The Complete 2021 Yellow Brick Home Holiday Gift Guide!

We’re doing things a little differently this year by rolling out all of our 2021 gift guides at once! We’ve worked to ensure that these lists include women and BIPOC owned businesses, independent makers, and a range of price points. Over the next several weeks, we’ll pop into Stories @yellowbrickhome to share deals, gift requests and more.

Are you a small business owner?

In the comments of this post, we encourage any small business owners to drop a link to your own shop, so that others can find you! Please share:

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The 2021 Yellow Brick Home Holiday Gift Guide

14 gift ideas for your BFF.
  1. Ranger Station candle in Oakmoss, $36 | Your friend will love the scent of this premium soy wax candle, hand-poured in Nashville. All Ranger Station candles are filled in low ball cocktail glasses to save and enjoy!
  2. Marshall Uxbridge, $199 | A petite Marshall speaker with Alexa integration, for your next evening hang with music and takeout. Hey, Alexa, order Thai again!
  3. Tiled letter mug, $14 | One for you, one for them. For good measure, fill it with their favorite sweet treat!
  4. Their favorite album on vinyl, $25 | Mac Miller gets a lot of airtime around here and Swimming is among our favorite albums of the moment! We highly recommend this particular album, but any album on vinyl is a great way to encourage thoughtful listening.
  5. Heavyweight Overshirt, $78 | Scott owns this shirt in three or four colors, but I wear them as often as he does! The men’s cut is roomy but flattering and there are tons of color options!
  6. Monogrammed dual travel organizer, $99 | This two-part organizer has a zippered pocket on top for cosmetics and toiletries and a bottom compartment for jewelry. So dang clever! Add a monogram for a personal touch.
  7. Smiley disc necklace, $48 | Gift this happy little smile to a friend as a reminder of how much joy they bring you!
  8. Yeti Rambler w/Hotshot Lid, $25 | The running joke around here is that this Yeti mug makes it onto every single gift guide we make – and for good reason! Scott swears that the fully-sealed hotshot lid is the greatest invention since coffee itself.
  9. Pela phone case, $55 | For your friend that’s constantly dropping their phone, this compostable beauty will be a lifesaver! So many patterns to choose from, the hardest part will be picking just one. (I have the lavender!)
  10. RBG felt ornament, $16 | A sweet reminder of someone your friend looks up to.
  11. Natural canvas sling bag, $49 | Fanny pack? Sling bag? Let them decide. This versatile and compact canvas cutie does it all.
  12. Birthstone charm necklace, $58 | This thoughtful gift will have her thinking of you every time she puts it on!
  13. Do not touch the artwork hat, $32 | A not-so-subtle reminder to keep your hands to yourself. We look at art; we do not touch it. A statement piece for sure.
  14. Echo buds, $140 | Great sound and active noise cancellation will allow them to keep the outside world out… or welcome it in with hands-free calls and app compatibility. Perfect for you 2 hour Marco Polo marathons.

