Cleaner Air for a Happier Home

This post is in partnership with our friends at BISSELL®. Today we’re talking through the addition of the BISSELL air320 Air Purifier to our currently-evolving family room, and how our home is happier because of it.

The Great Shift of 2020

At a time where loads of people have found themselves working from home and are seeking to add a home office, we’re eliminating ours all together. Hear me out. Since early this year, we’ve been working from our first floor dining room table almost exclusively. We thought we would eventually move back upstairs to our home studio, and… we haven’t. We have no desire to! Working from our dining table makes us feel more connected to our home, while being within reach of the kitchen and coffee (ha!).

our dining room

Simultaneously, we realized that it would be great for our active toddler, Lucy, to have a bit more room to move upstairs, which is where our former office was, as well as an underutilized lounge-slash-tv-room. All this to say, our first shift to the dining room (seen above) created a domino effect of dialing in our home and how we use each space efficiently. In turn, these shifts have had us on a rearranging spree as of late, which means we’ve been kicking up a lot of dust! Our new BISSELL® air 320 Air Purifier was just what we needed to combat the dust and allergens being stirred up all over our second floor (and the rest of our house)!

A cozy family room with a mushroom colored sofa, bright white curtains and a vintage-inspired rug // via yellow brick home
family room | BISSELL air320 | sofa | ottoman | throw | art print

So, what has changed? The entire open layout on our second floor is now being dubbed the family room! A new sofa and rug were swapped into the lounge area, we’ve sold off our shared desk and office chairs, and we’ve already begun using the space in ways we never have before! With more floor space, evening family yoga sessions have helped Lucy wind down at the end of an exciting day. We’ve also been able to spread out and play with her wooden train set without having to move a coffee table out of the way!

Keeping Allergens at Bay

Our sweet rescue pup, Catfish, has also joined in on the fun and is loving lounging on the soft new rug. This little lady sheds quite a bit more than our other dogs, so we knew we’d need to step up our air filtration game. Enter the BISSELL air320 Air Purifier, which is designed to capture dander, odors, dust and pollen and look great doing it!

Scott pets catfish on a mushroom toned CLJ Charly sofa // via yellow brick home
BISSELL air320 | sofa | ottoman | throw | print

Portable Good Looks

The air320 Air Purifier has many thoughtful features that make it easy to use and as versatile as possible. Integrated cord storage at the back of the purifier allows for flexible placement, while keeping the extra cord neatly concealed when used closer to a power outlet.

The BISSELL air320 air purifier has a convenient cord wrap and is easily transported from room to room // via yellow brick home

Integrated handles also make the air320 Air Purifier super easy to move around as needed! We’ve already used it in the second floor family room, our bedroom and our first floor living room with noticeable results!

A dark bedroom with neutral tones and a vibrant vintage rug // via yellow brick home
BISSELL air320 | curtains + rod | wall sconce

I personally suffer from some pretty annoying seasonal and pet allergies, so taking steps to remove as many allergens as possible is definitely a shift in the right direction for our family! As a bonus for pet lovers, the purchase of every BISSELL product supports the BISSELL Pet Foundation. So while you provide a cleaner environment inside your home, you help save pets, too!

Beautifully Clean Air

The air320 Air Purifier has a handful of features that help it to blend seamlessly into any style of decor. The unit’s filters are accessible from the front with purified air escaping through the top. This configuration allows it to be placed anywhere in a room, even directly against a wall! The sleek platform legs also elevate the body of the purifier and allow for easy cleaning beneath it. Our BISSELL ICONpet Cordless Vacuum happens to fit under it nicely!

A dark nook looks into a bright living room space, where our dog, Catfish, lounges on an off-white sofa // via yellow brick home
BISSELL air320 | pouf | coffee table | floor lamp | art

The Simplest Controls

The air320 Air Purifier‘s single-touchpoint controls are incredibly intuitive and adjust everything including power, speed and the filter reset function. We’ve been loving the CirQulate® System that automatically increases fan speed as air quality decreases. Think of it as a thermostat for cleaner air!

