Bathroom Redo: Egg Yolks

A few weekends ago, the hubs and I were feeling a little crafty, so we decided to whip up a weekend-bathroom project we’d been talking about (and neglecting) for a while. Our intentions were to tone down those bright blue walls, but still keep it fun. Originally inspired by this LA salon bathroom (because nothing screams “home” like a salon powder room, ‘mIright?), I started with the mirror.

Because we wanted to spend a minimal amount of money on the teeny room, we used our existing mirror and gussied it up with some decorative tacks from our local fabric store. 2 packs of 24 tacks cost us just 4 bones, and I was able to space them out just so to use every last one of ’em. A simple dot with my Sharpie marked the spot, and I hammered them into place.

To make sure everything was in pristine condition, we spackled the seams in all 4 corners and sanded them down to a smooth finish. But on to my favorite part (and of course the most gratifying). Scott and I fell in love with Martha’s poppy blends of yellow, and after staring at swatches long enough to make our eyes blur, we happily settled on a high gloss Egg Yolk. Yum. Some blue tape and foam brushes got the job done (after a quick coat of spray primer), and any unwanted paint was scraped away by a razor.

The results? We couldn’t be more smitten. I may have squealed (a bit loudly) as Scott awkwardly tried to hang the finished project on our existing anchors. And he may have shushed me and asked for an extra hand. But in the end, even he couldn’t hide his excitement. Of course, in a manly manner. While I danced the happy dance.

The decorative tacks give just enough oomph to keep things interesting, while the sunny yellow finish steals the show (of course). The glossy finish makes clean up a breeze, holding up to bathroom-strength clorox cleaners or just a simple damp cloth. Brushing our teeth has never been more fun.

And for the observant readers in the blogosphere, you’ll notice that we painted more than just the mirror. The walls and photo frames got a fresh, shiny coat too. But why spill all the beans right now? More to come.

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  • Danielle4.22.10 - 9:21 AM

    I would of never thought to use those tacks!! LOVE IT!ReplyCancel

  • Kat4.22.10 - 9:32 AM

    Great idea! This got me thinking…maybe I can build a frame for the mirror in our downstairs bath out of molding and then paint it a fun color. I’ve been trying to come up with ways to spruce up the space without actually having to paint the walls. Thanks for the inspiration!ReplyCancel

    • Kim4.22.10 - 9:53 AM

      Hey Kat,

      Scott and I originally put together some molding to create our own version of a mirror frame a few years ago. Our bathroom came with a mirror that was glued to the wall, so we thought this would be a perfect solution to an otherwise boring morning wake up. We stained the molding and for a little while, it looked pretty beautiful. But I have to warn you: We used hot glue to adhere it to the mirror, and due to moisture in the bathroom, it didn’t stick very well. But in the long run – due to my frustration and quick, snap decisions (not a quality to envy!) – I ripped the molding down, and I had Scott rip off the wall mounted mirror (which was pretty easy – scoring the edges with a razor and popping it off with a screwdriver does the trick. Spackle and touch up paint gave us a smooth wall again). We then went to Ikea to buy the black mirror to fill our gaping hole over the sink, which is of course now yellow.

      If you end up taking on this project, I’d recommend looking into glues that can adhere to the smooth, slick surface of a mirror. There’s gotta be one out there – Home Depot has everything, right? Good luck, and hope to see some “after” photos!ReplyCancel

  • Jacquelin Seybert4.22.10 - 10:00 AM

    The mirror looks great. Love the bold yellow paint!ReplyCancel

  • The detailing and color look great! I can’t wait to see the entire space!!ReplyCancel

  • Kalli4.22.10 - 12:44 PM

    I like it, yellow is so effective in adding cheer. The tacks are nice – were you a little bit scared of missing one and cracking the mirror? (because I would have been!)ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Joubert4.22.10 - 1:04 PM

    Love this! Totally stealing this idea!ReplyCancel

  • Amie4.22.10 - 1:05 PM

    that looks great! I love yellow, it’s such a versatile and happy color.ReplyCancel

  • Kim4.22.10 - 1:56 PM

    Thanks, everyone!

    Kalli, YES. I was a little afraid – at first. Mostly I was afraid of cracking the mirror. But after the first pin was tapped in, it was actually very easy! Each pin went in like a champ.ReplyCancel

  • Monica4.22.10 - 6:24 PM

    WOW! This is such a great idea and it looks lovely!

    Great job!ReplyCancel

  • Ellis4.23.10 - 4:46 PM

    Don’t get me wrong– everything looks good!

    But… is the bathroom really all white now? The blue looked so great and fun in there!ReplyCancel

    • Kim4.24.10 - 2:26 PM

      Hi Ellis,

      We grew a little weary of the blue. So much color, which we love, but may have closed off the tiniest room in our home. Stay tuned next week when we go into details on the whole sha-bang!ReplyCancel

  • Bre4.23.10 - 6:55 PM

    This looks amazing! What a great DIY project, I will have to file this away for later. :)

    Bre @ http://theredbungalow.blogspot.comReplyCancel

  • Kelly4.27.10 - 9:55 AM

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!ReplyCancel

  • Lyndsy5.20.10 - 1:40 PM

    This mirror turned out so great! Love the yellow!!ReplyCancel


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