14 gift ideas for your Family.
  1. Apple AirTag, $29 | For the family member that seems to lose things at the most inopportune time. The airtag might be more of a gift for the giver than the receiver!
  2. Backyard birding puzzle, $20 | We love birds. We love puzzles. We love bird puzzles! This gift just might end up under our own tree as a nice addition to the game and puzzle cabinet at our Tree House.
  3. Sonos Roam, $179 | We’re pretty obsessed with anything Sonos and this little guy is all Scott wanted for his recent 40th birthday. Don’t let the small size fool you. It packs a punch and our whole family loves high-quality music on the go.
  4. Modern custom family portrait, $5 | This minimal, modern portrait will be cherished for years to come.
  5. Frida Kahlo trailblazer doll, $50 | As beautiful as it is sweet, this doll doubles as a piece of art when not being loved on by the littlest members of the family!
  6. Instax mini 40 camera, $99 | We rarely leave the house without our Instax! The big bowl of photos on our coffee table encourages tactile memories and sparks great conversations.
  7. Boutique travel planning, varies | What’s more memorable than the trip of a lifetime after a few years where travel was… challenging.
  8. Custom brass plate dog collar, $48 | Investing in a silent collar with a custom brass plate for Catfish was one of the best dog parent purchases we’ve ever made! She’s stealthy and stylish in her waterproof collar.
  9. Jeni’s ice cream delivery, $58 | Jenis Brambleberry Crisp is some of the best ice cream on the planet. With flat rate shipping and guaranteed frozen delivery, you can now send it all over the country without worry. They’ll thank you. Trust us!
  10. Bissell ICONpet vacuum, $265 | A vacuum cleaner might seem like a bit of an off-the-wall gift, but what’s a better present than a clean, healthy home. This cleaning machine is so easy (and dare we say, fun) to use that it’ll likely get use from every member of the family!
  11. Hookey ring toss game, $40 | We think that a little safe, friendly competition among family members is healthy. This is just the game to get into the spirit!
  12. Burley Bee bike trailer, $300 | One of our favorite family activities is taking long bike rides. When the weather allows, we bike to the park, the farmer’s market, the beach and to picnics almost every weekend whether we’re in Michigan or Chicago. Our well-loved Burley Bee lets us bring Lucy and all of the necessary gear along with us!
  13. Walnut block + prints, $32 | We gifted similar photo stands to all of Lucy’s grandparents a few years ago and they were a huge hit! Bonus – new photos make great stocking stuffers year after year.
  14. Scrabble deluxe edition, $149 | For the family that takes word games very, very seriously, this deluxe edition looks more like furniture than a game board!

14 gift ideas for the kids in your life.
  1. Stacking stone set, $29 | We spent hours and hours last winter playing with these stacking stones as a family. No rules, no winners. Just simple, creative family playtime.
  2. LED star projector, $50 | This versatile projection lamp works as a nightlight, for a dance party, or to set the mood for a fun movie night.
  3. Sandstone rainbow bookends, $26 | These beautiful natural stone bookends would look as at home on mom and dad’s bookshelf as they would in the kiddos room.
  4. Plaid teddy jacket, $12 | If this isn’t the cutest little toddler coat we’ve ever seen, then we don’t know what is!
  5. Stepping stones, $69 | These stepping stones encourage balance, coordination and imaginative play. These will certainly help the kiddos traverse the floor made of lava…
  6. Nappling weighted blanket, $139 | This beautiful, pint-sized organic cotton weighted blanket promotes deep, healthy sleep and looks great doing it.
  7. Unicorn magnet playset, $17 | This magnetic playset encourages imaginative play with endless unicorn combinations. Bonus – there’s also a Star Wars version!
  8. Toy barn with wooden animals, $90 | This simple, beautiful playset has colorful accents and a timeless design that you won’t mind displaying in their bedroom or play area.
  9. Lucy’s favorite books, $39 (all 3) | Milo Imagines the World, Eyes That Kiss in the Corners, The Proudest Blue. All three are beautiful and heartwarming. All three are also in frequent bedtime rotation around here.
  10. Moana doll, $16 | We’ve seen Moana 9,000 times and it gets better with every viewing! Lucy’s grandparents recently sent her this doll with the included wearable necklace and she’s in love.
  11. Micro scooter, $99 | Lucy hasn’t stopped asking for ‘a scooter with the two wheels in the front’ Please don’t tell her, but Santa might just be bringing her one on Christmas morning.
  12. Unicorn mask, $19 | Another request from Lucy! She spotted a similar mask in a gift shop on a recent trip and hasn’t stopped asking about it since.
  13. Seek and find pop up book, $22 | Remember Where’s Waldo? This pop up book is like a 3D superhero version.
  14. Wireless karaoke microphone, $17 | The lynchpin of Lucy’s Mariah Halloween costume. This compact microphone has bluetooth compatibility and a handful of hilarious effects to change voices. So. Much. Fun.

