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A round of the things that helped to shape our year, made our mundane tasks a little easier, or simply made us smile. via Yellow Brick Home

As we near the year’s end, I can say that 2022 had us finding our footing again after a handful of shaky years. We started and almost completed our kitchen renovation, leaned hard into enjoying the summer months, soaked up the changing fall leaves in Michigan, and we watched in awe as our 4-year-old turned into the coolest little kid we’ve ever know. Below, we’re sharing some of the things that helped to shape our year, made our mundane tasks a little easier, or simply made us smile.

Our Favorite Things from 2022

1. The Return of Live Music

We were having serious live music withdrawals after a few years without shows but live music is back in full force! This summer, we were lucky enough to bring Lucy to her first concert. One of our favorite bands, First Aid Kit, played a fantastic show at Chicago’s newest venue, The Salt Shed (which is also incredible).

2. Sonos Move Speaker

We’re huge fans of Sonos audio integration in our homes (more on that here and here). Awhile back, we purchased a Sonos Move for Tree House and loved the integration with streaming services, our frame TV and our bluetooth turntable. We’ve since added one to our Kitchen and couldn’t be happier!

3. Framebridge Mini Ornament

We ordered a handful of these for grandparents (as well as our own tree), and we were SO impressed with the quality! This would be an awesome last minute gift idea, since you can upload your photo file and receive the finished ornament in time for Christmas Day.

4. Cabinet Joint

Our terracotta cabinet dreams were made possible thanks to Cabinet Joint! Cabinet Joint was one of the only online companies that offered inset ready-to-assemble cabinets in ANY Sherwin-Williams color our hearts desired. Our hand was held throughout the process by our Cabinet Coach, who helped us design and shape the kitchen we’re loving and using today. Color is SW Reddened Earth. See our kitchen renovation story right here!

5. Caseta Smart Switch

Our homes get smarter by the day and a huge part of the continued automation is the Caseta smart dimmer switch. It offers tons of options for scenes, timers and voice activation and can usually be installed with little fuss into an existing switch box. We hardly ever have to touch a switch anymore!

6. Our first YBH assistant!

Introducing Akiyo, our first ever YBH assistant! Our story goes all the way back to this living room makeover, which we completed in 2016 for Akiyo’s family in southern California. We’ve stayed in touch ever since, and when she applied for our position, the stars aligned. It was pure kismet! Akiyo has been the best gift for my mental health, and we are so grateful to have her as a part of the Yellow Brick Home team.

7. Breville Espresso Machine

If you follow us in Stories, you know how much we love this compact but mighty espresso machine! This model was recommended by so many of you, and it has been the brightest spot in our mornings. 10/10, 5 stars, and a standing ovation for the quality and flavor.

8. Amber Mug

Our amber mugs have been the best companion to our Breville! Their small size makes them great for slow sipping in the mornings, and they look extra cute sitting out on our floating shelf.

9. Seche Clear Top Coat

Where has this top coat been all my life? I was initially influenced by Gwen, and I’ll never look back. It’s thick, glossy and dries SO fast. A game changer in my manicure routine, so much so, that it couldn’t not make the list!

10. Loloi Rug in Clay / Ivory

I was struggling to find the right rug in our family room, having gone through 3 rugs in 2 years. It wasn’t until I laid this one down that everything CLICKED! If you’re on the hunt for a soft wool rug to act as the supporting role in your home, this one is it.

11. IZIPIZI Reading Glasses

It happened. I bought my first pair of readers! And to be honest, I wish I hadn’t waited so long. I love the shape of these, as well as the soft tortoise shell pattern. The arms have a little give, they’re lightweight, and they look pretty cute, too!

12. Peugeot Salt Mill

I wanted a pair of non-fussy salt and pepper mills that leaned traditional, and after reading the reviews on the Peugeot mills, I gave in. Um, WOW. The quality, ease of use and output is so good, I had to add it to our Favorite Things list! These would make a great gift for the forever hostess or new homeowners.

13. Milwaukee Shop Vac

If we had to pick one tool that was the star of our kitchen renovation, it just might be this cordless wet/dry vac. It folds up into perfectly compact box and certainly doesn’t lack for power. We kept our workspaces tidy throughout the process and maintained most of our sanity.

14. Boy Smells Kush Candle

I haven’t sniffed a Boy Smells candle I didn’t love, but this one might be my favorite! It’s earthy and moody, with enough brightness to round it out. We’re never not burning candles, and this one is good. Your home’s new signature scent, maybe?

15. ’90s Cheeky Jeans

Three cheers for jeans that hold you in, with a high waist, thick non-stretch denim (my personal preference) and look great dressed up or down! I’ve had my Cheeky jeans for years, and I can attest that they only get better with time. Available in several washes and lengths!

16. Eufy Robot Vacuum

The now-ubiquitous Eufy robot vacuum is the best bang for the buck in keeping a house tidy with little effort. We’ve got ours programmed to run automatically at 7am each morning and it really helps to keep Kitty’s fine whit hair in check between deep cleanings.

17. Mesa Shoe in Coastal

These updated Lem’s shoes are the perfect kicks for a dad on the go. They look sharp enough to wear with almost anything, but can easily handle light trail duty or a scramble down the dunes. They’re breathable, comfortable and sturdy enough to take a beating.

18. Outdoor TV

We purchased this 55″ smart TV to mount to our garage in the back yard and haven’t looked back. We spent countless summer evenings winding down with our favorite shows, concerts and music by the outdoor fire. An inexpensive cover kept it dry all summer and fall and we moved it inside once temperatures dipped below freezing. Bonus – It has bluetooth connectivity to link up to the Sonos Move above for a huge upgrade in sound!

What topped your list this year?

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    Welcome, Akiyo!ReplyCancel

  • MC12.8.22 - 2:21 PM

    Welcome Akiyo!  I remember that living room makeover – so fantastic!  Great list here Kim and Scott!ReplyCancel

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    I love to see that you are fans of First Aid Kit! Love them!!ReplyCancel


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