Mood Board Week(s): Unit 1 Den Bathroom

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sharing mood boards for each of the Two Flat’s wet rooms! If you’re counting, that’s 2 bathrooms + 1 kitchen for Unit 1, and 1 bathroom + 1 kitchen for Unit 2. These plans will act as a resource as we move through each of these rooms over the course of the summer. Ready? Ready.

Room Hop

Unit 2 Bathroom | Unit 1 Pink Bathroom | Unit 1 Den Bathroom | Unit 2 Kitchen | Unit 1 Kitchen

The den bathroom is on the basement level of Unit 1. When we bought the Two Flat, there was no way to access it from the first floor, rather, you had to use the basement door from the outside! We’ve since removed the outside door, and we added a staircase from the first floor, down into the den. The entire den has seen massive structural changes in the last year – from the addition of two bedrooms, a laundry room and the utility closet!

Unit 1 Den Bathroom | Before

Unit 1 Den Bathroom | Today

The first thing you’ll probably notice is… no more dark tongue and groove! The entire lower level feels so much taller now, despite being the same 7′ height. Everything has lightened up, windows have been added, recessed lighting installed, and oh yeah – the den bathroom grew three sizes larger! We opted for a standing shower with blush tile (an homage to Unit 1’s pink bath), made room for a double vanity, polished up the concrete floors, and we even saved the cutest vintage sconces from the original space (#6 below).

1. rain shower head | 2. Delta Trinsic trim kit | 3. brass shelf brackets | 4. faux fern | 5. art print + frame | 6. salvaged vintage sconces | 7. Kohler Cimmaron toilet | 8. cast iron hooks | 9. swivel mirrors | 10. godmorgon sink base | 11. two handle faucet | 12. flatweave rug | 13. our polished concrete floors | 14. terrazzo stool | 15. Imperial Blush gloss 12″ x 12″

I came at you with more pink. Are you on Team Pink yet?

Want more Two Flat? Here’s an overview of the project, and here’s a post-by-post breakdown of our renovation progress from day one! This Q + A covers a lot of ground (like how we knew she was The One and how we’re financing the project), and you can even watch our video series ‘Dear Two Flat’ on YouTube. Thank you for following along!

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