14 gift ideas for the home.
  1. Magnetic framing kit, $48 | Bundle with a concert poster you’ve been to together, and take a walk down memory lane.
  2. Faux magnolia stems, $29 | For greenery year-round, without the watering!
  3. Juniper Print Shop gift card, varies | So they can fill up on digital downloads to turn their television into a work of art.
  4. Hot Dish, $75 | This versatile vessel can handle lasagna, brownies, bread pudding, or a small roast, and go straight from oven to table.
  5. Annie Leibovitz: Wonderland photo book, $76 | Legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz’s surprising account of her encounters with fashion over five decades. This one is definitely on my wish list for this year! Scott, are you reading this?
  6. Handheld milk frother, $20 | Another item from my own wish list! Scott, this would fit nicely in my stocking, don’t you think?
  7. Stacking glassware, $80 (set of 4) | Stunning cocktail glasses that stack to take up almost no space? Yes, please!
  8. Milwaukee ratcheting screwdriver, $29 | We keep one of these handy tools on each floor of our home. It’s potentially the most-used tool in our whole house.
  9. Acrylic daily drafter, $24 | Help them go analog and get organized with this beautiful acrylic planner.
  10. Kreg jig kit, $139 | This versatile kit will open unlimited woodworking options to fuel their creativity.
  11. Llama snow globe, $30 | It’s a beautiful snowglobe. It has a llama inside. They’ll love it!
  12. Vice grips set, $97 | High quality hand tools make all the difference. This is the set we keep in our toolbox. Enough said.
  13. The perfect coffee scoop, $10 | This solid teak scoop will remind them of you every time they prepare their morning coffee.
  14. Sonos picture frame wifi speaker, $199 | How did we not know this existed until now?!? It’s a Sonos speaker that’s a picture frame. Incredible.

14 gift ideas for self care.
  1. Equilibria Relief Balm, starts at $46 | Scott and I use our relief balm every day. On our shoulders, lower back, abdomen, forehead, and anywhere that needs freed of pain. Can’t recommend this formula enough! First time customers, use code YELLOWBRICKHOME for 15% off!
  2. Faux fur slippers, $26 | When I buy slippers, they must be machine washable. Not only can you toss these in the washer to look new again, they also have memory foam! Available in several colors.
  3. The infamous Stanley tumbler, $40 | The internet loves these, we caved and bought 2, and now we want to share these beauties with the world, too! You can still get them before Christmas Day through this link!
  4. Live edge bath caddy tray, $80 | A bath caddy that’s pretty enough to leave out in the bathroom at all times – and encourages your favorite person to relax more. They deserve it.
  5. Stone diffuser, $119 | This has been on my wish list for years – hint, Scott, hint. With a safety shutoff and different timer options, it also comes in several beautiful colors.
  6. Hydra-Gel eye patches, $55 | Highly rated eye patches (Scott and I call them eye slugs, haha) that’ll brighten the whole face. Yes, please!
  7. Earth body cream, $32 | A blend of vetiver, pink pepper, and rosewood in a rich cream for some overdue self-indulgence.
  8. Matcha latte blend, $29 | Do you Matcha? I’m finding my way to this dark side, and I think I’m in love. Pair it with this frother for a double-win!
  9. Complete mani pedi system, varies | All of my polishes ceased to exist after I discovered Olive & June. The gently curved brush tip hooked me in, and the no-chip formula and gorgeous, neutral colors made me a fan for life. This whole kit would be a dream to find under the tree!
  10. Empress stone gua sha tool, $65 | I shared my gua sha experience in my skincare post, but this one wins my heart because it’s so dang versatile!
  11. Dewy look makeup trio, $50 | This dewy, hydrating trio will make it appear as if you’ve just come in from the snow. Like, in that totally cute and endearing pink-cheeked way. (Puff is my go-to cloud paint!)
  12. Me-est me journal, $26 | It’s been said that writing in a journal for 5 minutes at the end of the day can lift your spirits. This journal would look lovely on their bedside table, and offers prompts for reconnecting with your inner spirit.
  13. Weighted razor, $38 | I bet you didn’t know you wanted a new razor until you saw this one, huh? 100% metal, powder coated (so it’s rust free!) and weighted for your best self – er, best shave yet.
  14. Minimalist makeup kit, $46 | Youth to the People has a cult following for good reason. Gift them this best-selling trio to really pamper themselves!

