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We squeezed out every last ounce of energy we could muster before the end of 2017 (and before the baby arrives!) by spending a full weekend at Tree House with the help of Scott’s parents. We knocked out the last items on our to-do list – and then some. It was a packed handful of days, including everything from final walk throughs with our flooring contractor, accepting deliveries (this sofa!), installing light fixtures and – maybe least dramatically – making the beds.

But as the story goes with almost anything, ‘making the beds’ wasn’t just ‘making the beds.’ First, we wanted to paint the master bedroom. But before we could paint, we had to re-caulk the beadboard ceiling (because it was a downright mess of cracks and split seams). And once the room was caulked, we also had to paint the yellowed ceiling and crown molding. And then we had to prime the knotty pine wall and ductwork, because although an exposed pine wall may sound good in theory for a sweet little lake house, it all felt quite jarring when visually sliced with a big line of spiral duct.

I mean, if you give a mouse a cookie and all that.

So although ‘making the beds’ doesn’t seem like the most exciting progress, it really, really was. As the final item on our Tree House list, coming in at #7, it felt downright momentous! Not only did we knock out every other item on our check list by the end of the year (not without the help of professionals, thank goodness!), we assembled furniture that we could call our very own. We set up the prettiest king bed, unboxed a Sapira mattress, installed this sleek white ceiling fan and laid out clean white sheets without the fear of demolition dust. It. Was. Awesome.

The walls were painted Valspar’s Heirloom pink, which really reads as a pale pinkish putty during the day (especially in the darker corners of the room), slightly more pink with artificial and evening light, but in the morning, it may not look pink at all. I admitted to Scott that I wished we had gone a tidge more bold with our pink, but he finds it to be the perfect balance of barely-there-blush. For example, Scott’s parents swear they don’t see the pink at all, whereas maybe we’re fooling ourselves into thinking it’s pink? While it might be a very far cry from pinkiest pink out there, it does look awfully pretty against the Ultra White (Valspar’s off-the-shelf bright white) ceiling! (You’ll also notice we still need to install baseboards and door/window trim. In due time.)

We worked with our longtime partner Crate & Barrel to set the tone for the room – relaxed, comfortable, casual. White linen sheets and duvet, chambray shams and our favorite velvet pillows (you might recognize them from everywhere in our home!) create the coziest sleeping spot. Next to the bed, we added a simple round table and paired it with this task lamp that’ll keep our phones charged at night. The on/off switch is part of a leather touch pad – the cutest! And since first sharing the sneak peeks on Instagram, we’ve received a handful of questions on the matte black alchemy bed we chose, and we’re impressed! The slat system is supportive and incredibly well made, and the price point is spot on. All the thumbs up! Psst: It also comes in bronze!

On the other side of the room, we’re super happy with how the pine wall and ductwork cleaned up! For primer, we’ve been using Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 for years, and this was no exception. Fingers crossed it will hold up against bleed through, but for past projects, it’s always been a champion. We also stuck a huge ZZ plant in this equally huge basket to bring in a big splash of natural texture and greenery. Considering we sometimes forget to water the ZZs in our own home for months at a time, we’re hoping this guy will live a safe, happy life in Tree House!

Around the corner from the master, the second bedroom also got the teeniest of facelifts:

This room’s transformation is no where near as dramatic as the master, but we were able to check off #5 from the to-do list! The small closet that made it impossible for any sort of bed configuration was closed up by our contractor. Hooray! The best part of this project is that we’ll now be able to eliminate the space hogging closet that doubles as a bathroom bump out down the road. (For this to make sense, see this post or check out the video walk through!) If you’re wondering, where will you put your stuff?, we’ll still be adding storage for suitcases, clothes and the like with a mini clothing rack. To be continued.

Finally, the loft got an upgrade, too! You know that we love our personal Leesa mattress to the moon and back, so we were especially thrilled to team up with Leesa again and add two twin-sized beds in a box to the sleeping loft! Each bed has an equally snuggly pillow, and we protected the mattresses with these encasement covers. For now, we also rolled out our former living room rug, which may or may not stay – we have big plans for this sweet little loft, so time will tell!

A note on Leesa: If you’re curious about how a Leesa feels before purchasing (we totally get that), you can try one out in person at your West Elm store. And you can always enter promo code YBH100 at checkout for $100 off a Leesa mattress or promo code YBH for $200 off a Sapira!

We said goodbye to Tree House at the end of the weekend knowing that the next time we came back, it would be with a little one (plus her Jack and CC) in tow! We’re looking forward to many more changes to come!

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  • Roselyne1.11.18 - 6:03 AM

    I love that pale blush pink – we used a similar color for our living space, and it doesn’t read as pink, more as a super warm neutral almosy-white.

