How We Keep Pet Hair + Messes to a Minimum

This post is in partnership with BISSELL®.

We’re a BISSELL® family. By now, you’ve heard us talk about how we use and love our CrossWave Pet Pro® and BISSELL® SpotClean Professional for the deepest clean around our home, but there are several reasons why we turn to the brand again and again (and again!). For starters, they’ve seemed to nail the whole you’ve-got-pet-messes-we’ve-got-solutions thing, as their tools are specifically geared towards families like ours. Families with pets and toddlers, families who regularly find peanut butter on the sofa and families who slip on mysterious messes in the kitchen. (How many of you have asked aloud, what was that?)

BISSELL has a tool for every need, and I’m going to say it aloud: We’ve officially hit the trifecta of pet-focused cleaning tools now that we’ve added the ICONpet Cordless Vacuum to the mix. It’s sleek and beautifully designed (never flashy), powerful, and – yet another reason to support them – serves the higher purpose of helping pets in search of their forever homes. More on the latter in a moment!

How we use the BISSELL ICONpet cordless vacuum to keep pet hair and messes to a minimum | via Yellow Brick Home #BISSELL #pethappens

Truth be told, Scott and I actually enjoy cleaning. Is there anything better than wiping off the countertops and CrossWave-ing the floor, then lighting a candle and setting out a vase of freshly cut stems to celebrate? (Don’t answer that.) But seriously, I think we enjoy cleaning because we have systems in place to keep it easy breezy – like bins for toys, caddies for cleaning sprays and generally keeping the stuff that enters our home at bay. Below, I’m sharing the other ways we keep pet hair and messes to a minimum!

We Go Cordless

A cordless vacuum means we clean more. Period. The ICONpet Cordless has a high-performance digital motor that powers up to 50 minutes(!) of cleaning. There are three levels of cleaning modes, allowing us to easily switch between our rugs, hardwood floors and tiles with the press of a button. Perhaps one of my favorite features of the vacuum – aside from being cordless, which is already pretty dreamy, right? – is that the power button is one click and done. There’s no need to hold a trigger throughout the duration of our cleaning spree!

How we use the BISSELL ICONpet cordless vacuum to keep pet hair and messes to a minimum | via Yellow Brick Home #BISSELL #pethappens

When we’ve finished vacuuming, it hangs on a charging station in our craft room. The station comes complete with wall storage to keep our attachments tidy:

How we use the BISSELL ICONpet cordless vacuum to keep pet hair and messes to a minimum | via Yellow Brick Home #BISSELL #pethappens

We Use the Attachments for a Deeper Clean

Speaking of attachments, you know the kind. The ones that come with every cleaning tool you purchase? We use them. Although it’s all too easy to toss them aside, we love that the ICONpet Cordless charging wall mount keeps ours at the ready, so they’re never going missing. After a quick roll over our floors, I switch over to my personal favorite: the TurboBrush® tool. I use it on our stair runner and the most loved couch cushions, and for those few extra minutes of my time, our home sees a deeper clean for the long haul.

How we use the BISSELL ICONpet cordless vacuum to keep pet hair and messes to a minimum | via Yellow Brick Home #BISSELL #pethappens

Scott enjoys the crevice tool, which he uses to clean up the crushed cereal and dog hair in our car. It also comes in handy for eliminating dust and grime up high when used with the extension wand!

How we use the BISSELL ICONpet cordless vacuum to keep pet hair and messes to a minimum | via Yellow Brick Home #BISSELL #pethappens

It Has To Be Easy

Like, really easy. Does the ICONpet Cordless have a removable, hassle-free dirt canister? Yes. Does it have a tangle-free brush roll? Yes. (No more wrapped hair to break free!) The swivel head allows for easy maneuvering around and under furniture, and I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: Three cheers for being cordless!

How we use the BISSELL ICONpet cordless vacuum to keep pet hair and messes to a minimum | via Yellow Brick Home #BISSELL #pethappens

We keep our ICONpet Cordless vacuum charging upstairs at all times, so it’s always ready to sweep up the bedroom (where Jack and CC also sleep), the playroom and our home office. Nearby, we keep a caddy with microfibers, cleaning spray and sponges. Having everything on the same floor (we do the same for the downstairs!) means that there’s no excuse to not clean. It’s all too easy, all within reach.

Pet People are Our People

  • Fun fact #1: BISSELL is a Michigan-based company!
  • Fun fact #2: One purchase of an ICONpet Cordless vacuum = one pet adoption fee.

Remember when I said that BISSELL cares about pets in need? For every registered purchase of an ICONpet Cordless Vacuum, BISSELL donates $25 to cover the cost of one adoption fee at a BISSELL Pet Foundation Empty the Shelters event. Registering your product takes less than a minute (I did it quickly on my smart phone!), and you’ll take comfort in knowing that you’re providing a forever home to a shelter pet in need. Always and forever, we will love this about BISSELL. Pet people are our people.

How we use the BISSELL ICONpet cordless vacuum to keep pet hair and messes to a minimum | via Yellow Brick Home #BISSELL #pethappens

By the end of the year, BISSELL will have donated at least $1 million dollars towards pulling pets from the shelters. Pets just like Jack and CC!

This post is sponsored by BISSELL, a brand we’ve used for years and continue to love. We use the ICONpet Cordless Vacuum to keep pet messes to a minimum. Thank you for supporting our brand partners!

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  • SG9.17.19 - 10:26 AM

    Can Jack and CC have their own insta feed? I need more of them in my life. :DReplyCancel

    • Kim9.17.19 - 10:50 AM

      Haha it would just be photos of them sleeping non stop.ReplyCancel

  • Laura9.17.19 - 1:57 PM

    I live in Michigan, and Bissell is one of our clients where I work. Kim and Scott aren’t kidding – Bissell really does walk the walk when it comes to supporting pets and pet adoptions. I haven’t used their products yet (saving up!) but they’re a wonderful company with a big heart. We absolutely love working with them! <3 ReplyCancel

    • Kim9.17.19 - 8:27 PM

      I looooove hearing this! They truly are so wonderful.ReplyCancel

  • AmandaKB9.17.19 - 2:01 PM

    I can’t remember if you’ve talked about this before… do you have a cleaning routine you follow, such as certain rooms or tasks on certain days… Or do you just squeeze in household chores as the schedule allows? ReplyCancel

    • Kim9.17.19 - 8:26 PM

      We do a little bit each day, and it all adds up. :)ReplyCancel

  • Christina9.19.19 - 11:01 AM

    Hi Kim! I love this post, and I’m in the market for a new vacuum so the timing is perfect. I’m just wondering a couple things, from you and/or any of your readers who might have insight as well! I’ve seen cordless stick vacuums ALL OVER lately. I’ve been reading 800 million reviews and still am having a hard time deciding if I want to make the switch. 
    Are people replacing their regular vacuum with one of these? Do you have an upright vacuum too, or does this do the job for you? (I know you have the CrossWave – which of these do you use when?) 
    Does it work well with thicker rugs / carpets? ReplyCancel

    • Kim9.19.19 - 12:20 PM

      We ONLY have cordless! No more upright/corded monstrosities anymore, and it makes cleaning SO much easier and SO much more enjoyable! We use this for regular vacuumings and use the BISSELL CrossWave for a DEEP clean, since it essentially mops our floors and refreshes our rugs at the same time. The ICONpet works awesome on our hardwood floors and all our rugs!ReplyCancel


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