The Week’s End

While Scott spent his Saturday at a car show in the ‘burbs (I think; he’s told me three times where he was that day, and as soon as he said car, it was in one ear, well, you know ), I lounged around the home in cozy clothes. If you think this meant I took a day to recharge, you’d be half right. I did sit, snack and play with the kids – but I spent the majority of my time in front of this laptop working on a bloggy revamp.

I’ve mentioned this shake-up before (we’ve yet to change the look of this virtual home in years), but it’s been… intimidating. For now, I’m learning to code (some things) on my own and trying to understand when to call it something “good enough.” My perfectionist mode needs a switch, and I’m working on it. It’s obvious that it’s still the same around these parts for now, but fingers crossed things will take shape in the next few weeks.

Sunday morning was celebrated with Bloody Marys, mimosas and brunch with Chicago family (aka, our good pals, Gram and Gramps) and followed up with mini projects around the casa – more on those later. Our living room tweaks are finally taking form, and for the first time in months, we don’t have handfuls of almost completed to-dos on our hands!

This doesn’t mean I won’t find an excuse to make more, of course. (Kidding! Kind of.)

How was your weekend?

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