A Cheerful Welcome for the One Tail at a Time Behavior Center

One Tail at a Time people are good people. It’s the reason why we devoted much of our time and energy into their first brick and mortar, The Adoption Center, in 2015. It’s why we choose them as our non-profit of choice when we make donations. It’s why we, without a second thought, jumped in to collaborate with them on their newest resource, The Behavior Center.

Long time readers may be familiar with One Tail, but if not, they’re a Chicago based pet rescue doing incredible things for this community and way, way beyond. Their vision:

One Tail at a Time sees a Chicago where adoptable dogs are not killed in shelters, where low-income pet lovers get the veterinary care they need to keep their pets out of the shelter, and one that empowers the community to care for and find homes for pets in shelters.  

To make all of this possible, they’ve launched a campaign to bring in these four additional resources to their successful adoption center: 1) Behavior Center, 2) Adoption Truck, 3) Isolation Center and 4) Vet Clinic. The combination of the above will increase rescues, adoptions and care while also promoting education and empowering the community. You can learn more about this endeavor right here (and support them, if you’d like!); to date, they have reached 50% of their $950,000 goal! They. Are. Incredible.

When Heather, OTAT’s Director, asked if we could help transform the lobby of the Behavior Center, we were all, yes, where, when! The Center is in the Irving Park neighborhood of Chicago, with sunny store-front windows. It’s an old building that had fallen into a state of slight disrepair, but there was so much potential to be uncovered. Heather, her team, and the active community of volunteers had already begun the process by cleaning it up and painting the charming plaster walls a deep royal blue. Then she came to us, and we rounded up generous product donations from Rejuvenation and National Business Furniture.

Behavior Center | Before

Behavior Center | After



The new ceiling pendant, faux stone + brass planters and rug were donated by Rejuvenation, and the large (beautiful!) L-shaped desk, chairs and filing cabinets were donations from National Business Furniture.* The pillows and dog beds were picked up from Home Goods and here’s the outdoor bench. That floor(!) was 100% inspired by my girl Ashley at The Gold Hive. I shared Ashley’s tutorial with Heather, and the One Tail volunteers knocked it out of the park! Those floors are vinyl. Vinyl!​​​​​​​ (How cute are our models? That’s Trout, Heather’s dog and Jack and CC’s new lover.)

*National Business Furniture is offering YBH readers a 10% discount with the code YELLOW10!

The custom lettering came from this Etsy shop, and they were mounted onto this faux greenery. We added to that with real greenery, in a range of hearty plants that could withstand sun, clouds or drought (aka, all the elements).

How much do you love the look of old plaster walls? (The imperfections are pretty perfect to me.) Although… you’ve probably noticed a handful of strange soffits and drywall bump-outs. Although every inch of our beings wanted to tear them down, the risk of escalating costs (especially for a nonprofit) were too great. Instead, we worked around those awkward angles and painted them to match the walls. But on a positive note, that sweet chandelier was already there, and we loved it too much to take it down. How cute is she?

Beyond the lobby, dogs will receive training through positive reinforcement in a controlled environment from licensed trainers. And above the center is an apartment that will act as transitional housing for pups in need of extra care. It’s all so insanely heartwarming, I just… it’s awesome.

Behavior Center | Before

Behavior Center | After

We can’t wait to see all the great things that One Tail at a Time will continue to achieve. We’re honored to have played the teeniest, tiniest part of it! If you’d like more information on their campaign, you can get all those details here.

Room Sources:

floors | L-shaped desk | desk chairs | filing cabinet | faux stone planters + stand | small brass planters | tall brass planters | rug | bench | faux green wall | custom lettering | ceiling pendant light

*National Business Furniture is offering YBH readers a 10% discount with the code YELLOW10!

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  • Ashley - The Gold Hive6.10.19 - 8:12 PM

    OMG this is too much. Those puppers are the cutest. Plus, you’re simply the best for helping out the creatures and the people that dedicate their lives to helping them. Seeing that rug on those floors with those pups is giving me flashbacks to fostering the puppies in my kitchen with that same rug and floors. I’m having all feels and getting weepy over here!! xoxoReplyCancel

    • Kim6.11.19 - 8:14 AM

      You are simply the best for doing the same! How did I miss that you had the rug, too? Thank you for doing all that you do with foster pets! xxReplyCancel

  • Rachel6.11.19 - 8:59 AM

    I’ve been eyeing that rug for my hallway for a long time! Does it lie flat? It’s so beautiful, but the edges do look like they curl up. I’m concerned about ordering it online in case there is an issue. Unfortunately I’ve read a lot of consistently similar reviews about poor customer service. Thanks for any input you guys can provide! ReplyCancel

    • Kim6.11.19 - 9:56 AM

      It can definitely be trained to lay flat. If we had carpet tape, we would have been golden, but forgot to bring it with us! We also recommend a rug pad to help it stay in place. It’s an AWESOME rug and currently on sale!ReplyCancel

      • Rachel6.11.19 - 1:16 PM

        Thank you so much for replying!!ReplyCancel

  • Bailey6.12.19 - 2:52 PM

    A $500 rug in an adoption center? Gives me anxiety just thinking about it. ????????ReplyCancel


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