The Weekender: A Photo Shoot, City Swapping and a Note on Infertility

Happy Friday! It’s been a funny week with (mostly) ups and (just a few) downs, but we made it. First, we can’t thank you enough for all of your messages of support for The Two Flat! Mid-week, our site crashed and we had to do a full restore of the blog, which caused us to lose all of your wonderfully kind comments on our vlog, but know that we read each one as they were initially received. Y’all are truly the best.

A few days after we closed on The Two Flat, our little (human) family of three spent an afternoon taking photos in the house as a way to commemorate our new adventure. I also had an idea to make a composite photo of Lucy in the famed floral room by snapping multiple images of her playing, looking out the window and interacting with Scott. I haven’t started the editing process, but I’m so happy we took the time to create that memory! Above, kisses and cuddles after wrapping the shoot.

What Else?

This is a few weeks old, but I’m still thinking about this spotlight on infertility. During our trying time, one of my big fears was going out to dinner with friends and not ordering a drink, scared that they might start asking questions that I wasn’t ready to answer. (Um, because, I always order a drink!) Until infertility was a challenge that happened to us, I hadn’t realized how it has the ability to paralyze almost every aspect of life. Every day feels like a countdown. Every month is two halves (before ovulation or after). It’s a helpful read if you’re going through it or if you know a friend who is. xx

We finished watching The Act (so good!) and we immediately ached for another true crime fix. Julia and Sherry suggested we watch The Jinx. It’s from 2015, but we’re hooked! We have one episode to go, and we’re holding our breath.

Speaking of those girls, we had the most amazing long weekend hosting them in Chicago! It wasn’t nearly enough time, but at the end of our visit, Scott and I felt energized and inspired – the way we should all feel after spending time with people we love. The six of us (oh yeah, Chris and John, too!) made a commitment to visit each others’ cities over the next handful of years. The three pairs of us all have something different to offer based on our location, and we’re already counting down the days to Richmond and Cape Charles. Spoiler: We filmed a vlog and will be sharing soon!

Remember when a good, classic one-piece bathing suit was hard to find? This one is so simple and cheery. It’s in my shopping cart now!

It’s raincoat season in Chicago! My favorite jacket is in a whole range of new colors.

I love all things Glossier, but this lipstick has my name all over it. It’s sheer but colorful, matte but non-drying. (I chose Like, but think I’ll try Crush next!)

This bathroom color palette stopped me mid-scroll. It’s restrained yet bold, and it oozes comfort. Filing that one away for Tree House inspiration.

The perfect peachy-pink paint? Yes? Yes.

via Vanessa Francis

When I shared this photo of us on our tandem(!), my inbox flooded with source questions for Lucy’s helmet and bike seat! This helmet comes in so many colors (and most importantly, fits her teeny head!), and we’re super impressed with this child’s seat. Also, my shirt is sold out but this one is very similar and on sale!

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Have a great weekend and a relaxing Mother’s Day, friends!

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  • Brittany5.10.19 - 8:26 AM

    As someone who has watched The Jinx, I am so excited for you to watch the last episode. So crazy! Have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!ReplyCancel

    • Kim5.10.19 - 9:15 AM

      Ahhh, the suspense! Happy Mother’s Day!ReplyCancel

  • Caitlin Low5.10.19 - 10:19 AM

    I have been an RN in some form of women’s health for 16 years, 5 of those years split between two IVF clinics.  Infertility treatment is complex and confusing to most people.  I wish the knowledge was more mainstream so people understand it more.  The research tells us that the stress level of infertility is equal to cancer, yet outsiders brush it off. I’m so glad your journey gave you sweet Lucy ❤️❤️ReplyCancel

    • Kim5.10.19 - 11:03 AM

      Thank you, Caitlin. She has exceeded all of our expectations!ReplyCancel

  • HQB5.10.19 - 1:24 PM

    Are you concerned about potentially exposing Lucy (and yourselves) to lead paint, asbestos, mold, etc. in the two-flat?ReplyCancel

    • Kim5.10.19 - 1:25 PM

      Absolutely! We’ll be taking every precaution during the actual renovation. We walked through with our architect and he noted the areas of concern, which we’re avoiding. We’ve almost finalized the design plans and then it’s on to demo!ReplyCancel


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