Meet the Big Bag O’ Tools

With projects constantly in progress and on the list around here, I’ve accumulated a lot of tools over the years. It’s always amazing how they just seem to multiply on their own, spilling out of two toolboxes, every drawer, and cluttering one too many shelves in our cabinets. Whew. Things were getting out of hand.

Everything from hand-me-downs (collected over my life of 28 years) to that fancy hammer right there on top (my housewarming gift to myself the day I closed on my first fixer-upper in Cincinnati) were beginning to make finding the tape measure it’s own project. Alas, there will always be a new tool needed for the next project, and the collection will surely grow. But we had reached our breaking point, and something had to give.

Enter Carhartt to the rescue. Due to some perfect timing and a sales contest at work, I landed this heart-stopping, gigantic Carhartt Work Bag. As Kim has quickly learned, it will forever be referred to as the Big Bag O’ Tools, or BBOT for short (clever, I know). This bad boy sports 27 pockets, a shoulder strap and enough reinforcement points to withstand the coming apocalypse of 2012. Bonus: If my tools are on the go with me, I can even toss in the Grandpa Jar and my power drill with a spare battery. 75 pounds later, I have no doubt this puppy will hold up.

With our big move to the BBOT, I took advantage of the opportunity by organizing the tools by type and really putting those handy pockets  to use. And the old bins? The large blue box was given to a gracious bicycle mechanic, and the little red guy is now being used to store these bizarre tools that you might use once every few years. (Get rid of them? Never.) Hey, anyone else you know own a caulk smoother? Now you do.

All said and done, this thing has been a godsend. No more funny games of find-the-screwdriver, and certainly no more heartache to find the tape measure. Everything is in one neat and tidy satchel stored within arms reach. Projects just got a little bit easier.

So now that I’ve ‘fessed up, I’d love a tip or two on where you store your tools. Got a killer garage with a work bench and a mini-fridge? Or is a messy drawer all you need? And just for the record, I heard that duck-brown canvas is the new black.

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  • I lust after all of the garages with fancy peg boards. For now, all of my tools are stuck in Sterilite drawers.ReplyCancel

  • dave3.12.10 - 5:09 PM

    I’m jealous! The Carhart bag is awesome! It looks like it support a Volkswagon.ReplyCancel

  • Scott3.13.10 - 10:38 AM

    The inspiration was your huge blue toolbox, but the space where this guy gets stored is pretty shallow, so we had to go wide and tall as opposed to your 3 foot long 50 pound beast!ReplyCancel


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