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A few weeks ago, we shared our frustration with finding toddler items that are as functional as they are beautiful. The good news is that I think these items – kitchenware, toy storage, toys! – are finally becoming easier to find, because there’s certainly a demand for it! That post had me asking you, what other household essentials are you ISO that are typically less-than-pretty? Think: plungers, tissue boxes and extension cords. I threw out the question in a Story, and you guys. You guys! Hundreds and hundreds of requests filled that question box, and I immediately started a big list of your wishes. Many of the items you’re looking for are things we’re looking for, so I got to work.

vanity | round3-light sconce | TP holder | toilet brush | terrazzo + marble planters

It’s funny, because I initially thought I’d pull together one monster list, but that list got to be out. of. control. So instead, I dug deep into your requests and I divvied them up into categories. Bathroom stuff. Kitchen stuff. Office stuff. (And so on!) Over the next few weeks, we’ll roll out these lists, room by room, of home essentials that look good doing their thing. One list per room to keep things tidy.

Today, we’re starting with the bathroom! From toilet brushes to trash bins to towel bars to shower caddies, we heard you. And you know what? We found a few inoffensive plungers, too.

Bathroom Essentials

Bathroom essentials that look good in your home // attractive toilet brushes, plungers and toilet paper holders! // via Yellow Brick Home

1. grey freestanding toilet brush | 2. brass finish toilet paper holder | 3. wood handle trash can | 4. matte black toilet brush | 5. barrel shower caddy | 6. kitty storage container | 7.  white soap pump| 8. mid-century towel bar | 9. stainless plunger & caddy | 10. mint + wood toilet paper holder | 11. brass step trash can | 12. stainless plunger & caddy

Bathroom essentials that look good in your home // attractive toilet brushes, plungers and toilet paper holders! // via Yellow Brick Home

13. square foaming soap dispensers | 14. glazed peach wastebasket | 15. suction toothbrush holder | 16. marble brush holder | 17. bamboo bathroom caddy | 18. suction toothbrush holder | 19. glass canisters | 20. black towel bar | 21. bath accessories | 22. soap dispenser | 23. toilet paper stand| 24. mighty toothbrush holder

Bathroom essentials that look good in your home // attractive toilet brushes, plungers and toilet paper holders! // via Yellow Brick Home

25. moby toy organizer | 26. modern matte bath accessories | 27. freestanding toy organizer with drainage | 28. marble toothbrush holder | 29. hair accessory holder | 30. shower shelf with suction | 31. brass shower caddy | 32. polished nickel toilet paper holder

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  • katie7.9.19 - 1:27 PM

    my fave $7 white ikea ENUDDEN metal toilet brush:

  • I have 12 and it looks fine from the angle in the photo, but you put it on the floor so are looking at it from above. It’s still a plunger, only slightly less offensive. Just putting that out there since I still was like, “ehhhh”, but I did keep it. I have a quiet rant at Kleenex every. single. time. I need to buy them and yes, I still by tissues. WHY can’t they make just a plain white or plain black tissue box?? Maybe with a gold foil imprint for the branding? A classy gingham pattern maybe? Or even a simple nautical stripe?? WHY are they so obnoxious??? 
    I finally bought these for each bathroom. It fits a whole box of kleenex, but you do need to remove the stack from the box and place them in here.

    • Kim7.10.19 - 6:36 PM

      Ooh, that’s pretty! Tissue boxes are on my list for family room stuff. On it!ReplyCancel

  • love links | in backyards7.10.19 - 9:44 AM

    […] Yellow Brick Home is just doing the lord’s work these days. Here’s a list of good looking bathroom essentials. […]ReplyCancel

  • Emily Haight7.10.19 - 10:40 AM

    I’m having the hardest time finding plumbing parts for our powder room renovation. Apparently brushed brass is still quite rare. Very hard to find sink (p-trap, etc) and toilet frigid supply lines, shut off valve, etc) plumbing kits in this finish! ????ReplyCancel

  • JJ7.11.19 - 2:07 PM

    Simple and beautiful bathroom!ReplyCancel

  • Bryanna8.8.19 - 5:13 PM

    Kim! these round ups are so so helpful and beatifically curated. Thank you for taking the time to put them together for us ReplyCancel


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