The Weekender: The Winner Is(!), Pretty Coloring Pages, a Powerful Photo, and the Content Creator

Light and bright entryway, basketweave tile and a navy door | via Yellow Brick Home
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And the Winner Is…

Okay, you all shocked me this week. I was so sure every one of you was going to vote Dark + Moody on our entryway dilemma (because bringing the drama is much more fun, right?), and yet White + Bright was the clear winner of the poll! Scott and I have been torn for months. Years! We read every one of your comments and mulled over the pros and cons you listed. In the end, there were a few thought starters that had us swaying in your direction:

White! It’s brighter, more welcoming, and SAFER. Not disorienting when you come in from outside. Not disorienting when you navigate the stairs in the dark.

– Ann

I think you should paint the walls white, closet door black, then do a wall of photographs all the way up the stairs. And maybe add a little something like a wooden stool or small bench next to the steps by the closet and a couple plants.

– Danielle

The safety aspect had us rethinking dark paint altogether, especially since we added that extra safety measure since Lucy was born! Danielle’s comment painted the picture I think I’ve been struggling with all along. White walls. Black door(s). Family photos. Check, check, check – but then she said ‘plants’ and I was all, yes please when can we start. Other fun suggestions:

Could you do a dark paneling with the white above? I feel like that would create a “warm hug” type feeling while still being bright up top to not feel like a cave.

– Steph

I’m gonna go a bit off the rocker and say, white and bright on the walls and a dark paneling on the ceiling, dark doors. It will give it some interest, make the beautiful light fixture pop and will maybe balance all worlds?

– Angela

OUR FINAL ANSWER? White + Bright + Paneling + Black Doors! We’ll paint everything first, and I’m already hunting for frames I’d like to use for a wall of photos. I’m craving paneling – I need to see the dimension I’ve been dreaming about for years – and I’m feeling inspired by Cass, Sarah and Shea! Can’t wait to kick off this feel-good project.

Other Things This Week:

Anna whipped up the prettiest printable coloring pages. Just like that. She just whipped it right up.

A powerful photo that I keep coming back to.

Studio McGee is partnering with Target and the collection launches this weekend! Literally planning on adding all the things to my cart. (Would it be fun to share my favorites?)

Dana’s Bunker-slash-People-Under-the-Stairs-Nook-slash-Cat-Warmer is what dreams are made of.


Last weekend, Julia and I did a 1-hour Instagram Live where we shared the free ways any of us can support content creators – from bloggers to photographers, stylists to designers, YouTubers to authors. We got vulnerable (and also had too much fun), and it was wonderful to connect with you! It is downright scary to ask for help, but (deep breath) we humbly ask for your continued support through this uncertain, scary time.

The other day, Scott ran into the room where I was sitting and said, it’s you it’s you it’s you! Look, it’s you! Then he showed me this, and I haven’t stopped laughing.

Made me smile.

This must have been the Week of the Cookie, because all. of. you. tagged me in your cookie posts! And randomly, a kind follower (love you forever, Rachel!) sent me this article that shares all the secrets to the biggest, thickest cookies. Not only did all those tricks work on my next big batch, but I overhauled the instructions to our cookie recipe to include everything I learned!

There are some insane weekend sales happening right now (40% off everything at J. Crew! 25% off everything at Everlane!), and I’m sharing those below. Have a peaceful weekend, friends. Take care of yourself, and stay safe.

Weekend Sales:

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  • SUSAN BERNARD4.3.20 - 2:29 PM

    So Happy you are going white & Bright:-) Can’t wait to see the gallery wall installed tooReplyCancel

  • S.4.4.20 - 9:40 AM

    Hi!  Love this round-up, as always. As someone whose wardrobe is 50% Everlane, I’d ask you to reconsider your support of the company — they fired nearly their entire customer service team for unionizing last week.  The CEO has said it’s a pandemic-related cut back, but this is a tried-and-true tactic in union-busting, and when they started to get media criticism, they announced the sale (their first ever) to try to sweep it under the rug. Additionally, now customers aren’t able to get responses to questions or orders since they cut their team by 80%.  There are always two sides to every story, but it’s deeply troubling behavior from a company that prides itself on being “fair and ethical.”  Just wanted to chime in in support of workers everywhere!  

    Thanks again for all you do here — I’ve been a reader for years and as a Michigander, I loved following your Tree House renovation!ReplyCancel

    • Kim4.4.20 - 12:50 PM

      Thank you for chiming in! I’ve been reading several articles on what happened at Everlane, and from another perspective (with love), they ended a temporary contract with an agency 1 week earlier than was intended. 8 people were let go, whereas their full time employees are still receiving pay during this stressful time. I think the hard part is, no one enjoys any of this. And my hope is that these hard decisions now will allow these businesses to come out on the other side of this. That they’ll be able to keep their doors open. It’s all sad, but I do appreciate your thoughts. I’m hopeful that my perspective will give pause to the backlash that some companies have had to face during this awful moment in the world, when sad decisions have to be made.ReplyCancel

      • S.4.5.20 - 9:59 AM

        Thank you so much for taking the time to reply!  I do very much appreciate your thoughts and perspective, and I agree that these are all hard decisions that no one enjoys.  I can see both sides of the situation, but I am skeptical of the company’s timing and motivations. Regardless, It’s a sad, terrible time for the world, and I do hope that everyone (companies and workers alike) can weather the storm.  Thanks again for the thoughtful discourse!ReplyCancel


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