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The Weekender: Finding the Elusive Work|Life Balance

our Tree House

Forever In Search of a Work|Life Balance.

Sound familiar? If there’s a trend that I’ve noticed from most of our friends and family, it’s that we’re all in search of balance. Such a simple word, yet it holds so much power. Many of us are Zoom-ing (both for work and school), full-time parenting, full-time working, full-time worrying, full-time grasping at any semblance of sanity that 2020 might be kind enough to throw our way.

In the past week, Scott and I have delved deep into discussing everything from selling the Two Flat, selling the Two Flat and the condo, selling the Two Flat, the condo and the Tree House – and just, I don’t know, simplifying. And yet, every other day, I ask Scott, Should we move into the Two Flat? There have been moments where thinking about the Two Flat gave me anxiety, and yet there have been times where I couldn’t imagine parting with her. I love her, I loathe her. I think she’s gorgeous, I think she’ll never be finished.

This week, we said: Enough! In our own effort of finding a work/life balance, we decided to simply choose it. Growing up, if my grandpa had an epiphany, he would say, How about that! So for the next several days, we’re choosing not to glorify ‘busy-ness.’ There will always be time to be busy, just not today. Now, how about that?

What Else?

Ob-sessed with this nail color. (And pretty much this whole line.)

Have you tried Boll & Branch sheets? In keeping with our tone-on-tone theme, we scooped up this sheet set in Mineral. They’re crisp and cool, but perhaps my favorite part – they come out of the dryer virtually wrinkle-free!

Lucy is at the age where we no longer need a full-on diaper bag, so I swapped to a simple drawstring backpack! I keep a couple diapers, wipes, wallet, keys and book for the Goose, with room to spare. Mine is red, but this color is gorgeous and on sale.

Studio McGee’s newest collection with Target launched this week! Here are some of my favorite finds:

It’s true.

Are you getting married this year? If so, how are you? I know it can’t be easy, but this sweet story made my heart smile.

IG I Love

I was recently tagged in a video of Esme @fromyerdad, and then I promptly spent the next half hour going back to the beginning. I laughed and I cried, I smiled so hard that my cheeks hurt. I dare you to give this account a follow, start from square one, and not fall head over heels for Esme (and her dad!).

Weekend Sales

  • Baggu: Up to 60% off sale
  • CB2 (below): Up to 30% off fall furniture and hardware
  • West Elm: 20% off almost everything + 30% off clearance with code FALL30

Have a happy weekend!

We’re looking forward to taking Kitty-Catfish to the sand dunes for the first time, eating our weight in Red Coach Donuts and soaking up the cooler weather on the way. What are you up to?

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  • Stacy9.18.20 - 8:54 AM

    I commented here a couple of weeks ago that I was going to use one of your shelving tutorials to put some new shelves in my linen closet, but as I was filling the holes from the previous shelving I thought to myself, “but maybe I should skim coat the walls first?” which, OF COURSE, escalated quickly into skim coating the hall where the linen closet lives, the adjacent bathroom, and the inside of a tiny linen closet whyyyyyyy?? So I’m real far down that particular rabbit hole at the moment, but am hoping to make a good amount of progress on it this weekend.

    It’s all fine though, because I went to Trader Joe’s last night and purchased no fewer than seven fall/pumpkin items ???? so I am ready to sand some drywall!

    I saw a bit of dunes activity in your stories last night, it looks completely magical there. Hope you all have a gorgeous and happy weekend :)ReplyCancel

    • Kim9.18.20 - 10:09 AM

      Oooof, Stacy, we have BEEN THERE! Thank goodness for this gorgeous weather taking the edge off of things.????ReplyCancel

  • meredith9.18.20 - 8:57 AM

    Hoping for some peace as you all make big decision & choose simplicity! Never easy, but often times the right decision is the easiest of all. Happy weekend!ReplyCancel

    • Kim9.18.20 - 10:07 AM

      Love that, thanks, Meredith!ReplyCancel

      • meredith9.18.20 - 1:54 PM

        Constantly reminding myself this too :)ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer9.18.20 - 9:42 AM

    Three cheers for just choosing it!  Definitely a ‘yes’ for this sentiment.ReplyCancel

  • Cici Haus9.18.20 - 9:46 AM

    We had planned to get married this fall, pre-COVID. Now we’re in a weird limbo. If we do a COVID wedding it’ll have to be virtual because his parents have health issues and mine live far away and wouldn’t be able to travel. We’ve talked about all sorts of options, from the courthouse to virtual to super small to just waiting. I feel like all 2020 has been is waiting! It’s really hard.ReplyCancel

