The Weekender: A Weekend with Sherry, Creating a CBD Routine, and a Book for Change

Kim’s swimsuit | vintage denim shorts (similar)

I recently spent the most magical four days with Sherry, and everything you’ve imagined her home to be – clean, minimal, smart – is true. I’ll also add: warm, inviting, delicious, cozy and everything in-between. The two of us stayed together in an Airbnb close to John and Sherry’s home (Julia was sorely missed, last minute change of plans!), but we ultimately spent most of our afternoons-into-the-evenings at their pool and hot tub. To say it was dreamy (and relaxing and giggly and refreshing!) would be an understatement! I’m still dreaming of eating hot dogs under the stars, while in the hot tub – because yes, that’s a thing that happened.

I took only a handful of photos, but the majority of my camera roll from the visit was of me and Burger! Who’s surprised? (Crickets.) I love that little man, and he rewarded me handsomely with gentle kisses.

Our time together was way too short, but we easily filled the time with late mornings, long lunches, walks on the beach, shopping locally and never, ever taking off our swimsuits. It fueled my soul in a way I didn’t know I was craving, and I came home to Chicago feeling grateful and fulfilled. Sherry, next time I’m coming back with the whole family!

PS: When online friends become your dearest real-life friends.

Other Things This Week

Cat pics sent to your phone, daily? Yes, please! (Scott shared this with me a couple weeks ago, and it still makes me smile. Correction: @DerekErdman is a local Chicago artist, and his work always makes me smile.)

How abortions are (actually) reduced.

I bought this adorable candle for Lucy while I was in Florida, and it is delicious. (Not overly vanilla-y, if that’s not your thing.) Once it’s burned up, I’ll pot a plant of her choosing in it.

We’ve been reading Amanda Gorman’s book, Change Sings: A Children’s Anthem, all week! I pre-ordered it on Inauguration Day, and it’s arrival didn’t disappoint! Lucy was drawn to the illustrations, and it provoked thoughtful conversation, too. I added it to Lucy’s inclusive list, which you can shop from right here, if you’d like.

The faux sherpa jacket I wore in Stories this week blew up my DMs! It sold out, but I can 100% vouch for the brand – an investment, but worth every penny. Here’s their sherpa collection!

Stuck in a hair rut, I ordered these clips on a whim, and I’ve been wearing them nonstop. Lucy, too!

Have You Been Curious About a CBD Routine?

If you follow us @yellowbrickhome on Instagram, you know that I’m always happy to chat about CBD. I’ve been using Equilibria as a daily supplement for 8 months now, and I love trying their new products and learning what makes each one unique. For example, I rely on my daily soft gels to keep me chill throughout the day, but I love the dropper for a fast-release dose during a particularly anxious moment.

So, why am I still talking about this?

Because Equilibria is offering both new customers AND existing customers (who have never subscribed previously) 20% off subscription routines, and the discount will go into effect for the first three months of your subscription lifecycle! They’ve never offered a discount this steep, so if you’ve been curious, now is the time! Use promo code YELLOWBRICKHOMEFALL20 at checkout for 20% off the first three months of a subscription package. Prices below reflect discounted rate.

I’ve used other brands in the past, but Equilibria is the only one where I’ve noticed a difference in my outlook on life’s stressors. EQ CBD is hand-harvested and the oil is extracted from flowers only—the purest source of CBD. And I personally love the free consultations from a dosage specialist, especially as my needs (and moods!) change. Their dosage specialists can help you choose a routine based on your own health goals – whether it’s to improve sleep, manage stress or alleviate discomfort. I’m also happy to answer any questions you might have!

For reference, I started with the Relief+ Bundle, but now use the Sleep+ Bundle since I have a surplus of Relief Balms (my favorite product!).

Weekend Sales

Have a Refreshing Weekend

Fall has arrived in Chicago, and we’ll be right here, soaking it all up. Our lightweight jackets are ready for the fall festivals that have begun popping up in the neighborhood, and I plan to sip on my first apple cider of the season. Do you have any fun plans? Have a refreshing weekend, friends!

