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A Snail of a Tale

I must admit that I’ve felt a wee bit sluggish lately.  This summer has started off with quite the boom, including everything from in-town house guests and out of town adventures, with a wedding and concert weekend dashed in the mix.  Between the blazing heat outdoors, the too-cool, conditioned air inside, and the seemingly endless work weeks, my body has had enough.  I feel totally run down, lethargic, and just full of pure exhaustion.  Because I don’t have the option to turn back a couple decades and recreate the mid-afternoon nap date, I’ve decided to try and chill out the adult way – with a nice glass (or two) of wine in the evening, and couch snuggle sessions with the hubs.

So it must have been fate that led me to find my perfect mate one appropriately lazy Sunday afternoon.  Scott and I spotted a sprinkling of colorful balloons tied with bows to a big, tired ol’ slab of board caddy-corner from our own little tree lawn.  “Yard Sale” was sprayed onto the board in wide, sloppy strokes, and we figured that anyone who goes the extra mile to tie balloons to their sign must mean business.  We immediately hopped over to the sale, where the organizers were grilling yummy meats, drinking cold beverages, and welcoming us to their little slice of sidewalk.  And just like Henry, there he was.  My new piggy bank.  Correction: my new snail bank.  A sleepy (albeit charming), white ceramic snail.  The little guy and I immediately bonded, and two shiny quarters later, he was ours.  Doesn’t he look handsome on our freshly painted sideboard?


There’s just something so satisfying about those nifty, unexpected finds.  Call me a sap, but who knew my soon-to-be-dough-filled sluggish sidekick would give me so much joy? The moment we set foot through our front door, I snatched up our old change jar – sans lid due to a booming tumble, no thanks to our always curious felines – to begin the swap.


Bonus points: since his guts are full of coins aplenty, we just can’t wait to cash him in for a sweet Italian ice on the next dog day of summer.  Our new friend seems to be fitting in just fine.

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  • Penina6.29.09 - 9:02 AM

    Between the real animals and the ceramic ones, you guys are accumulating quite a menagerie over there!ReplyCancel

  • Karen Walker6.30.09 - 4:57 AM

    HI Kim,
    Ann forwarded your blog to me…love it! Sounds like you and Scott are keeping busy. We are enjoying the summer and love “summer mode”

    Keep in touch!

    Karen, Don, Garrett and AvaReplyCancel

    • Kim6.30.09 - 9:46 AM

      Karen, thank you! We are definitely busy, but we love these little projects. Hope all is well, and I hope you keep reading!ReplyCancel

  • Jenny6.30.09 - 6:52 PM

    Love it!ReplyCancel

  • Kim6.30.09 - 6:54 PM

    Jenny, happy to see your comment. Oh, I miss you!ReplyCancel

  • jodi2.11.10 - 1:12 PM

    so cute!! what a great find!ReplyCancel

  • Kalee12.24.10 - 10:33 AM

    Does this happen to have a manufacture name on it? My husband calls me his tiger snail (because I burrow under the covers and attack anyone who tries to rouse me into the cold), and this would be the perfect little thing for our dresser! It’s adorable!ReplyCancel

    • Kim12.26.10 - 7:33 PM

      Hi Kalee! Unfortunately, there’s no name on the snail – anywhere. It was found at a local yard sale, so fingers crossed, you may come across something in the thrift stores or flea markets in your area!ReplyCancel

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