    Help – WHAT is that plant?? I have one and haven’t been able to find out what it’s called! It looks so lovely in your space!ReplyCancel

    • Kim1.11.18 - 8:35 AM

      It’s a ZZ! I linked to it in the post, but it’s so hearty and does really well under a lot of neglect, haha.ReplyCancel

  • Stacy1.11.18 - 6:16 AM

    That paint color is beautiful!

    Do you have a preference between the standard Leesa and the Sapira? I’m in the market for a new mattress and my SO has a Leesa that I like but don’t love. But I like the IDEA of this type of mattress, so I’m still considering it. Any thoughts that might help?ReplyCancel

    • Kim1.11.18 - 8:38 AM

      We’ve only had a handful of nights on the Sapira, but we do love it. (We also love our Leesa like crazy though!) The Sapira feels a teeny bit softer on the top, but at the same time, it feels really supportive just underneath the top soft layer. We’re really happy with it, but we could also do an update a few months down the road once we’ve had more nights sleeping on it! For anyone curious on how the Leesa feels, most West Elm stores have a Leesa in store that you can try out.ReplyCancel

      • Stacy1.13.18 - 10:33 AM

        That would be really helpful! I like the standard Leesa but I sleep pretty hot on my own so I feel like the full foam mattress isn’t ideal. The Sapira being a hybrid might be a good middle ground for me, so I’d love to hear your thoughts once you’ve had some more time with it.ReplyCancel

  • Kristin1.11.18 - 7:15 AM

    Love the blush color and decision to paint the ceiling and duct work. I have been toying with painting pur duct work instead of going through the cost and time of building a bulkhead for it. What sort of paint did you use to prime the surface? Thank you.ReplyCancel

    • Kim1.11.18 - 9:33 AM

      We used Zinsser 1-2-3 and it worked great! It wasn’t as difficult to paint as we thought it would be either. Go for it!ReplyCancel

  • Pat1.11.18 - 7:16 AM

    The color is beautiful – it looks so simple and clean.
    Please reply to Stacy – I’m curious as well.ReplyCancel

  • Shasta1.11.18 - 8:01 AM

    After reading along with how much demo it took in your current house to get ready for the design elements, it’s kind of like the Tree House is on fast forward in comparison! You’re already making the beds?!? Wowza! So exciting!ReplyCancel

    • Kim1.11.18 - 9:34 AM

      Haha, well not trying to fool anyone – there’s still a gutted kitchen and mudroom, and the bathroom is quite icky, but we really needed something to make us feel more comfortable up there! Making the beds was a huge step in the right direction.ReplyCancel

  • mkcubed1.11.18 - 9:02 AM

    That marble doorstop is everything.ReplyCancel

    • Kim1.11.18 - 9:43 AM

      We had been eyeing that guy for far too long and knew it would be so sweet in Tree House. It’s the little things.ReplyCancel

  • susan1.11.18 - 12:32 PM

    Is that spiral in the duct work actually lining up with the grooves of the tongue and groove knotty pine? I mean, come on…
    give that contractor an A+ for attention to details!! Bravo!

    Looks fabulous! Good luck and enjoy the arrival of your little one!ReplyCancel

  • Brooke1.11.18 - 12:44 PM

    Fan question: How high are the ceilings in the bedroom? It looks like that fan requires a downrod, correct? I’d like something more modern in my bedroom but the ceilings are only 8′.

    Everything looks lovely! I love the bed and bedding.ReplyCancel

    • Kim1.11.18 - 1:08 PM

      The ceilings are almost 9′ tall, and yes, there’s about a 6″ downrod. Check out Wayfair and Lamps Plus, and you’ll be surprised by the flush mount options, I bet!ReplyCancel

      • Jen1.11.18 - 4:39 PM

        Hi Kim, It looks so good and how satisfying to complete that list! Quick q along these same lines…how big is the room? Continually struggling with appropriate fan width for room size details…best to you guys as you await the baby’s arrival!ReplyCancel

        • Kim1.11.18 - 4:47 PM

          Hi, Jen! The room is about 16′ wide x 12′ deep, and the ceilings are approximately 8.5′ high. We found the 54″ fan width to be perfect. Hopefully that helps you out!ReplyCancel

  • AmandaKB1.11.18 - 1:13 PM

    Everything is already looking so cute and cozy! I can’t wait to follow along with the rest of your updates. Also, best wishes as you welcome your baby girl to the world!ReplyCancel

  • Callie1.13.18 - 2:59 PM

    Everything looks so so gorgeous. I love your style so much. I’m sure you already know this but those ZZ plants are super poisonous. Obviously it will be a long time before your little is toddling around but just an FYI. I’ve purchased plants before without realizing how poisonous they were and my ZZ lives high out of reach now.ReplyCancel

  • run 31.16.18 - 9:19 PM

    Thanks you! Everything looks lovely! I love the bed and bedding.ReplyCancel

  • happy room6.5.19 - 2:39 AM

    Great post,Thanks for providing us this great knowledge,Keep it up.ReplyCancel


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