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Our Tone-On-Tone Bedroom Reveal

We refreshed our master bedroom with tone-on-tone bedding and a few key elements to turn this space into our favorite cozy, moody retreat.

Benjamin Moore Raccoon Fur walls in a master bedroom | via Yellow Brick Home

Our master bedroom is one of those spaces that we love wholeheartedly. We like to joke that we earned it; I mean, you might remember when it used to be a kitchen? And remember when we added a whole wall of windows and removed a chimney stack and relocated the laundry room? This room has come so far, and after calling it done! many years ago, we turned our attention elsewhere. Our Tree House. The Two Flat. Our sweet Lucy Sun.

We had just one regret, and it was the lack of blackout shades – of being able to sleep in! Adding that big wall of windows was a choice we love, but it makes for bright and early mornings. Finally, we gave ourselves the grace to layer blackout curtains over the existing shades, and while we were at it, I dared myself to venture out of my all-white-all-the-time-bedding comfort zone. What if we swapped to something moody to match our walls? What if we tried tone-on-tone(-on-tone) to achieve the coziest bedroom of all? And so our bedroom refresh was born, and yes, it’s everything we dreamed it to be.

The Bedding

Benjamin Moore Raccoon Fur walls in a master bedroom  and a white nightstand | via Yellow Brick Home
coverlet + shams | sheets | nightstand | sconce | curtains (similar)

I’d had my eye on these flannel pinstripe sheets for months, and after sleeping in them for a few weeks, we are sold. Wow. We were nervous at first that the flannel might be too hot, but there must be magic woven into the threads. We never, ever wake up overheated. They’re somehow breathable yet deliciously warm, classic yet fresh. They’ve been washed several times, and they only get better!

We sandwiched our cream duvet between the sheets and this x-stitched coverlet, which is simultaneously lightweight yet (so so) warm. Do you notice a theme? It’s as soft as wrapping yourself in your favorite worn-in tee. There’s a slight heathering in the fabric, so it doesn’t visually feel heavy – vintage, even.

coverlet + shams

One reason that I wasn’t too worried about layering dark-on-dark was the balance of light we have built in to the room! The wall of windows, for one, our tall wardrobes on the opposite side of the room, and the adjoining wallpapered laundry room.

Floor to ceiling wardrobes built in using the IKEA PAX system | via Yellow Brick Home
Benjamin Moore Raccoon Fur walls in a master bedroom | via Yellow Brick Home

coverlet + shams | sheets | nightstand | grey rug

Floor-to-Ceiling Blackout Curtains

Benjamin Moore Raccoon Fur walls in a master bedroom | via Yellow Brick Home
grey rug | floating vanity | curtains (similar) | ceiling fixture

This. This! Adding blackout curtains (similar) to this room has changed ev-er-y-thing. We pull them closed every evening, and we wake up wondering what time it is. We say to each other, Do we officially have the best bedroom in the whole wide world? I mean, I may sound dramatic, but it’s been – dare I say – life changing? We’re sleeping so well, and it’s such a special treat to cozy up in our bed every night.

Benjamin Moore Raccoon Fur walls in a master bedroom | via Yellow Brick Home
coverlet + shams | sheets | sconces | curtains (similar)

If you’ve been following on our Stories, you know that we purchased these pinch pleat, extra wide curtains in Beige White, and we were blown away by the quality. They’re heavy, drape beautifully and have a linen look with a thick blackout liner. In fact, they’re so solid that the first curtain rod we purchased couldn’t hold up to the weight! We switched gears and picked up this matte black rod with simple finials and these rings, and they’re a match made in heaven.

Note: The curtains have since sold out, but these are almost identical, also available in extra wide with a pinch pleat!

Mood lighting in a bedroom, with a lit candle a softly dimmd wall sconce | via Yellow Brick Home
the evening glow!

(Kind of) New Artwork + Lighting

Benjamin Moore Raccoon Fur walls in a master bedroom | via Yellow Brick Home
coverlet | sconce | floating vanity

That black wall sconce you see here used to live on the same wall as the windows, but since the curtains took over, we shifted it one wall to the right. In a happy accident, we find that we’re using it much more now! It was once mounted vertically, but I had a thought – what if we installed it horizontally and added art below? I stole our instant photo art from the hallway, brought it in here, and it all clicked together.

