention? We know you all are some smart cookies.

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