Hey, We Got a Peacock

My inbox is constantly overwhelmed with Daily Candy Swirl deals, and generally – being the penny pincher I am – I delete the emails with not so much as a glance to what’s in store. So who knows why one day, fate maybe, I read one of them. It was well over a month ago, and I saw this guy on my monitor (from Edie Rose by Rachel Bilson, Macy’s):

I had a $9 store credit burning a hole in my pocket, and with the sale price (even when you add the ridonk shipping), it seemed worth it. I was in love. During the whole euphoric check out process (I was getting a peacock, after all! With a lid and everything!), I must have completely ignored every warning sign that pointed to back order.

By then I had sealed the deal, and I was sad. Waiting a month took away every bit of joy out of that moment. Scott consoled me with promises of unexpected packages in my future, you know, all “you’ll forget you even ordered it by then. It’ll be just like Christmas all over!” Pfft.

But, um, he knows me well. It came, and I really had forgotten. The perfect, heavenly box was waiting for me last week, and the angels sang, too. It was so worth every twelve dollars and every last forty-four pennies.

Of course I’m totally thinking how darn cute it’ll be alongside our pet portraits (among other things) – rather than for any practical uses such as sugar or tea. Although, the kitchen is just steps away, so that could kind of work, too.

Also, maybe I’m behind the times or what have you, but was this designed by the same Rachel Bilson of The O.C. notoriety? Who knows the answer; for real? I miss Summer and Sandy, and don’t even get me started on Seth. For having admitted all of that, I’m sure hoping it is the R.B., and not a well-known-by-all-but-me designer by the same name. Because that would be embarrassing.

Btw, if you’re as smitten as us, you’ll want to know the Edie Rose sale ends soon – most items are back to full price by March 27th.

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