How Do You Make Your Bed?

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How do you make your bed? Are you a throw pillows, top sheet and extra quilt kind of person? Do you nix the top sheet altogether? Do you like two pillows or four (or more)? Our guest room bed at Tree House has been made by a rotating cast of friends and family, and it’s always interesting to notice that no two people have ever made the bed in the same way. Sometimes the decorative pillows are tossed aside, sometimes they’re nestled back in with the shams. Sometimes the bedding is pulled taught under the pillows; sometimes it’s pulled taught over the pillows. And guys, what does the way you make your bed say about you? (I’m kidding but also not kidding.)

Since completing our master bed renovation two years ago, we haven’t made a single change to staples in the room. I guess that’s a good thing – we feel happy and comfortable with our choices! But if there’s one thing we do to make the room feel fresh again, we’ll switch up the bedding. Better yet, we’ll make the bed in a different way. It sounds so simple, right? But we’ve realized that something as easy as using stacking our pillows or folding down the duvet has the ability to breathe new life into the space.

A couple of months ago, we made our bed for the first time using Brooklinen bedding, and we used it as an excuse to scale back. Simplify. That seems to be our big theme lately! Brooklinen designs their own basics and sells their bedding exclusively on their website (no middlemen means no markups!), and in doing so, they’re able to make smile-inducing, cozy products that are manufactured responsibly and efficiently. Each and every item on their site is not only beautiful, but they’re easy to mix and match, even within their bundles! When they reached out and asked if we’d like to give their bedding a try, our first thought was, is it as good as everyone says? And our first reaction upon unboxing the bedding was, yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

We mixed a handful of patterns in whites and cream that would allow us to swap up our Bed Making Game (that’s a thing now) depending on the season or our craving for change. Everything has since been through the wash several times, and it’s true what they say: our sheets get softer and cozier with every cycle. (If you’re like us and like learning about the why and how behind the brand, check out the anatomy of a Brooklinen sheet.)

How We Make Our Bed | Fall + Winter

1. Luxe Core Sheet Set in Smoke Stripe as fitted sheet, top sheet and two pillow cases | 2. Linen Pillowcases in White as shams | 3. Linen Duvet Cover in Cream pulled up to the pillows, with top sheet folded over | 4. Lightweight Quilt in Black Lorimer at the foot of the bed | 5. Pendleton wool throw nearby, just in case!

In our efforts to keep stuff at a minimum, we’ve nixed decorative throw pillows altogether, and you know what? I’m into it. (Music to Scott’s ears!) By pairing a cream colored linen duvet with white linen pillowcases used as shams, it’s all about the texture. Linen comes out of the dryer slightly wrinkled, and it relaxes over time. We like that the casual, crinkley look makes the bed feel more inviting, less stuffy.

In college, I loathed a top sheet, but I’m wondering if that was more because of the excess laundry it created? Adult Kim loves a top sheet, and we opted for the Luxe collection, which is a super soft sateen weave. A trick I once learned on a photoshoot (I was a PA in a former life) is to put the top sheet on the bed with the underside facing up. This way, when the sheet is folded down over the cover, the patterned side is facing you!

In colder months, we like to keep a lightweight quilt at the foot of the bed. We’ll pull it up as we’re getting under the covers, and that extra bit of weight always signals a good night’s sleep. The color of the cream duvet adds just enough depth to the layers, and mix of textures – relaxed linen with the soft sateen and the fluffy quilt – hits all the right notes, we think.

How We Make Our Bed | Spring + Summer

1. Luxe Core Sheet Set in Smoke Stripe as fitted sheet, top sheet and two pillow cases | 2. Linen Pillowcases in White as shams | 3. Lightweight Quilt in Black Lorimer pulled up to the pillows, with top sheet folded over | 4. Linen Duvet Cover in Cream folded accordian-style at the foot of the bed

Today, our bed looks like this! During warmer months, we’ll nix the down-alternative duvet layer for a lighter coverlet or quilt. We pull the quilt up to the pillows, fold down the top and fold the top sheet over that.

On cooler evenings, we’ll lay our duvet at the foot of the bed, folded accordion style. If we get chilly at any point throughout the nights, we can easily pull on the top fold of the duvet, and it will slide right up.

When Lucy first wakes, she absolutely loves rolling around on the bed and playing parachute under the sheets. When I imagine Lucy in my mind, I picture her giggling like crazy, with our top sheet billowing above her and the morning sun behind her. Yet another pro for that top sheet.

So, friends, how do you make your bed?

Thank you to Brooklinen for sponsoring this post, and thank you for supporting the brands that support us. We stand behind the quality and comfort of this bedding, and we think you’ll feel the same. (You’ll probably wonder why you haven’t tried them sooner!) We’d love for you to take $20 off your order when you enter the code YELLOW20 at checkout.

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  • Paige Cassandra Flamm7.17.18 - 10:47 AM

    I love the varying textures and patterns that you have on your bed to give it more dimension!


    • Kim7.17.18 - 11:32 AM

      Thank you! The cream colored duvet cover is so subtle, but it adds so much.ReplyCancel

  • Ash7.17.18 - 9:07 PM

    I love all the Libby cameos in this post! (I like seeing the pups too, but I’m realizing that–much as I enjoy the Tree House updates–I’ve missed this little lady!)ReplyCancel

    • Kim7.18.18 - 8:57 AM

      She’s a sneaky little lady, and she loves that bed!ReplyCancel

  • Morgan Pudwell7.18.18 - 6:53 PM

    Tips for keeping white/light bedding clean/bright when you have a pet-friendly bed? Preferably eco-friendly options?ReplyCancel

    • Kim7.18.18 - 7:39 PM

      We’ve always been a no-dogs-on-the-furniture household, so we honestly don’t have that issue. We have friends that will lay down a ‘dog blanket’ in the spot where their pets sleep to keep the linens clean!ReplyCancel

  • Vanessa7.18.18 - 8:00 PM

    I clean houses for other people and the beds are always the hardest part of my routine. I have king sized beds in tiny rooms, bunk beds in tiny rooms, beds where the sheet don’t actually fit the mattress, a bed that splits down the middle so one side can be at an incline (and the sheets are split too) some with seven pillows, and on and on. I have decided there isn’t a “way” that we all make the bed anymore. And actually the products really have changed, I think most of the pillows are too big to be comfortable, unless you have a very long neck with a 4″ step up that is!ReplyCancel

  • Yes to morning snuggles with the baby in bed. It’s absolutely the best way to start the day. We haven’t tried parachute yet (and only just started rolling), so that’s something to look forward to (we are also on #teamtopsheet).ReplyCancel

  • lsaspacey7.23.18 - 12:55 AM

    Is Libby missing a tail or did you edit it out of that first photo where she’s running on the bed?ReplyCancel

    • Kim7.23.18 - 9:03 AM

      Libby is a manx cat – she doesn’t have a tail! It’s one of the (many) cute things about her.ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie5.6.19 - 10:57 AM

    I just ordered your brooklinen set up since they’re currently having an anniversary sale!  I’m so excited :) It’ll be my first “fancy” bedding!ReplyCancel

    • Kim5.6.19 - 11:21 AM

      You won’t regret it!! They’re amazing.ReplyCancel


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