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  • Stacy9.24.21 - 7:07 AM

    I’m jealous of the jackets you’ve been wearing in your stories lately, mostly because I am jealous of jacket weather?? But the humidity has (temporarily?) broken in Florida and it’ll be high 70s/low 80s all weekend so I am excited!
    Tomorrow is week 3 of Olaf’s group obedience class – he’s been doing so well! We still have a ways to go to get through some of his reactivity issues, but he’s been making so much progress, I know we’ll get there ❤️
    Have an excellent weekend, Vargo fam!ReplyCancel

    • Kim9.24.21 - 7:45 AM

      Aw, Olaf, way to go, bud! Thank you for putting in the hard work.❤️ Have a great weekend, Stacy and Olaf!ReplyCancel

  • Caitlin Rose Low9.24.21 - 8:12 AM

    Thank you for being brave to talk about hard topics.   I have admired and followed you since the condo days, but seeing you use your platform to share factual information about hard topics is inspiring.  I imagine for every positive remark, you may get several negative.  Despite that, thank you for your bravery.  You might be interested to follow @drjenniferlincoln on IG.  She’s an OBGYN I’ve had the pleasure of working with who is creating factual content about important topics in women’s health.  I think you’d like her!  
    Thank you again!ReplyCancel

    • Kim9.24.21 - 8:46 AM

      It makes me bummed to see the negative comments and ‘unfollows’ for something as simple as women’s health (or people’s lives and basic human rights), but it’s too important not to share. I’m not looking for a thank you, I’m hoping for a little more understanding.❤️ReplyCancel

      • Jen9.24.21 - 8:00 PM

        Just want to second Caitlin’s comment, and send some love your way!ReplyCancel

      • Juliet9.27.21 - 11:13 AM

        I want to second and third their comments and support.  It’s so true.  Thank you for sharing this.ReplyCancel

    • Amanda9.24.21 - 9:13 AM

      Yes! This!!! Thank you for using your platform in this way- I’m sure it’s “risky” but it’s truly appreciated. Women’s health and inclusion should not be controvesial!We also pre-ordered Amanda Gorman’s book for our 3.5 year old on inauguration day and it was such a fun surprise on our doorstep this week.ReplyCancel

  • Cathy R9.24.21 - 10:48 AM

    I’m curious about a CBD regimen. I’ve had terrible insomnia for years but even though I’ve been retired for 3+years it’s still an issue. I’ve been tempted to try Sherry’s weighted blanked but I still have hot flashes! And I’m 70!!! Anyhow I’ll speak to a specialist from Equilibria but I’m curious—what is the balm used for? And I’m sure this is individual but how long till I seen or feel results? I have to watch costs too being on a senior income.  Thanks for posting about this.ReplyCancel

    • Kim9.24.21 - 11:18 AM

      Hi Cathy! The balm is used to rub directly into sore joints for quick relief. I use it on my back, my stomach for cramps, my forehead and neck before I go to sleep. It’s so wonderful. Different products will provide relief at different rates, but it’s the everyday regimen that makes the biggest difference. Equilibria goes into detail on their blog, or like you said, reach out to a specialist directly!ReplyCancel

  • mh9.24.21 - 1:26 PM

    when i opened the page and saw the siding/trees/deck in the upper part of the photo, i was very confused – did i click on the wrong blog post? YHL just posted this week, so i wouldn’t expect another one before next month. then i saw the two of you and it clicked. such a lovely time y’all must have had!ReplyCancel

    • Julie Marquez9.24.21 - 8:06 PM

      That’s exactly my thoughts too! What a joyful moment!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle9.24.21 - 3:08 PM

    The banner photo for this post loaded and MY BRAIN EXPLODED. Ok going back to read my two favorite bloggers now. :)ReplyCancel

  • Tanja9.24.21 - 11:10 PM

    Thank you for sharing on women’s health. It’s so important to get the word out. ReplyCancel

  • Kj10.18.21 - 10:42 AM

    100% of unwanted pregnancies are caused by men. Yet legislators never legislate men’s bodies.ReplyCancel


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