The Weekender: Peach Walls, CBD for the Soul, and Frustrating Conversations

Painting our entryway PEACH! via Yellow Brick Home
light | medallion | runner

Peach, Peach or Peach?

It’s (finally!) entryway makeover time! We started with 30 paint chips on the wall, and we watched them change colors throughout the day. We pulled them down, one by one, until we had a top ten. And then a top eight. And then Lucy moved my chips to a different wall, and I saw our final choices, quite literally, in a whole new light!

In the end, the final selections for our peachy entryway paint project was narrowed down to four muddy-pinky-peachy Valspar colors – and then! Then, there was one. Valspar Milk Toast won our hearts, and due to our tall ceilings, we ultimately hired a painting crew to complete the task (which feels downright luxurious, and we’re cherishing every second).

Throughout the process, your enthusiasm was contagious! Thank you for always cheering us on, and we cannot wait to share the finished space with you!

Other Things This Week!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

I’ve been considering Gua sha for years, and after reading (what feels like) thousands of tutorials and reviews of various products, I purchased the Empress Stone. I cannot wait for it to get here!

This is the prettiest example of mixed wood tones I’ve ever seen.

Holy smokes, I am obsessed with this One Room Challenge lineup! Who else is excited to see what this group creates?

CBD is what has been fueling my soul these days. As someone who lives with mild anxiety and takes a prescription for this very reason, it wasn’t until I added Equilibria to my daily routine that I realized, Okay, so this is what I should feel like! And by that, I mean that everyday CBD supplements have given me a more positive response to stressors. I sleep better. My monthly cramps have been less intense. And right now, Equilibria (the brand I use and love) has a sitewide offer for first-time subscribers of 30% off (no code needed)! You can stack that for an additional 15% off when you use my promo code: YELLOWBRICKHOME. See more about what I use in this highlight, if you’d like!​​​​​​​

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about these gut-wrenching illustrations by Chanel Miller, in honor of Breonna Taylor:

Nowhere in Breonna’s case will it be noted that she had ideas unlike any other, that she cut felt into flames.


My Kitty-colored Dream Coat, below, is back in (very limited) stock! When I shared it last week, so many of you were bummed it had briefly sold out. I wouldn’t sleep on this – it’s the most versatile jacket in my closet for in-between weather.

My Kitty-colored Dream Coat is back in (very limited) stock! I wouldn't sleep on this - it's the most versatile jacket in my closet for in-between weather. via Yellow Brick Home
Dream Coat | straight leg jeans | chelsea boots

Just ordered this classic V-neck swimsuit in ‘Rosewood’! If I love it, I may need to pick it up in black, too. We plan on spending a lot of time on the beaches of Lake Michigan this summer.

This is how we want to remember Ma’Khia Bryant.

Why do you always have to make everything about race?

Helpful rebuttals for frustrating conversations

Have you been weary of Covid when it comes to air travel? This article breaks down how air circulates in a plane, and it is FASCINATING.

Here’s that retractable clothesline that blew up my DMs this past week! It’s available in all the finishes, compact, and the sweetest lil’ throwback.

Weekend Sales

Have a Peaceful Weekend

Take care of yourself this weekend, Friends. Your mental health and ability to be present is so important. We’re headed to Michigan for the weekend to continue prepping our Tree House for the upcoming Airbnb season – but also to relax and unwind as a family! Kitty is looking forward to zoomies in the large front yard, and Lucy can’t stop talking about the web swing.

What are you looking forward to most this weekend?

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  • Martha4.23.21 - 10:07 AM

    I love your genuine soul! You are so calm and mindful …. with your designs and how you live your life. Thank you for bringing today’s issues to your social media pages. There needs to be more awareness regarding the issues pertaining to race. ❤️  Don’t allow the deniers to tell you you’re wrong. ReplyCancel

    • Jill4.23.21 - 10:20 AM


    • Kim4.23.21 - 10:44 AM

      I sincerely appreciate your kind words, Martha.❤️ReplyCancel

    • Kate K.4.23.21 - 1:57 PM

      Agreed!! <3ReplyCancel

  • Julie4.23.21 - 10:24 AM

    I guess you still love orange, now with a peach entry! I was having the hardest time understanding the color when I watched stories because my phone was in night mode and the color wasn’t translating well. So count me in as one of the oh so very excited people to see the peach and whatever color you paint the doors. We just painted a bathroom a light bright peach and it makes me so happy and cheerful!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle4.23.21 - 12:11 PM

    Since you mentioned cramps along with the cbd rec, I feel like I can ask – do you feel like daily cbd shortens your cycles? I’ve noticed over the last couple years what when I take a daily dose, my cycle is much heavier and closer to 3 weeks than 4. None of my girlfriends take it so I’m just curious. (Also you’re a virtual one-sided girlfriend, ha!)ReplyCancel

    • Kim4.23.21 - 12:21 PM

      Hi Michelle! I haven’t noticed it shortening my cycles, and I’m 3 months in. That’s a perfect question to ask one of their dosage consultants though! They’re super knowledgeable and pretty fun to talk to.????ReplyCancel

  • Hannah4.24.21 - 7:38 PM

    Holy shiz. You have been my fave blog for home reasons forever. But lately, man, have you been a whole person blog. Thank you for speaking out. Thank you for the CBD recommendation. Just ordered and hoping for sleep!!! You two are just…so great. Now I want Everlane jeans. Love love love from MPLS.ReplyCancel

  • Maggie S4.25.21 - 7:31 PM

    When I went to Equilibria I only got a total of 15% off –not sure what is wrong. It says that you only get 30% off all Signature BoxesReplyCancel

    • Kel4.26.21 - 1:22 PM

      I was able to get 30% off a signature box but it would not stack with the YELLOWBRICKHOME 15%. Here’s to trying new things!ReplyCancel

      • Kim4.26.21 - 1:23 PM

        Oh, no! Let me check in with the team and see if they can help.ReplyCancel

  • Katy5.11.21 - 5:11 PM

    Wishing you and your family peace as well. Thank you for being brave.ReplyCancel


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