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Painted: Diesel

Okay, it’s pretty obvious that we have a love for bully breeds, with our Jack being the center of attention at all times. Like, all the time. He steals the show (and our hearts – oh, snap!) even if he’s just sleeping. Sometimes we worry if we have a problem, you know, loving the heck out of him – but then what’s the problem in loving your kiddo so darn much? (And you know we love the bejeesus out of Mads and Libs, too.) That’s a lotta love.

So. Meet Diesel. What a hunk, huh? With a name like that, we think it’s fun that his aunt (and for the last few months, adopted mother) Kristin chose a hot guava background. I love a man in pink. Again, with the love.

Like most large dogs, Diesel likes to think he’s not the heavy guy we see – once living with a Shih Tzu and a King Charles Spaniel, he’s convinced of his pint-sized stature, too. He enjoys ice cream (who doesn’t?), howling to the tune of ambulance sirens, and would rather spend the majority of his time snuggling. That is, if Kristin’s felines aren’t up for a game of chase-the-cat. (Hint: they never are.)

A big thank you to Kristin and Diesel’s family for allowing us to share him with all of you!

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  • aleksandra4.21.11 - 11:19 AM

    this is so lovely. and because you love bullies, i am seriously thinking about having you do little paintings of all our babies — our own chick, our current foster gonzo bunny-ears, and our first beautiful foster girl, lollie (also on our blog).

    • Kim4.21.11 - 12:23 PM

      Aleksandra, I’ve fallen in love following Gonzo’s adventures on your blog… Nothing would make me happier!ReplyCancel

  • Tina B4.21.11 - 1:29 PM

    I truly love all of your pet paintings. I just wish I had a pet for you to paint! Do kids count? ;)ReplyCancel

  • Amanda- Hip House Girl4.21.11 - 1:35 PM

    My favorite was when Kristin would paint his nails that same hot guava color!ReplyCancel

  • Kim4.21.11 - 1:42 PM

    No. Way.ReplyCancel

  • Amanda- Hip House Girl4.21.11 - 2:16 PM

    Way. Email on its way.ReplyCancel

  • Scott4.21.11 - 4:10 PM

    Amanda, Kim showed me the email. That is simultaneously the most disturbing and hilarious thing I’ve ever seen!ReplyCancel

  • Amanda- Hip House Girl4.21.11 - 5:30 PM

    Haha I’m so glad. It was the funniest thing, he’d walk up to you with his big meaty head and muscly body, and you’d look down and see these dainty pink nails.ReplyCancel

  • Kristin4.21.11 - 6:31 PM

    Thank you so much! It’s going to take everything in me to not force my cousin open his present in the middle of the wedding!

    As for his nails, I honestly believe he liked having them painted :)ReplyCancel

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