All the Lighting In the Two Flat!

I’ve created a lighting resource that shares all the (non-vintage) fixtures we used throughout our Two Flat renovation.

Yellow Brick Home Two Flat family photo with Lucy + Catfish!

Choosing the right lighting for any room in a home can feel daunting. Now imagine needing to choose lighting for an entire home at once, and try not to panic – ha! Sourcing light fixtures tops the list as one of my very favorite items to hunt for, but the choosing lighting for each and every room – inside and out! – took me weeks. (It would have taken me much, much longer, if it wasn’t for impending deadlines!)

Deep breaths.

I started by pulling fixtures I liked into various e-shopping carts, and over time, I noticed a common thread that I returned to over and over. Matte black. Aged brass. Milk glass and simple schoolhouse silhouettes. For fun, I threw in a mustard sconce, a leggy chandelier and one pop of polished chrome (always!). Our lighting budget was tight, as our renovation costs ballooned around us. But throughout the process, we found go-to fixtures that we’ll likely purchase in future projects! (This one is a forever favorite.) Let’s break it down.

Lighting | Exterior + Common Spaces

Yellow Brick Home Two Flat exterior lighting
exterior front | exterior back
Yellow Brick Home Two Flat entryway lighting
common hallway
Two Flat exterior and common hallways lighting round up | via Yellow Brick Home

1. gooseneck sconce*, $40/pair | 2. brass outdoor sconce*, $160 | 3. ORB one light sconce, $32 | 4. vanity light, $72

*denotes gifted item.

See how we problem solved a (new) pitched roof, advice from a professional house painter, and the big exterior reveal!

Lighting | Unit 1

Yellow Brick Home Two Flat living room lighting
Yellow Brick Home Two Flat living room lighting
living room + entryway
Yellow Brick Home Two Flat guest room, dining room and stairway lighting
guest room | dining room + stairs to den
Yellow Brick Home Two Flat Unit 1 bathroom lighting
den bathroom | first floor bathroom
Yellow Brick Home Two Flat Unit 1 kitchen lighting
den kitchenette | (main) kitchen
Two Flat Unit 1 lighting round up | via Yellow Brick Home

1. schoolhouse semi-flush ceiling light, $42 | 2. alabax small*, $160 | 3. milk glass pendant light, $90 | 4. alabax large*, $199 | 5. linear brass sconce (similar), $70 | 6. 8-arm chandelier, $130 | 7. bell sconce, $129 | 8. banker’s lamp, $67 | 9. brass flush mount + painted shade*, $344 | 10. double arm sconce, $174 | 11. chrome sconce, $48

*denotes gifted item.

See the reveals for the mauve dining room, first floor (pink sink) bathroom, kitchenette, main kitchen.

Lighting | Unit 2

Yellow Brick Home Two Flat hallway and bedroom lighting
hallway | bedroom(s)
Yellow Brick Home Two Flat Unit 2 living room lighting
living room
Yellow Brick Home Two Flat Unit 2 bathroom lighting
Yellow Brick Home Two Flat brass kitchen lighting in Unit 2
Two Flat Unit 2 lighting round up | via Yellow Brick Home

1. schoolhouse semi-flush ceiling light, $42 | 2. orb sconce, $54 | 3. brass schoolhouse, $70 | 4. bent arm sconce, $79 | 5. warm brass flush mount, $135 | 6. white + brass sconce, $60

See how we decided on contrast trim, and here’s the unit 2 kitchen reveal!

All the Lighting (In One Place!)

And here’s all the lighting in one place for you, for easy pinning and future reference!

I've created a lighting resource that shares all the (non-vintage) fixtures we used throughout our Two Flat renovation. via Yellow Brick Home

1. vanity light, $72 | 2. ORB one light sconce, $32 | 3. brass outdoor sconce, $160 | 4. gooseneck sconce, $40/pair | 5. alabax large, $199 | 6. alabax small, $160 | 7. milk glass pendant light, $90 | 8. linear brass sconce (similar), $70 | 9. 8-arm chandelier, $130 | 10. bell sconce, $129 | 11. banker’s lamp, $67 | 12. brass flush mount + painted shade, $344 | 13. double arm sconce, $174 | 14. chrome sconce, $48 | 15. schoolhouse semi-flush ceiling light, $42 | 16. orb sconce, $54 | 17. brass schoolhouse, $70 | 18. bent arm sconce, $79 | 19. warm brass flush mount, $135 | 20. white + brass sconce, $60

PS! You can view the entire renovation process on our ‘Room Makeovers’ page, and select which property + unit you’re interested in. We share everything from video walkthroughs to shelving tutorials to whole room reveals! Think of it like a Choose Your Own Adventure of blog posts.

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  • Julie Rossman12.7.20 - 12:12 PM

    Thanks for sharing – they are all so good!ReplyCancel

  • Melissa12.7.20 - 3:23 PM

    This is good timing for me because we are finishing our basement and I’m in need of lots of light fixtures and I love your taste in them.  I even bought one you posted in the past for our mudroom light this year and I love it. However, it only has one bulb and I’m afraid it wouldn’t be enough light for a whole bedroom. Have you found the schoolhouse lights in bedrooms to be enough? Thanks!ReplyCancel

    • Scott12.7.20 - 4:14 PM

      Hi Melissa! We’ve found them to be more than bright enough if we use the highest wattage LED bulb that the fixture will accept. We always install a dimmer at the switch so we can dial lighting back as necessary. Hope this helps!ReplyCancel

      • Melissa12.9.20 - 11:24 AM

        Yes, good to know. Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Is12.8.20 - 8:19 AM

    Your sense of style and attention to detail in this renovation is incredible. The result is gorgeous. So well done!ReplyCancel

  • Emme12.8.20 - 1:52 PM

    When we bought our house, it had all the boob lights. I bought 5 of the CB2 bell lights since I wanted something flush mount and simple. They are pretty perfect and still easy to dust.ReplyCancel

  • Kayla1.26.21 - 3:05 PM

    Any suggestions for ceiling fans that would coordinate with some of these? Love all of these lighting options and have ordered a couple you recommend for my home! I don’t personally use fans that much but am worried about removing them from my home for the sake of resale and many people wanting/liking them!ReplyCancel

    • Kim1.26.21 - 3:08 PM

      Hi Kayla! I honestly wouldn’t worry about resale and fans. That’s an easy enough upgrade for any future homeowner to purchase (in whatever style they like), so that way YOU don’t have to live with a ceiling fan just because you think it might be good down the road. Treat yourself to only lighting that you love!ReplyCancel


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