I think we’ve finally landed on our dream bed combo. Not that we’d been complaining much (at least not around these parts), but after an innocent sheet purchase on LuxeYard – they’re more gray than blue, although these photos would suggest otherwise – I casually mentioned to Scott that perhaps we should switch up our duvet cover, too. He easily agreed, probably because we rarely (read: never) swap out our covers, and our current set up was worn to pieces.

We’re white-bedding folk, mostly because the color – or lack thereof – doesn’t exactly fade in the wash, and they remind us of crisp, clean hotel linens. As you can see, we stuck with what we knew. And while we were swapping our beat up cover, we figured it’d be good to get an extra cozy winter duvet. For good measure.

In any case, we weren’t planning on sharing our new bed clothes, only because it’s not a terrible difference from what we started with. But everything we whim-ly purchased is so soft and so thick and so dream-inducing, that we couldn’t not tell you. It’s smooshy, cushy, and yes, a wee bit wrinkled, too. Aside from our flash sale sheets (we know, sorry!), we got this duvet and this cover. In addition, we’re still using these pillowcases from Kin Ship and our floral Ikea bolster.

There is one downside though, and that’s the impossible task of getting up in the morning.

By the way, alternate title: Sexy Libby (right?).

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  • Mike11.5.12 - 6:43 PM

    “In any case…?”

    “There is one downside…?”

    Were the bedding puns intended?ReplyCancel

  • Kim11.5.12 - 6:55 PM

    Mike, HA! Not intended, but good call.ReplyCancel


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