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I have to laugh at the photo above, taken on our way out of Albuquerque during our recent cross country road trip. I was two seconds from falling off that rock, and Scott had a death grip on my hand. My flailing arm wasn’t so much of a grand statement as it was a finesse (if you can call it that!) to my tumble!

We’ve been documenting our travels and everyday adventures in our little virtual corner for years, and when we do, we’re often asked if we can share photography tips. I’m always hesitant to get technical, because I harbor an irrational fear of sounding more preachy, less helpful. I promise you that you will get better on manual mode with practice (read your camera manual, really!). I use my camera every single day – like, my actual camera; my smartphone seems to be dedicated to all things Jack and CC – and Scott has consistently said that I’m happiest when I’m shooting. I encourage you to do the same.

So while I very rarely divulge on all things aperture and ISO, I do love sharing the simple things anyone can do right now to instantly change the way they capture anything. Things from the way you look through your viewfinder to the way you see your surroundings. I’m sharing my favorite tips + tricks that I practice every single time I hold my camera over on Pinhole Press, and I wanted to tell you here for anyone who might be interested. See the full article on the Pinhole blog, and happy shooting!

PS: This teeny tripod helped us snag some favorite snapshots, but let’s just say that it wasn’t exactly made to balance a 5-lb camera lens in a compromising position, despite its claim to do so. While it came in so, so handy on numerous occasions, it’s better suited – perfectly, really – for lightweight lenses.

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  • Sheila11.11.15 - 2:37 PM

    I like your photo recommendations!
    While not photography advice, I also suggest trying to carve out a few minutes each day to write up a little travel diary entry. It could be detailed or just a few words. I usually do it in the form of an email to someone back home as that gives me a nudge to do it every day of the trip. Having those little notes can really help put some context around the photos when you are sorting through hundreds of them back home.ReplyCancel

    • Kim11.11.15 - 2:43 PM

      YES. That’s definitely something I wish we would remember to do – and it would be really fun to put some of those entries into a book alongside the photos!ReplyCancel

  • Josh | The Kentucky Gent11.11.15 - 3:52 PM

    DEFINITELY checking these out. I’m self taught on everything in this world, so I always love to see advice from folks that I admire.

    Josh | The Kentucky Gent

  • […] itching to get out on the open road for one last trip of the year, and after Kim and Scott’s tips + tricks to documenting travel I’m more than ready to bite the […]ReplyCancel

  • Brynne@TheGatheredHome11.12.15 - 9:06 PM

    Love it! Your photography is so stunning – thanks for the tips! I’m always the one who’s shy to lug out the camera and “make a scene” but I’ll work on my game :DReplyCancel

  • html color codes3.27.18 - 4:30 AM

    Love your photos! I like taking photos for other people and I’m camera-shy, therefore every time coming back from a trip, I realize that I have no nice photo :)


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