How We Created a Beverage Station In Our Kitchen

Are you looking to add a dedicated beverage station to your kitchen? These are the items we added to our kitchen design to bring our beverage station to life!

After all of the kind responses we received from Kim’s recent Ranch Water IG Reel, we figured it was time for a deep dive into all of the accessories that fill our beverage station! Our compact beverage station is one of the most impactful changes that we made in our kitchen renovation. Now that we’ve had the pleasure of using it for more than half of a year, we’re reconfiguring our plans for the red house kitchen to include a compact beverage station of its own. That said, what good is a beverage station without the proper glassware and accessories? These are a handful of our personal favorites:

1. Salt Rimmer Set, $30

The thing we love most about this beautiful ceramic salt rimmer set is that we can use whatever type of salt we have on hand. The lid also doubles as a shallow dish for lime juice dips!

2. Lenox Tall Glasses, $48/set of 4

These beautiful amber glasses are the perfect way to elevate your everyday beverage routine! They do double duty as water glasses and cocktail glasses in our home and perform each task perfectly.

3. True IPA Glasses, $8/set of 4

I’ve tried many of the dedicated IPA glasses on the market and these have risen to the top as a personal favorite! They’re designed specifically for IPAs, but enhance the flavor of any beer.

4. Espresso Machine, $1,100

The Breville Barista Touch is practically a member of our family at this point! We use it multiple times per day and have been absolutely thrilled with its’ performance over one year of use.

5. Amber Mug, $28

These petite one-finger mugs are the perfect size for an afternoon pick-me-up. The amber glass feels solid and hunky while retaining a petite proportion.

6. Oil Dispenser Bottle, $40/set of 2

Decanting syrups into these beautiful dispenser bottles streamlines the look of the beverage station. We also use them on the other side of the kitchen for olive oil on the range wall.

7. Bitters Bottle, $13

Can you tell we’re fans of decanting? These little bitters bottles offer a cleaner look than the standard labeled bottles and allow for precise dashing.

8. Stainless Steel Straws, $10/set of 12

These stainless steel straws are dishwasher safe and include a pair of cleaning brushes so they’ll always be sparkling. They’re also an environmentally friendly alternative to disintegrating paper straws!

9. Frother, $12

This little gadget turns standard milk or half and half into a frothy concoction that’s one step shy of a proper latte. Also great for mixing up batch cocktails!

10. Corkscrew, $40

This combination corkscrew/bottle opener looks gorgeous and functions flawlessly.

11. Stir Sticks, $10/set of 10

These handy little sticks are dishwasher safe and great for stirring coffee or cocktails.

12. Ice Scoop, $9

This solid stainless scoop lives in the drawer freezer and holds the perfect amount of ice for cocktails on the rocks or glasses of table water.

13. Butcher Block Worktop, $145

We initially added a butcher block remnant to our countertop to hinder etching on our marble countertops. Turns out, it was a good decision in more ways than one! In doing so, we have more freedom to squeeze juice, spill drips of coffee and zhuzh with gusto! The thick wood surface is more soft than a countertop, providing a more pleasant hand-feel when setting down drinks, too.

14. Cocktail Shaker Set, $19

A proper cocktail shaker is a must for any home bar. The matching double jigger will help with precise mixing measurements every time.

15. Double Drawer Refrigerator, $2,969

The core of our beverage station is the double drawer fridge. It’s not without its quirks, but we love it anyway! We did lots of research and this was one of the only models with a freezer and icemaker on the bottom, which was a must for us.

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  • Martha7.9.23 - 12:24 PM

    Oh what a nice setup! We’re big tea drinkers but this gave me a couple of ideas to figure out some sort of tea station for us. ReplyCancel


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