Painted: Dear Dora

On Friday, our puppy friend Chick of Love and a Six-Foot Leash showed off the newest addition to his family’s collection of pet portraits – Dora! You may remember when Chick’s mom, Aleks, shared her fostering story with us years ago, and since then, she’s kept this girl busy painting not only her pups, but all the fosters that have been so lucky to walk through her door (and there’s still 2 more to get on canvas!).

The photo above was taken by Aleks, and yup, that entire collection is hers (from left to right: Chick, Stevie, Dora, Gonzo, Lollie and Doodle)! I surprised myself when I got just a wee bit (okay, a lot bit) misty eyed after she emailed it over. Seeing the crew of portraits I’ve painted for her over the years – there, altogether – just makes my heart beat wildly with happiness; happy for the foster pups, the new families they’ve become a part of and the honor I’ve had to commemorate them.

a not-so-little PS: To celebrate Dora (front and center up there!), use promo code DEARDORA for 10% off all orders in The Pet Shop until midnight today, Monday April 15th!

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