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Dinos v. 3 (and Third Times a Charm)

Oh, dearest, Terrarium Dino Battle. You fickle, tantrum-throwing guy, you. We left only for a few days of summer vacation, and you were so sad. We held an emergency resuscitation, giving you a layer of new soil, a trim, and a cool, spritzy drink of water. But it was too late.

Bah! We are so, so bad at giving plants life. Love, on the other hand, well, we have a lot of that, as seen in Scott’s letter. We were positive that you’d grow up fat and happy in round 2, and (surprise, surprise!) that didn’t happen. But we swear, cross our hearts and hope to, um, die, we will reign over round 3. (My stubborn-ness alone won’t allow us to give up.)

With tails tucked between our legs, we hauled ourselves back to Sprout and picked up a new pot of Peperomia and cutesy baby tears. I talked the ear off of the nice man that helped us, and he gave us very specific instructions on how to keep our plants happy (a light spritz every other day and a 15 pump watering every 5-7 days – only after touching the soil and assuring it’s dry). Then I spent the afternoon rebuilding, starting from scratch. Peace out, soil. Buh-bye rocks and charcoal. New, clean layers were added (unused left overs from versions 1 and 2), plants were lovingly and carefully rooted in new soil, and the dinos were introduced to their new stomping grounds.

As a bonus, overflow tiny tears were potted in our turtle. (We’ve since named him Harry.) Once used as the landing zone for those dreaded mail piles, Scott suggested we rotate him into our mega-wall.

Of course this means we’ll need a new drop zone. You know, so as not to go back to piles. But! Back to Dino Battle v.3; we have a good feeling about this one. And if those mother trucking plants drop dead again, well, you won’t be hearing about it. Because we’ll be too embarrassed to tell you.

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  • Tonya9.2.11 - 8:56 AM

    AH, I know how you feel! Have you tried using succulents instead? I recently replaced mine with some (plus succulents were 50% off Lowes) and so far so good. They are very hardy and only need water spritzed once every few weeks!ReplyCancel

  • Patricia9.2.11 - 9:01 AM

    Oh too bad that didn’t work! Good luck for version 3. With you version 2, you inspired me to make mine Dino terrarium. Check it out :

    I love it!ReplyCancel

  • aleksandra9.2.11 - 9:27 AM

    Scott, is it you responsible for the killing, or Kim? In my house it’s 100% me. While Ben takes no part in the plant care, he also doesn’t pretend that he’s going to, so he is absolved of all responsibility. So when the neglect happens and all the plants die, it’s all on me. Boo hoo indeed!ReplyCancel

    • Kim9.2.11 - 9:46 AM

      Tonya, while we love succulents, they don’t fare well in our home. We’ll think all is well in the world, and if we go to touch one, it’ll literally fall apart (this is after a few months of having one around). Then, it’s ooey gooey on the inside. Gross.

      Patricia, the hanging dino kills me! Genius.

      Aleks, I think this time… it was me. We do our fair share of killings around these parts.ReplyCancel

  • courtneyoutloud9.2.11 - 11:58 AM

    sorry that you lost the battle…but you are still in the fight! my terrarium is going well – the same cannot be said for the patio garden i planted this summer….two large plants have bit it. i am just going to wait until next spring to replace them…….til then they are “dried” …ReplyCancel

  • kate9.2.11 - 11:46 PM

    I wish you the best of luck with your third attempt at terrariums! So far I’ve just put moss in mine (with a very short lived attempt at a venus fly trap) and (of course) some dinos! Haven’t got the gold spray paint out quite yet…but one day soon!

  • Amelia5.12.12 - 4:22 PM

    I love the dinosaurs in terrariums. I wish you luck on this terrarium. I am about to build my own this weekend. Would you mind if I “Pin It” the dinosaur terrarium and turtle pot?ReplyCancel

  • Kim5.13.12 - 12:29 PM

    Kate, those dinos are adorable!

    Thanks, Amelia! Please, pin away!ReplyCancel

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