Do You Hang Art In Your Bathroom?

Of all the places you hang artwork, is the bathroom one of them? If so, are family photos a ‘yay’ or a ‘nay’? I’m sharing why you should put a framed print in the bathroom + sharing my favorite works of art!

Silhouette of a child in a bathroom with vintage yellow tile | round-up of 19 works of art that would look good in a bathroom, via Yellow Brick Home
vintage bathroom makeover

Team Art. Always!

Do you hang art in your bathroom? It’s funny, because before we design a bathroom, I’m already thinking about the art that I’ll hang! Team Art. Always! I tend to think of how much a bathroom will pop! once I can hang the art and add a potted plant. It’s that final element that’ll allow a (somewhat sterile) space to really shine. And get this: Bathroom art doesn’t have to be bathroom themed. It’s true; I officially free you from thinking you must hang that framed print of a suspended water droplet. Be free!

Are Family Photos a Faux Pas?

Silhouette of cat in a pink bathroom | 
 round-up of 19 works of art that would look good in a bathroom, via Yellow Brick Home
silhouette print

Who’s to say? I was thisclose to hanging this photo of Lucy in our pink bathroom, but I chickened out in the end, thinking… is that weird? I finally came to realize that, no, I don’t think it’s weird at all. (But to be honest, I love it hanging in our kitchen instead!) What was weird was having that photo hang above the toilet, I think. Perhaps above-the-tank art should be reserved for landscapes, pets and figure drawings? But let’s just say that do you have the world’s cutest photo of your little bub splashing in a bathtub, hanging above the toilet. I say, you do you, boo!*

*Is my answer a non-answer? In the end, do what makes happy, no matter what anyone says.

shelf | vintage art 

Using Humor

Ryan Duggan art print | round-up of 19 works of art that would look good in a bathroom, via Yellow Brick Home
signed art print

My personal preference is something quirky. I don’t think a room is complete without the quirk! How that looks, of course, is up to you. One of my very favorite prints in our home is from Ryan Duggan‘s Shitting Dog series, seen above. It’s such a Chicago-y photo (those houses!), and the dog has always reminded me of Jack.

In our master bathroom (both above and below), I also chose a photo I took during our Route 66 road trip. The group of cacti in the front has always looked slightly, um, phallic (just me? Sorry, Mom!), yet the candy-colored landscape is so cheerful! I love a subtle nod to a double entendre.

A round-up of 19 works of art that would look good in a bathroom, via Yellow Brick Home
​​​​​​art print | marble shelf | planter | mirror

A Good Reminder

It's okay to feel not okay | round-up of 19 works of art that would look good in a bathroom, via Yellow Brick Home
art print

Hello, Beautiful. Relax. Wash Your Worries Away. We’ve all seen countless quotes on bathroom walls, and I think a good text-print reminder (in moderation) is a great way to start your day! In our pink bathroom (above), I framed this small card as a note to Lucy. It feels good to feel all the feels, and I think it’s important to pay attention to every up, every down.

Use this link for Framebridge:

Just Plain Pretty

Greige bathroom with a framed print of a bird and tree | round-up of 19 works of art that would look good in a bathroom, via Yellow Brick Home
sconce | tree print | bird print

Sometimes – okay, all the time – you should hang whatever you think is pretty! As soon as I saw this big oak tree in the Juniper Print Shop, I knew it would have a home in our Tree House bathroom. I had it mounted in a beautiful cherry frame with black lacquered sides, and it’s a favorite element of mine in that whole space.

Art in a bathroom can really make the space, don’t you think? It can inject humor, relax you or uplift you. It can add color where there’s none, or you can tone down colorful tile and paint. It can freeze a moment in time, can remind you it’s not that serious. Most importantly, it should always make you smile. Below, I’m sharing a round-up of bathroom-worthy art, although, are we all coming to realize that it’s all worthy?

I have #5 in my cart right now, #8 makes me smile so big, and I love how cheeky #15 is (har-har)!

A round-up of 19 works of art that would look good in a bathroom, via Yellow Brick Home

1. Two Sisters | 2. Vintage French Dogs (set of 4!) | 3. Endless Summer | 4. Squiggles | 5. Female Nude, Blue | 6. Mountains at Night | 7. Custom Silhouette | 8. Slinky On the Stairs | 9. Amboy #1 | 10. C’est La Vie | 11. Teoitlan Valley | 12. Clouds | 13. Gather | 14. Black Ink | 15. Butts | 16. Baby Blue Eucalyptus | 17. Dancing Troop | 18. Neutral Abstract | 19. You Loved Me a Thousand Summer Ago

What about you? Art in a bathroom, yay or nay?

A pink and white bathroom with brass accents | art in a bathroom | round-up of 19 works of art that would look good in a bathroom, via Yellow Brick Home
faucet | soap pump | medicine cabinet | towel
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  • lak3.16.20 - 7:32 AM

    I have a wall of bird plates in my bathroom and I love it. Apparently so do all my visitors, when I repainted I was going to hang a different print, most people I spoke with were like “where are the birds?”.  Needless to say I have a beautiful flock on my wallReplyCancel

  • Kristin F.3.16.20 - 7:32 AM

    We used to have an oil painting of an old lady above our toilet and it drove my husband crazy. I moved it across from the toilet and he told me he was still suffering 50% of the time – ha! I’m a big fan of art in the bathroom, but she’s been relocated to our hall and he’s much happier.ReplyCancel

  • Damie Elder-Hiscock3.16.20 - 12:15 PM

    We totally have the Butts print in our bathroom gallery mounted in acrylic above the toilet and it brings no end of giggles from our three boys.ReplyCancel

  • Bec3.16.20 - 12:33 PM

    I think photos of family or people are fine as long as it isn’t looking at me on the toilet!ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl3.16.20 - 8:32 PM

    Definitely hang art in the bathroom! I just always keep in mind that humidity could harm the artwork/photo or the frame – so I don’t hang anything irreplaceable or valuable. Still leaves me lots of options!ReplyCancel

  • Cortney3.17.20 - 2:36 PM

    The photo I have in my upstairs bathroom is of the barn that used to stand on my late Uncle’s farm. It was taken at sunset the night of his funeral. Before that sounds super morbid, or questionable. The last conversation I had with my Uncle was how it would be cheaper for him to tear down that whole barn than for me to redo our upstairs bath. He died suddenly a few months later and we redid our bathroom shortly thereafter. It only seemed fitting to hang a photo of the barn there. It was torn down by cousins (it was in poor repair) but I love that photo as it reminds me of my Uncle, his unexpected visit that led to our last conversation, and all the other memories I had visiting the farm growing up.ReplyCancel

    • Kim3.17.20 - 3:32 PM

      I couldn’t love this more. Thank you for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Kim3.18.20 - 3:42 PM
  • madeleneross@gmail.com3.20.20 - 12:09 PM

    How do you protect art from humidity damage in the bathroom?ReplyCancel

    • Kim3.20.20 - 12:46 PM

      It’s never been an issue! That’s what the ventilation fan helps with.☺️ReplyCancel

  • Tiffany3.25.20 - 11:23 PM

    My husband and I just hung our college diplomas above our master toilet and it brings me so much joy and giggles! We didn’t really like anywhere else in the house and now we both see them daily rather than having them stored away. We keep joking that they are in our “throne” room. ????ReplyCancel


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