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The Weekender: A Chance Encounter, Pretty Packaging and a Toy That Promotes Love

At the end of the street where our Tree House resides, there’s a small public beach. But this year, that beach has gone missing this year due to high water levels. Although it’s a bummer, there’s still an overlook to watch the saturated Lake Michigan sunsets (silver linings and all!). While we were watching the sky a few days ago, another couple walked up to the overlook, and we began a casual conversation about the weather and the sad state of ‘our’ beach.

They asked if we lived in the area, and they told us that they grew up in Lakeside – where our Tree House is. They live a little further down the road now, but we talked about the small home we purchased 2 years ago, and we casually threw in the intersection on where it sits. This sparked something in their minds, because the man said, huh, my mother’s house is right there. To which we said, huh. And then a moment of realization hit all four of us at once!

basket | counter stools | bed frame | sofa | sconce | bookcase

As all things tend to lead to another, we pieced it together: His mother is our neighbor, and our Tree House was the first home that the couple purchased together in the late ’80s! We got a deal, he said. The woman got misty eyed as we all excitedly talked about how special that home was – is! They asked if the wood beam ceilings were still there (yes!), and if the kitchen was still blue (no, haha). They told us they had big dreams to turn the attic into a sleeping loft, and we exclaimed, it is, it is now! They brought their first child home to that house, and it was so special to them. To which we let them know, us, too.

As we parted, they asked: Do you still have those screen doors? He said, man, they would slam and were so loud but no one cared. It was the sound of friends dropping in.

What Else?

  • Questioning your motives is healthy, doubting your motivation is not. I needed to see this reminder this week.
  • My BFF introduced me to this artist, and I’m in love. After a bit of a hiatus, I’m finding myself drawn towards warmer colors more and more these days.
  • Speaking of, this butterscotch sconce has my whole heart.
  • Have you heard of Public Goods? We stocked the guest bath with their products – everything from shampoo to conditioner, toothpaste to witch hazel – and although I was drawn in by their handsome (sustainable!) packaging, I’m now a fan of every product I’ve tried! Right now, you can use promo code YELLOWBRICKHOME for 50% off your first order. (And everything is already a screaming deal.)
Public Goods shampoo | conditioner | sponge | bamboo razor

Weekend Sales + Promo Codes

Wishing you all a wonderful, sunny weekend!

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  • Katy DeBardelaben7.19.19 - 8:00 AM

    But wait! You invited them over to see the tree house in all it’s fresh new glory right?! ReplyCancel

    • Kim7.19.19 - 9:14 AM

      We shared photos with them, but Lucy had reached the point in the evening where she was overtired (she was quite screechy, haha)! We exchanged numbers to stay in touch. :)ReplyCancel

  • Jill7.19.19 - 10:51 AM

    Is the public goods promo code accurate? It isn’t workingReplyCancel

    • Kim7.19.19 - 11:35 AM

      OOPS! The promo code is YELLOWBRICKHOME. So sorry that slipped through the cracks!ReplyCancel

      • Stephanie7.19.19 - 4:37 PM

        How long do we have to use the promo code.ReplyCancel

        • Kim7.19.19 - 8:48 PM

          They haven’t given me an expiration, but the sooner you can use it, the better!ReplyCancel

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