Pet Pillows (or This Is What Crazy Looks Like)

Update: For anyone who would prefer to purchase your own pet pillow, you can do so easily through Uncommon Goods!

We admitted to our full on crazy after planning an entire media wall around the extra-large photos of our three kiddos. Which is probably why I thought it was perfectly normal to bring in additional pet-themed decor in the form of – quite literally – pillows.

It’s no secret I can’t sew, so I turned to my friend Penina, knowing she’d not only want one of her pup, Rider (above), but that she could help with Maddie, too. It was only after we were intently whip stitching the rear-ends of our stuffed animals (otherwise dubbed as the whip-stitch-n’-bitch) that we realized, hey, we’re kinda crazy.

I couldn’t wait to get home and show Scott (and on the opposite spectrum of my crafty day, I found him drinking beer and playing video games with the dudes), and I especially couldn’t wait to sit her in Grandma’s chair.

What we did: I took photos of Rider and Maddie, converted them to black and white (this was just a personal preference) and applied Photshop filters to get different looks. Once I had my files ready, I took them to a local printer along with a white canvas fabric, and they used a professional transfer technique, similar to an iron on transfer. We used leftover fabric from my no-sew pillow for the back and sewed the two pieces together, leaving a small opening for the poly-fil. Once they were nice and stuffed, we whip stitched the opening closed – and done!

To document this milestone in crazy, I thought a photo shoot would be appropriate to demonstrate how thrilled she’d be (you know, with a pillow in her honor and all). Instead, I imagine her thought process went a little more like this: What the?! followed by, uh, back to my cleaning regimine and finally, doubt she’ll go away until I pose all pretty.

Rider was only slightly more cooperative (at least allowing for a pillow balancing act – just for a moment!), but even she played the humiliation card in the end.

As for the lack of Jack and Libby pillows, you have to remember that they’ve already been immortalized in the form of portraits, and I’ve yet to do so with Maddie. Of course Maddie sees this as only fair, and as parents, well, we don’t choose favorites.

You would totally do this, too. Right?

Update: For anyone who would prefer to purchase your own pet pillow, you can do so easily through Uncommon Goods!

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