The single touchpoint controls of the BISSELL air320 // via yellow brick home

In addition to automatically adjusting fan speed, the air320 Air Purifier also senses light and dims its own control lights when it detects darkened surroundings! We prefer a pitch-black sleeping environment, so this feature allowed for peaceful rest while the purifier works its magic.

BISSELL® MYAIR™ Personal Air Purifier

To help keep the air in our entire home purified, we’ve also added the BISSELL MyAir Personal Air Purifier. We think of this compact little powerhouse as the air320 Air Purifier’s little sibling. The MyAir™ Personal Air Purifier currently resides in our guest room, which is used most often by our parents, who also suffer from allergy symptoms. They’ll certainly appreciate the MyAir™ Personal Air Purifier’s indoor air purifying power and optional night light next time they’re able to visit.

The BISSELL MyAir sits on a neutral sisal rug in a dark bedroom // via yellow brick home
bed frame | BISSELL MyAir | headboard | rug (similar)

Clean air is an incredibly important aspect of indoor comfort, especially through the winter months. We’re feeling ready to cozy up and enjoy the best parts of the holiday season together as a compact family of three and we know we’ll be breathing healthier air while we’re at it!

As always, we thank you for supporting the brands that support us! We’ve been working with BISSELL for years and truly appreciate them as partners.

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  • Susan12.9.20 - 8:51 AM

    So how well does it manage cooking smells? And what sort of difference did you notice over all?ReplyCancel

    • Scott12.9.20 - 11:41 AM

      We’ve not personally used it in the kitchen, but the charcoal filter supposedly works wonders for cooking odors. Overall, we’ve noticed a reduction in Catfish’s dander and allergens in both our bedroom and common areas.ReplyCancel

  • Rally12.9.20 - 3:45 PM

    Very timely post! My husband’s grandpa is a chain smoker (not something he can safely quit at his age!) and we’ve thought about buying an air purifier for this house since it gets so difficult to breath in the second hand smoke, even with a window open. ReplyCancel

  • hannah12.9.20 - 4:51 PM

    I have a Levoit that looks very much like that smaller Bissell, and the directions on it (as well as several other air purifiers I’ve looked at) note that it needs to be placed a few feet from the wall to function properly, which obviously makes it a lot more obtrusive. Is that not the case with the Bissells, or if so have you found any workarounds? ReplyCancel

    • Kim12.9.20 - 4:54 PM

      Correct! The air320 Air Purifier draws air into the front and blows it out through the top, so it can be placed directly against a wall. It’s genius!ReplyCancel

      • hannah12.9.20 - 5:31 PM

        that is great, good to know if we purchase an additional option at some point! thanks for the updateReplyCancel

  • Elle12.9.20 - 8:59 PM

    I’ve been looking at air purifiers! Thanks for the blog postReplyCancel

    • Elle12.13.20 - 6:46 PM

      I just ordered one today. ReplyCancel

  • Cara12.9.20 - 9:10 PM

    How often do y’all replace the filter? Their site says every 6 months depending on use but with multiple dogs I generally have to switch filters out often. I have a Levoit one now that I like but I have to use a fresh filter every month and that adds up! These filters are pricier but if they can replaced less often that makes it worth it for sure. Thank you for everything you do!ReplyCancel

    • Scott12.10.20 - 9:37 AM

      We’ve only been using it for about a month, so we haven’t changed the filter yet. We plan to keep on the roughly 6 month interval that BISSELL recommends. Hope this helps!ReplyCancel

  • K12.10.20 - 7:43 AM

    For those with allergies— HEPA is the gold standard.  Highly recommend whatever air filter you get you go for HEPA certification. I really noticed only nominal differences until we switched to HEPA bags for our vacuum cleaner and HEPA for our air filter.

  • Andrea12.10.20 - 8:39 AM

    How often do you move it around? I think we need an air purifier, but lugging it up and downstairs constantly or buying one for each floor of the house sounds awful.ReplyCancel

    • Scott12.10.20 - 9:31 AM

      Hi Andrea! We’ve been using it for about a month and have moved it weekly on average. The handles at the front and back make it simple to carry and it’s pretty lightweight. We haven’t found moving it to be a hassle at all.ReplyCancel


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