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Kim and Catfish in the snug, bundled up with their favorite things | via Yellow Brick Home
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Chicago has officially hit Winter Wonderland status, and I am here for it – as long as I’m watching the view from inside. (Lucy, on the other hand, would dive into a pile of fresh snow in a swimsuit if we let her!) From now until spring, you’ll find me nursing the same mug of coffee all day and bundled up beneath my favorite throw with my girls. We’re (quite literally) burning through candles quickly, changing into our pajamas early, and fully embracing this hibernation life – while daydreaming of warm weather and togetherness (soon, hopefully).

Below, I’m sharing our winter cheer kit! These are the physical things that bring us comfort and give us joy in everyday tasks, no matter how small. We’re firm believers in The Little Things making all the difference, from a spontaneous family dance party to room-filling scented candles to a cold beer in a nice glass. Cheers, friends!

A round-up of winter cheer! These are the physical things that bring us comfort and give us joy in everyday tasks, no matter how small.
  1. Our snug sconce in a (stunning!) 3-arm option | I also love this 2-pack of sconces, a steal!
  2. Crete candles might be our favorite find of 2020, so it’s no surprise it tops all of our lists. | Our go-tos are Egyptian Fig, Great Outdoors and Oak Moss. Yum.
  3. Pair it with this smoke glass cloche, which doubles as decor.
  4. Inside or out, I’m rarely without my beanie!
  5. It might be time for me to try out this pretty weighted throw blanket, what do you think?
  6. This highly rated coffee face scrub for dry winter skin is en route to our home right now!
  7. We added these pinch-pleat curtains to our bedroom last year, and they’ve been a game changer. Pulling them closed on extra-frigid days helps with drafts, too! These are also gorgeous. (Tuscany Green and Clay have my heart.)
  8. Uploading calming digital art for your television’s screensaver is 1) pretty and 2) a living room mood changer!
  9. Our smoke glass clarets are a nightly favorite for my glass of wine. | Honorable mention: Scott’s IPA glasses top his list, and they’re always a crowd pleaser.
  10. Add all the ambience with these warm Philips Hue bulbs (no hub needed!).
  11. Pampas grass, this time, in the sweetest winter blue hue!
  12. We recently upgraded our turntable to this one, and now we’re spinning records more than ever. | Or try this all-in-one budget turntable!
  13. Crisscross slippers in dotted gold are sure to make you smile.
  14. Nothing beats a warm mug of coffee on the coldest mornings, and this one is extra large.

What else would you add?

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  • lak2.1.21 - 5:31 AM

    Yes, I live seasonally as well.   Like you, in winter  I embrace the inside with quilts and books and candles and heavier meals and hot teas, and I enjoy all of it.  Still have to walk my baby  everyday  at least a mile so we are out there in all the weather and that weighted thrown looks like something I may want to crawl under after our walk!  ReplyCancel

    • Kim2.1.21 - 8:30 AM

      A weighted throw after a long cold walk sounds so nice, right? Especially with a hot mug of something delicious nearby.ReplyCancel

  • Julie Rossman2.1.21 - 10:36 AM

    This is the time of year I wish I had an instahot at my kitchen sink with an endless supply of tea. And yes, a good beanie with sweatpants over the leggings all day long while inside, and if I get too hot, I get happy!ReplyCancel

  • Devon2.1.21 - 1:59 PM

    Love this list! I just splurged on a Bearaby weighted blanket and it’s SO good! The chunky knit fills my texture-loving heart with joy and I feel so snug underneath it for naps! ReplyCancel

  • Susan2.1.21 - 5:19 PM

    A winter hobby that gets you outside! I took up skiing a few years ago and winters are SO much more fun because of it. I thought winter dog walking strolls were enough to get me outside, but turns out there is a lot of fun to be had when its freezing. I’m genuinely… surprised. If downhill skiing doesn’t continue to pan out in years to come I’m going for winter hiking or cross country skiing. ReplyCancel

    • Kim2.2.21 - 9:43 AM

      That’s amazing! I haven’t been skiing in years, but remember enjoying it a lot.ReplyCancel

  • Aubrie Gould2.1.21 - 8:19 PM

    You find such great items on Amazon! Any search tips (currently looking for lighting)? I get so overwhelmed with the multiple pages and they don’t have the best user interface. Thank you!ReplyCancel


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