04| Dear Two Flat, This Part Makes Me Nervous

‘Dear Two Flat’ is an off-the-cuff journal-esque vlog series that chronicles the renovation of our 130-year-old Two Flat in Logan Square, Chicago. You can see more of this series on our YouTube channel, if you’d like to start from the beginning!

In this fourth journal entry, we’re making big decisions about the thing that makes me most nervous – electrical! Wow, it’s incredibly daunting to make every last decision about light and outlet placement without having a solid design plan in place. Like, what if we change our minds and want to have a wall sconce instead of a ceiling fixture? Or what if the sink placement is 2″ to the left, and then everything becomes off-centered? Or, or, or! It’s scary, but we’re trusting our guts (and our architect), and suddenly, things are looking much brighter (pun intended?).

You can also view the video directly on YouTube.

The next time we share a Dear Two Flat, we’ll have insulation! Maybe new windows! Possibly drywall! A roof! It’s going to be Drastic – yes, with a capital ‘D.’

Video Notes:

Here’s an extensive photo gallery of the Two Flat.

This is the latest on the exterior porch-slash-roof project.

What I’m wearing: this parka and these boots, and this is Scott’s favorite winter puffer.

Video music is by Dyalla: “Happy”

Our vlog was filmed with this lightweight camera and this stabilizer.

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