Eve’s Fancy Sunshine

As if we needed further proof that a can of paint can inject a whole lotta fun into the norm, we received this email from Eve. It made us very happy. And not just because we’re totally flattered that she gained inspiration from us (crazy), but because it works both ways. Her grey on yellow combo is a favorite of ours, and we’re totally enamored by that city mural, too. Here’s what she had to say:

My husband and I are both graduate students living on a string budget and I’m always showing him your DIY projects that are creative and accessible. In fact, your bathroom mirror redo inspired me to redo a crafty rendition of a full length mirror in Martha Stewart’s yolk color! The long mirror was the first one I attempted and did not feel brave enough about my craftsman abilities so I didn’t do the studs on the mirror (even though I loved the look of it).

Before reading your blog, I had never before entertained the idea of a yellow mirror and now I have three. I love that they were once all drab in color but a fresh coat of Martha’s Yolk brought them right back to life. Unfortunately, I don’t have before pictures but the [grouping of] two mirrors are thrift store / estate sale finds for $5 and the full length mirror was a discontinued IKEA as-is find for $15! Thank you so much for showing us how to look beyond the blah and continue to inspire us to bring some sunshine into our little humble student abode. Seriously, who needs the fancy stuff right? -Eve

Eve, we couldn’t agree more. Fancy shmancy; who cares? We love your mirrors – all three! – and I’m now reminded that we must go to the flea markets, and soon. On the list: Mirrors. And frames. Oh, and a can of paint for the drive home.

Thank you, Eve!

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