14 gift ideas for under $25 stocking stuffers.
  1. Wireless charging station, $17 | Wireless charging is a game changer. With this wireless charger, having a place to boost up their device in every room is an affordable luxury!
  2. Travel cocktail kit, $23 | Help them turn that boring bottle of tiny airplane booze into 6 delicious cocktails on the go. Holiday travel has never tasted so good.
  3. Toblerone pyramid, $38 | What’s better than one Toblerone? Nine of them packaged together for a combined weight of almost 2 pounds!
  4. Leather cable organizer, $8 | These simple leather cable wraps help to keep their charging cables and headphone cables tidy and organized. Simple. Effective. Elegant.
  5. Oil-absorbing face roller, $9 | Like blotting papers, but better. I’m intrigued by this TikTok trend – an oil absorbing volanic roller?! – and would be tickled to find this in my stocking.
  6. Popsicle fidget popper, $6 | Oddly satisfying. Deliciously shaped!
  7. Room socks, $13 | Not your ordinary house socks. These are thick, quarter-crew and warm without being hot.
  8. Tortoise hair clips, $8 | The prettiest clips to replenish the clips they’ve lost over the last 365 days.
  9. Polished bottle stopper, $13 | Keep their favorite bottled beverage fresh and looking stunning.
  10. The Ordinary peel, $8 | An exfoliating facial for under $8!
  11. Chunky hoop earrings, $14 | A pair of budget hoops that look anything but.
  12. Collapsible coffee cup, $15 | This reusable coffee cup collapses to fit into their purse or pocket. Save money, save the planet.
  13. Velvet scrunchie set, $12 | Scrunchies are back, but you knew that already, didn’t you?
  14. Ultralip color, $18 | The sheer lip color to end all sheer lip colors! Hydrating, buildable and available in everything from neutral to POP!

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And a reminder: In the comments of this post, we encourage any small business owners to drop a link to your own shop, so that others can find you! Please share:

  • What is the name of your business?
  • Where are you located?
  • What do you sell?
  • A direct link to your shop
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  • Karen Wallace11.10.21 - 4:42 AM

    Hey there, I’m an artist in Maryland who makes unapologetically  colorful glass bowls and wall hangings. Everything on my website is in stock and guaranteed not to be stuck on a container ship! 
    Shop online at

    • Kim11.10.21 - 8:34 AM

      Stunning, Karen! Thank you for sharing.ReplyCancel

  • Stacy11.10.21 - 8:10 AM

    So many good options on this list, thank you for putting it together! I can’t call out everything I love – there are far too many – but I have to put in a good word for District of Clothing (“do not touch the artwork”). I’ve purchased from them before and the shop owner is so sweet and very responsive. Definitely worth your money!ReplyCancel

    • Kim11.10.21 - 8:32 AM

      Love hearing this! It was hard to choose but I’d wear that hat every day.????ReplyCancel

  • Amy of Minter Goods11.10.21 - 10:30 AM

    Great list! I am a Pike Place Market craftsperson in Seattle. My business is called Minter Goods. I make rope baskets + planters, baby booties, cork earrings + accessories.

