That’s One Tasty Couch

Our baby pup, Jack, has a nasty habit of licking our furniture.  He won’t chew or tear, but he will lick (insert slurpy noise here).  As tasty as that microfiber must be, his mom and dad weren’t having it.  And then it happened – we came home from brunch one day to find a chunk of fabric licked off the couch, straight from the middle of the seat.  With his full belly, Jack cowered in the corner as Scott and I covered the gaping hole with a few throw pillows, and that was the day our craigslist search began.  Here’s a trip down memory lane, before the incident:


We like to keep our home clean, free of dust, and sans couch holes.  So even though we started our search for a new cozy piece of furniture, we weren’t going to buy one before kicking this slobbering habit.  With our trusty clicker, many treats, and a new doggie bed to call his own, we won the battle after a good month.  The timing was perfect, and we found our replacement the same week we were ready to hunker down.  It was meant to be.  Buh bye, old couch. Why, hello, pretty:


Oh, those sleek arms and clean lines make our heart flutter.  And the super soft seat, ooshy-cushy fill, and scrumptious fabric has us drooling.  But you won’t see us licking that yummy velvet.  No way.  However, this new beauty has us starting to understand why Jack may be tempted.

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