Long Distance House Call with Bali Blinds

This post is sponsored by Bali Blinds. We helped our friends Jill and Eric solve their big (huge!) window dilemma – even though they’re 300 miles away! Through video chats, together we chose a pretty patterned fabric from Bali Blinds, and had a Tailored Roman Shade shipped right to their door.

Wide shot of dining room with Bali Blinds Tailored Roman Shade in Wayfarer Broome | via Yellow Brick Home

My best friend of thirty years(!) moved into a new-to-them home last year. After an extensive house hunt around Cincinnati, they ultimately landed in a larger home right down the street! It’s a mid-century gem, perfect for their family of five, and Jill and Eric have been working miracles to allow its true beauty to shine through. The original stone windowsills have my heart, and they’re currently making plans to refresh their vintage bathrooms – and you know I love a good vintage bathroom!

Calling a Friend

But I digress. Jill called me up to share a pain point in their dining room, a space that sees family dinners, hours of homework and late nights with friends. The blessing and the curse has always been the 90″ window. Like, can we even find a shade large enough for it? Yes! Yes, you can. Scott and I were happy to swoop in and help from afar – three cheers for video chats! – and we documented the process from start to finish in the video below. (Psst…our handsome Jack makes an appearance. It’s so nice to see his face around here again!)

Dining Room | Before

Dining Room | After

Wide shot of dining room with Bali Blinds Tailored Roman Shade in Wayfarer Broome | via Yellow Brick Home
Close up of Bali Blinds Tailored Roman Shade in Wayfarer Broome | via Yellow Brick Home

Goodbye, Mini Blinds!

It’s astounding to see how one swap can make a world of difference, don’t you think? Their dining room window felt dated with (literally) heavy aluminum mini blinds and a long unattractive cord, and to top it off, it was difficult to operate. The room receives bright afternoon sun, and the mini blinds did little to conceal the glare, unless they wanted to pull them close and shut out the daylight completely! Instead, Jill and Eric were looking for an attractive solution that could filter the light, a solution that they’d want to use, rather than fighting with those long, unsafe cords day after day.

The Perfect Print

Jill’s home is full of punchy color and bold pattern. Shades of green, orange and natural wood – true to their home’s mid-century style – abound! Our goal was to help them find a pattern that wouldn’t overwhelm the collection of items on their hutch, but it still needed to feel very ‘Jill.’ And the perfect print was… (drumroll, please):

Wayfarer Broome 6441 | Tailored Roman Shade | Seamless Style

Wayfarer is a thick fabric that we had lined with a standard backing, allowing for subtle light filtering. We chose one continuous Tailored Roman Shade for big impact, while still allowing their furniture and favorite tchotchkes to shine!

Bali Blinds Tailored Roman Shade in Wayfarer Broome in a mid-century dining room | via Yellow Brick Home
Tailored Roman shade in Wayfarer Broome

To eliminate the frustration that can come with cords, I suggested that we order cordless control – an easy choice that lends itself to fuss-free operation and added home safety. A soft downward tug releases the shade to move and up down freely, even on a window of this size!

Close up of Bali Blinds Tailored Roman Shade in Wayfarer Broome | via Yellow Brick Home
Tailored Roman shade with cordless operation

When To Choose An Outside Mount

The depth of their window jamb was slim, coming in at 2″. This is a model example of when an outside mount works! When you don’t have the depth for an inside mount (you’ll typically need at least 3″), I encourage you to think outside of the box – quite literally. You’ll also notice that we opted to nix a valance completely, which we think reads as more casual, an easy-on-the-eyes option for a young family!

Wide shot of dining room with Bali Blinds Tailored Roman Shade in Wayfarer Broome, homeowner lifting the shade to allow light in | via Yellow Brick Home

Make It Your Own

Simply put, Bali Blinds has you covered. From Solar Shades, Tailored Romans, Cellular and more, there’s a style, fabric, color and pattern to make it your own! They’ve recently released 70 new fabrics in heathered neutrals, prints and even plush material! (The French Slate is calling my name.)

Close up of Bali Blinds Tailored Roman Shade in Wayfarer Broome | via Yellow Brick Home

We’re so happy that we could help put the finishing touch on Jill and Eric’s dining room, and I’ve since received many texts letting us know how much they absolutely love it!

Family in a dining room with a Tailored Roman shade from Bali Blinds | via Yellow Brick Home

Thank you to Bali Blinds, a brand we’ve used for years and continue to love. Fabric samples are always free, and Bali Blinds can be purchased at any of these retailers or you can call their customer service directly.

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  • at home with Ashley3.17.20 - 8:33 AM

    That pattern with their light blue walls looks so great together!ReplyCancel

  • Jill3.17.20 - 9:44 AM

    We love the blinds more & more each day, no joke! They’re perfect! U guys do great work. ❤️ReplyCancel

  • Sydney3.17.20 - 11:59 AM

    Home tour of this house please!ReplyCancel

    • Kim3.17.20 - 3:31 PM

      I wish we lived closer so we could shoot it! Or that we’d had time to photograph it while in Cincinnati. Next time?!ReplyCancel

  • Mariana3.18.20 - 10:09 AM

    Any tips for arched windows? Our new house has arched windows in the living room and bedrooms and I’m struggling with how to dress them.ReplyCancel

    • Kim3.18.20 - 11:08 AM

      This is tricky. I know that Bali Blinds offers vertical blinds for arched windows with a curved headrail, but it would definitely be worth giving their customer service a call and walking through options with them! Their customer service team has always been so great and helpful with any of my questions.ReplyCancel


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