    Thank you for the opportunity to share!ReplyCancel

  • Julie11.10.21 - 10:59 AM

    I like that modern portrait (#4 for the family) but I don’t see where it is customizable. I like the picture as is, but a custom one would be cool too! I love all your recommendations, like that mariah mic!ReplyCancel

    • Kim11.10.21 - 11:45 AM

      You’re right about that, sorry, Julie! I was so excited about the beautiful portrait, I didn’t realize it wasn’t custom. I’d encourage reaching out to the seller to see if it’s something they offer!ReplyCancel

  • Leliah Kishbaugh11.10.21 - 11:10 AM

    Hi there!  Love this list!
    We are a small, women and BIPOC-owned business based out of New York City.  We are NILETA and we make small batches of 100% washable silk sleepwear for women, 100% made in New York.  We are fully stocked and ready for the holiday season!
    Thank you for supporting small businesses!ReplyCancel

    • Kim11.10.21 - 11:22 AM

      What a DREAM! Thank you for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel11.10.21 - 11:23 AM

    I’m Rachel of Another Game of Mine. I make modern and minimal geometric jewelry from my home in Honolulu. Thanks for the opportunity to share!

    • Kim11.10.21 - 11:39 AM

      Rachel! So modest! In love with it all.ReplyCancel

    • Sarah11.10.21 - 3:29 PM

      SO beautiful, Rachel! Just bought myself a holiday gift :)ReplyCancel

  • Wendy11.10.21 - 12:02 PM

    Kim! Did you see that Annie Leibovitz is going to be at the Chicago Humanities Festival?

    • Kim11.10.21 - 1:34 PM

      OMG, checking it out now, thank you!ReplyCancel

    • Scott11.10.21 - 9:04 PM

      Miiiiight have just bought Kim tickets for Christmas. Thanks for the heads up, Wendy!ReplyCancel

  • Kelly Jones11.10.21 - 2:33 PM

    Great picture book choices! You and your daughter might also enjoy Quackers by Liz Wong  (an adorable, dryly funny about feeling at home in more than one community.) Happy reading and book-giving!ReplyCancel

  • Kelly11.10.21 - 4:28 PM

    I’m the founder of Unshattered- a nonprofit social enterprise whose mission is to end the addiction relapse cycle through ethical,  sustainable fashion!  We employ women in recovery to make handbags and accessories out of premium upcycled materials including industry waste, retired military uniforms,  and more!

    We also do custom bags out of family heirlooms including wedding gowns,  sports uniforms,  leather coats and more!
    We’re in Hopewell Junction,  NY
    Help us end the addiction relapse cycle and #carrysomethingthatmatters! ReplyCancel

  • Divya DeVenz11.10.21 - 8:57 PM

    Hi! My business is Shop Div Designs and I sell cute tees and sweatshirts for weddings + everyday! Our motto is to elevate every day. We have holiday sweatshirts out now . All our products are designed by myself in Canada and shipped to Canada & USA!ReplyCancel

  • Alice11.11.21 - 7:27 AM

    Hi there – thank you for an early list (what with supply chain issues and all)! The RBG ornament is sold out at your Madewell link, but a similar one is for sale at the New-York Historical store, where there is an exhibition on her life currently on view!

  • Emily11.11.21 - 9:04 AM

    My twin toddlers will be getting micro scooters too this Chanukah! (So they can stop stealing our neighbors and form a scooter crew.) In case anyone else is searching… They just started their sale for text subscribers this week – I had to buy 2 so happy to have any discount!ReplyCancel

  • Sara11.12.21 - 12:29 PM

    Micro scooters are the absolute best! Built to last and ride very smoothly! We’ve had a couple scooter types and this one is a head above the rest. ReplyCancel

    • Scott11.12.21 - 1:21 PM

      There are a couple at Lucy’s daycare and she absolutely loves them! She’s gonna flip out for sure!ReplyCancel

  • Ariel11.16.21 - 6:10 PM

    Hi! I’m a black queer nature photographer from Michigan and based in Southern California. Here’s a link to my photos.

  • Chloe11.27.21 - 8:27 PM

    I am an aspiring watercolor artist from Seattle who loves the outdoors and national parks. I’d like to share with you the 2022 calendar I created featuring national parks I painted with watercolor & a habit tracker. Here is the digital printable listing on Etsy:

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