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Today we’re talking through a few new ways we’ve made our garage more secure and functional with the LiftMaster Secure View Smart Garage Door Opener!

Scott hangs up his bike after accessing the garage with the myQ app.

About a year ago, we installed the LiftMaster Secure View smart garage door opener in our detached Chicago garage. ​​​​​​​We continue to be impressed with the features and connectivity of this brilliant device and have found ourselves using it in ways we never imagined. On top of the existing features, new integrations are being rolled out constantly to continue making our lives easier!

This post is sponsored by LiftMaster®. Thank you for supporting the brands that support us! We’re using the LiftMaster Secure View Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener with Camera for peace of mind and secure, contactless in-garage deliveries.

Our LiftMaster Secure View garage door opener is still the star of the show in our detached Chicago Garage.

Control and Monitor Your Garage from Anywhere

This summer, we’ve hustled hard to build our schedule around spending the one week a month at our Michigan Tree House. Being away from home so frequently can bring a bit of uncertainty, but the LiftMaster Secure View opener has us covered!

Scott uses the MyQ app to open the garage door so our friend Nithin can borrow our leaf blower.

Once connected with the myQ app, there are tons of awesome features that we can utilize from the palm of our hand. We can…

  • Check the status of the garage door remotely (and open or close it)!
  • View the garage in real time
  • Watch recorded motion events
  • Receive secure package and grocery deliveries with Amazon Key
  • Communicate 2-ways via the integrated microphone and speaker
  • Receive alerts triggered by motion or a door that remains open

All of these features bring functionality and peace of mind while we’re away by allowing us to keep an eye on our tools, bikes and other belongings. The opener itself is also incredibly powerful and whisper-quiet!

2-way Communication​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

In addition to all of the anticipated ways we’ve used the Secure View opener with the myQ app, we’ve used it in some unexpected ways as well. A few days ago our friend Nithin asked to borrow our leaf blower. (And a few days before that, we helped a friend with a ladder; our garage is their garage!) We weren’t available to let him into the garage at the time, but we found a simple solution.

The LiftMaster Secure View garage door opener's camera allows us to keep an eye on the status of our garage door as well as all of our belongings inside.

I asked Nithin to head over to our garage and text me when he was outside. Using the myQ app, I opened the garage door for him. Once he was inside, we used the 2-way communication feature to talk back and forth and let him know exactly where he could find the blower. As he left, I closed the garage door – all through the app! When he returned it, we repeated the process.

A screengrab of our friend Nithin stopping by to borrow our leaf blower when we weren't around to let him into the garage.

Who knew that a smart garage door opener would eventually allow us to lend a neighbor a hand? The unexpected uses of clever features keep us appreciating this technology every day.

Amazon Key In-Garage Grocery Delivery​​​​​​​

Buying groceries, even for our small family, can be a huge time suck. Taking inventory of the fridge and pantry, compiling a list and actually shopping for groceries can easily consume a few hours in a day. We can certainly think of a better way to spend our time, and we’re sure you can as well! Who would have guessed that the LiftMaster Secure View garage door opener would be the device that allows us to skip the grocery store all together!? How, you might ask? Just like this…

Linking the Key By Amazon app and the myQ app allows for In-Garage Delivery
Linking the Key By Amazon app and the myQ app allows for In-Garage Delivery

A few days ago, Kim placed an Amazon Fresh grocery order and scheduled delivery for the following day. We received notifications throughout the entire process – from when our items were our for delivery to our driver arriving at our house. We then watched on my phone in real time as the driver placed our groceries inside our garage and closed the door behind them. All of this took place while we were away from home running other errands.

Setting up the integration with the LiftMaster Secure View garage door is super simple. Just follow these steps:

  • Link to Amazon Key in the myQ app and select “Key Delivery” at checkout the next time you shop online at Amazon, Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods Market.
  • Your package is the key that opens your garage door! When a driver scans it, they get one-time, verified access to make a delivery.
  • Watch deliveries happen in real-time through the myQ app!
Our detached Chicago garage is safe and secure thanks to our LiftMaster Secure View garage door opener!

This new service that’s possible via Amazon Key is an absolute game changer! While we’ve had groceries delivered before via other services in the past, we still had to make sure we were home at delivery time to receive them. Now, we just grab them from the garage at our convenience. We love that this new feature didn’t even exist a year ago, and that LiftMaster keeps improving on an already incredible product! We can’t wait to see what new features LiftMaster has up their sleeve next!

Again, thank you to LiftMaster for sponsoring this post, and thank you for supporting the ones that support us! We’re using the LiftMaster Secure View Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener with Camera for peace of mind and secure, contactless in-garage deliveries.

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  • Julie Marquez7.27.21 - 12:18 PM

    Who knew!?! What a great product to add to the home!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Dee7.28.21 - 9:49 AM

    As a former Liftmaster engineer (but for a different division) I’ve seen the competitive testing of Liftmaster garage door openers vs other brands and they blow every other brand out of the water on basically every metric. Features that others advertise from LED lighting to back up batteries, etc. aren’t even comparable. Other brands might have LED lights, but they just don’t illuminate your garage. Liftmaster tests their LED garage door opener lights for illuminating a space. Some competitors say that they have “backup power” features last only an hour or two even if you never open the garage they run out of power. Liftmaster backup lasts a day or more. Crazy. I’m no longer an employee, but I wouldn’t ever consider buying a garage door opener from another company.ReplyCancel

    • Kim7.28.21 - 10:21 AM

      How incredible! Thank you for sharing your insight.ReplyCancel


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