Holy Smokes, I’m FLORed!

Stop the presses! Could it be? Is it true?

Living in such teeny headquarters has always made us rethink the way we purchase anything – from accessories, to furniture, to quantities of toilet paper (where will the 24 pack go?). Along those same lines, modular goods are a huge bonus. If something can easily be rearranged, repurposed, or swapped out with no hassles, it’s on the wish list. Which is why FLOR carpet tiles are a dream come true to the teeny weeny condo owner. And yes, after rubbing my eyes to make sure I was seeing clearly, it is true – FLOR’s first store has opened it’s doors with welcoming arms to Chicago!


Their motto that boasts “inspired modular floorcovering” is no joke. With so many textures, patterns, colors, and unique designs, it’s no wonder that FLOR is the carpet of choice in our very own bedroom:

juf_8615As a couple that can never say no to puppy eyes (literally), our bitsy home not only houses the two of us, but also two fluffy cats, Maddie and Libby, and a tireless dog, Jack (not to mention a tank full of fish, but they’re hardly a handful). Between kitty claw sharpenings and house training our newly adopted pup, carpet doesn’t always last as long as you’d think. Which is why FLOR tiles come in so handy for our lifestyle – did the kitty shred that corner? did Jack just lose his lunch? Just peel that tile up and pop in a new baby. And if you find yourself replacing a tile, you might as well grab a new color. Why not? If you’re still undecided, the website hosts a nifty little configurator for a computer screen viewing party before you commit.  With most tiles averaging around $7 for a 19″x19″ square, you’ve got nothing to lose (except maybe tonight’s beer run).

I’m thinking we may need to head over to the new FLOR location ASAP and liven up that bare office hardwood. Hey, I told you yesterday that it’s never really done. Who’s with me?

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