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The Weekender: Catfish’s DNA Results, CBD to Try, and Black Is Good

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What Makes Catfish, Catfish?

The day after Christmas, we mailed in a swab of Kitty’s dog slobber to the Embark DNA labs, and we not-so-patiently waited for the answer to our question: What makes Catfish, Catfish? Our guess was a mix of Bully breed, a touch of Labrador, and a big splash of herding pup. (When she gets going, you should see this girl run circles around us!) There are many times where a quick glance reminds us of CC, and her dainty crossed paws are reminiscent of Jack. Without a doubt, our angels are sprinkled in there, too.

Welp, the results are in! We weren’t at all surprised that she’s Pit Bull Terrier (Jack!) and American Bulldog (CC!). Our herding dog suspicions were proved true (Australian Cattle Dog! Border Collie!), but Australian Kelpie was a fun surprise. We made a Reel right here if you’d like to see, and this is her family tree:

We used the Embark DNA test, which was a first for us. (In the past, we’ve also enjoyed Wisdom Panel.) The Embark test was very comprehensive, and it included a sweet video that we could share with friends and family. Now we can (continue to) be those annoying dog people that know the ins and outs of their pet and obsessively talk about it with other pet parents.

Have you done a DNA test for your pup? If so, were you surprised with the results? Let’s be annoying pet parents together!

What Else?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

I’ve been on the hunt for an everyday cup that would encourage me to drink more, more, more water. On my wishlist? It must have a straw, it must be insulated for cold water all day, it must be at least 24 oz, and it must be able to fit in our car’s cup holder. Oh, and it must be cute. This one is it!

I’ve been using CBD as a part of my daily routine for the better part of a year, but Equilibria changed the game! I was gifted a Brilliance Box and oh. my. word. While I love the morning soft gel and evening dropper, the relief cream has been a dream for headaches, back and shoulder aches. If you’re interested, they’re offering 15% off when you use the code yellowbrickhome!

All together now. Black. Is. Good! ✊????


As lovers of music, it makes our heart sing (pun intended!) knowing that Lucy loves music, too! Her top requests are consistently Stevie Wonder and Mariah Carey, so I recently added this to our vinyl collection. All the feels!

I devoured SJP’s words. (Hey, another pun!)

Levi’s is hosting a massive warehouse event, with most items 75% off! Scott snagged two pairs of his favorite 511 Slim fits, for less than $20 each.

Andrea just launched the prettiest website and Lightroom presets. (And yes, you can use the presets on the free version of Lightroom!)

Weekend Sales

Have a Happy Weekend!

We’re at Tree House for the weekend to soak up the snowy weather – which is one of our favorite times of the year in this corner of Michigan – and I thought it would be fun to do a Stories tour of the items in this home that we use and love. Like, let’s dig inside the medicine cabinet(!) and all. Be sure to follow along @yellowbrickhome if you’re not already, and I’ll share today or tomorrow! If there’s something you’re especially interested in, let me know in the comments.

Wishing you all a full weekend of whatever it is that makes you feel the happiest!

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  • Christina1.29.21 - 8:36 AM

    Kim, how have you not gotten on the Stanley 40oz train?! It’s incredible! The best straw cup ever!!!!! :) Happy Weekend!ReplyCancel

    • Kim1.29.21 - 9:20 AM

      I saw that one in my search! It looks like a great one. I was being really picky about how it looks though, haha. I love the clean design of our final choice!ReplyCancel

  • Justynn1.29.21 - 9:52 AM

    i just got the results back yesterday on my heinz 59 mutt (that you painted with her two tennis balls!!). The most surprising was there was NO GSD, but chow chow!?ReplyCancel

  • JULIE ROSSMAN1.29.21 - 10:19 AM

    The little specks of sun flare in the photo make me so happy. Enjoy your weekend!ReplyCancel

  • Allyson1.29.21 - 10:33 AM

    My dog was listed as a Dobie/Shepherd mix (he looks just like a small Doberman). He came back as a complete mashup, including Chow, Boxer, Rottweiler, Lab and my favorite, miniature poodle – but just a tiny possibility of Doberman!

  • Sara1.29.21 - 10:58 AM

    Happy Friday! You will not be disappointed with that cup. I’ve had it for a little over a year and drink out of it every single day.ReplyCancel

  • Rachel1.29.21 - 2:54 PM

    We tested our Maple in December. She is mostly Am Staff but there is a very surprising 10% Bichon Frise in the mix. I DON’T SEE IT. It is so fun to know more about her DNA as her early life is a mystery to us.ReplyCancel

    • Kim1.30.21 - 8:28 AM

      How cute! She only needed that 10%. :)ReplyCancel

  • MP1.29.21 - 8:05 PM

    TERVIS!  Lifetime guarantee, made in USA and customizable.ReplyCancel

  • Melissa W1.29.21 - 8:12 PM

    How is the weight of the water bottle in comparison to the YETI rambler? I love my YETIs for hot drinks but they can get so heavy! ReplyCancel

    • Kim1.30.21 - 8:27 AM

      That was another ‘pro’ of this one! It’s not too heavy, yet still insulated. And it’s easy to grip because of the slim design!ReplyCancel

  • Wendy1.30.21 - 9:49 AM

    We LOVE Simple Modern cups and water bottles. Everything stays super cold or hot. And you can get different types of lids! Finally upgraded the boys to their water bottles for Christmas.ReplyCancel

    • Kim1.31.21 - 9:20 AM

      We haven’t tried the flip top lid yet, but it would be perfect for cold walks and hot coffee, I bet!ReplyCancel

  • Gina2.1.21 - 12:31 PM

    My boy is a larger dog, and when I adopted him they told us that he was an Australian Cattle Dog mix. He is tall and BIG for a cattle dog, so I guessed he had something else. He also has a natural bobtail, and most cattle dogs have full-length tails. 
    Turns out my boy is actually 100% purebred ACD! He just runs bigger, I guess. It was a total surprise. We used Wisdom Panel and I paid a little extra to have the genetic/health screening, and it was 100% worth it. I sent all the info to my vet to keep on record as my boy gets older. ReplyCancel

  • Emme2.2.21 - 2:45 PM

    I did the Embark test because I was tired of trying to guess. I was surprised at the mix our rescue dog turned out to be and even more surprised when I found out that it’s a designer breed. I was definitely the annoying dog owner because I would talk about this to anyone who would listen.ReplyCancel

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