    • Kim9.18.20 - 10:06 AM

      Oh, Cici, how frustrating! I ask because my sister is getting married this fall and it’s been a logistical nightmare. Thinking of you during this frustrating time.ReplyCancel

  • Susan Elizabeth Bernard9.18.20 - 11:25 AM

    Good Luck you guys. You both have done Amazing work…. I Love everything you’ve done….But sometimes it is good to Slow down and rethink things. I have followed you for awhile and it has given  my husband & I some inspiration to possibly remodel a house we are negotiating on this  weekend in Denver! We just moved  here  in August and this house just happened in less than a week of  looking  OMG! (That alone has me very nervous LOL) Wish us Luck. All the Best to you.ReplyCancel

    • Kim9.18.20 - 11:54 AM

      GOOD LUCK! Only you know the best decision for yourself… but man, how exciting. :DReplyCancel

    • Christina9.18.20 - 1:32 PM

      Oh, Susan! Welcome to Denver!!!! Wishing you the best with renovations and negotiations. Follow me on instagram if you need a new Denver friend. @crobi13. (private profile, I am certainly no home reno queen, but I love everything YBH does so I’m sure we have a lot in common!) xoReplyCancel

  • Christina9.18.20 - 1:36 PM

    Kim, my heart goes out to you and Scott and Lucy, and everything you’ve been through the past year. I love your positive attitude, but thank you for also taking us through the tough times. You make it seem like yes, everything WILL be okay in the end. Wishing you both peace with whatever you decide. And wishing you FUN this weekend with that cute cute kiddo and that cute cute pupper! xox
    p.s. yes – I’m a wedding planning survivor. Doing okay with it, but man you just have to let yourself grieve what you thought you always wanted. I spent about 6 months frozen, about a month coming to terms with it, and I’ve been furiously planning our Plan B (C? D?) for about a month. It feels good to be back in the zone. Wishing your sister the best, too! My sister has been my rock through this, as I’m sure you are. ReplyCancel

    • Kim9.18.20 - 2:15 PM

      Christina! I feel for you. Sending you so much love and hugs.ReplyCancel

    • Jennifer I9.19.20 - 7:34 AM

      I watched a coworker get married outdoors on the Courthouse steps this summer, throwing out the April wedding plans It was beautiful because they loved each other and you saw/felt it. At the end of the day, the most important thing about the day is just that. Your love and ending up married. Hugs to you all.ReplyCancel

  • Jenna9.18.20 - 9:20 PM

    We were supposed to have our wedding in July and decided in April to postpone for a year.  We had already made the odd choice to do the courthouse thing exactly a year before our actual wedding date (so legally married in 2019).  When COVID hit and everything shut down, we really didn’t think it made sense to have the wedding and reduce #’s (especially since our wedding was only going to be about 75 people).  So postponing it was and to be honest, we are still worried that next summer we won’t be able to have the party we want.  If that’s the case – we’ve already decided we’ll just cancel altogether.  Its been so hard emotionally and all our friends/family are supportive but also like — uhhh when do we get you a wedding gift?! Hahaha.ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca9.20.20 - 3:09 PM

    I think everyone is questioning where they live right now. We are on the far north west side of the city in a bungalow and also own a 3 flat in Bridgeport. We liked our current location (which we only moved to 2 years ago) bc it is closer to my husband’s family in the NW burbs, has high rated CPS schools, we have a big (City) lot for the kids, and still allows us somewhat easy access to our Bridgeport place. Plus we can easily take Milwaukee or the Blue line to make our way back to hip restaurants but also enjoy a bit of a suburban feel. We landed on a great block and love our neighbors. But now we’re not doing anything except seeing our families. And it has us wondering if we should just sell both places and move to the NW suburbs. And we’ve always loved old houses (I grew up in one) and renovating ourselves. But sometimes it seems like this “new” 95 year old house has so many projects we will never finish. We were actually looking at NEW BUILDS in the suburbs last night. And as someone from central IL I have said many MANY times in the past 15 years I will NEVER move out by his family (it is so far!!!!) Maybe I had a bit too much to drink?! who knows. I feel like all of EVERYTHING has led everyone to so much uncertainty. ????ReplyCancel

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