Oh, Sweet Friday (and a Test Drive)

Aside from our questionable art and a handful of yellowed photographs, we also picked up this bare bones frame (we’re talking Randolph Flea, by the way).

And while snapping a glamour shot of said frame, we kind of fell in love with the gaudy gold against our graphic paper. Whoa. We realize it’s no sin to layer frames on wallpaper, although I had been an admitted scaredy cat on the matter. I’ve personally had the itch to do so for quite some time – Scott just needed a bitty push and visuals. One nail and a test drive later, and we were sold. Stick a fork in us, yadda yadda.

We have print plans, but more on that once we get our custom mat in the mail. In the meantime, we both squeal with every pass down the hall. (Well, you know. I squeal, Scott nods his approval.)

On another note, it’s the end of the week, and fingers crossed I keep on that weekend learning curve (as previously mentioned, Scott’s the pro in that field). If you’re in this Windy City, perhaps you’ll be interested in a little yard sale hop this weekend? And maybe you’ll run into us since this weekend is our building wide sale, as seen in years past here and here. A very happy Friday and weekend to you all!

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