Instant photo frame display against a black wall in a bedroom | via Yellow Brick Home

Mind the Small Stuff | Black Outlets + Switches

Benjamin Moore Raccoon Fur walls in a master bedroom | via Yellow Brick Home
floating vanity | floor mirror | thrifted art

As a final touch, we had to move our Sonos to the other wide of the room (it, too, used to live on the window wall), and we swapped out our outlets and wall switches to black. What a difference! Any exposed cables were capped with covers and painted the same color as our walls, and it all just… blends away. It’s the small stuff that pulls an entire room together, really.

A close-up of a jewelry dish on a nightstand | cat trinket dish | via Yellow Brick Home
jewelry dish
Our happy pit bull, sleeping on her dog bed | via Yellow Brick Home

I’ve pulled together the items that make up our tone-on-tone bedroom, but you could always push it even further. The linen duvet (4) also comes in graphite, our nightstand (8) is available in feather grey and acorn, and you could even pick up the curtains (10) in rock grey!

A mood board for a tone-on-tone moody bedroom makeover | via Yellow Brick Home

1. Benjamin Moore Raccoon Fur | 2. pinstripe sheets | 3. pendant light | 4. cream linen duvet cover | 5. coverlet + shams | 6. matte black curtain rod + finials (with these rings) | 7. acacia wood floor mirror | 8. nightstand | 9. Sonos One speaker | 10. pinch pleat blackout curtains (similar) | 11. grey wool rug | 12. black dimmer switch | 13. black outlet

PS: Here’s our Craigslist headboard makeover and the evolution of this room from kitchen to master!

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  • meredith2.10.20 - 7:34 AM

    So cozy and beautiful! Also on another note – I haven’t been able to read your post about Jack (cue the tears), but know that every time come to this site I am think about you all and hope for peace & healing. ReplyCancel

    • Kim2.10.20 - 8:02 AM

      Thank you, Meredith. We spent the whole weekend snuggling up as a family (no work or chores whatsoever!), and we all feel the tiniest bit more at peace – CC included.ReplyCancel

  • JT2.10.20 - 8:08 AM

    Is your bed a “dog free zone”? I am wondering how the bedding stands up to shedding (we are in the middle of shedding season over here and I feel like I am drowning in dog fur)ReplyCancel

    • Kim2.10.20 - 8:46 AM

      It is dog-free… but even still, CC doesn’t shed that much!ReplyCancel

    • Ryan2.10.20 - 4:19 PM

      We let our dogs sleep on the bed which is probably not the best decision, not just because of the dog hair and their grungy little feet. We switched from using a duvet cover to a washable coverlet/quilt and now every time I wash the sheets I throw the quilt in the wash too. I don’t have to bother with removing the duvet and putting the cover back on after every wash (which I always avoided) so I wash the quilt more often and the bed stays cleaner. ReplyCancel

  • at home with Ashley2.10.20 - 8:45 AM

    I love the story the arched headboard tells. All the colors are so welcoming and soothing. So pretty!ReplyCancel

  • Hannah Gokie2.10.20 - 9:29 AM

    Ahh this looks glorious and SO cozy. ReplyCancel

  • Julia2.10.20 - 9:46 AM

    This looks so cozy and restful, you two! I can really feel the thought and intention you’ve put into every aspect to get your bedroom to this point. I can’t do much with my bedroom now as a renter, but in the (hopefully not too distant) future when I own, your bedroom will be the main inspiration! ReplyCancel

  • Liz2.10.20 - 7:43 PM

    So cozy! We have the same mirror in a blue master as well… how did you mount it to the wall?ReplyCancel

  • Amanda3.10.20 - 3:23 PM

    Hi, Kim! Looks great!  I have a question about the curtain length and ceiling height.  They sell the curtains in 96″ long panels but if the ceilings are 8 feet tall, would they be too long once you account for the rings and distance the rod is installed from the ceiling?  What are your ceilingheight/curtain length measurements and how did you deal with the extra inches?  Thanks so much!ReplyCancel

    • Kim3.10.20 - 4:08 PM

      Hi, Amanda! Our ceilings are over 9′, so we got them in the 102″ length, and they baaaarely skim the floor. It’s perfect. I would subtract 3″ from your ceiling height, in order to account for the rod and rings.ReplyCancel

  • Amy Lloyd4.8.20 - 1:30 PM

    Hey Kim! I ordered the same curtains as you and love the quality and weight! One question, did you guys put a ring on each pleat? Thanks!ReplyCancel

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