Lucky Winner: The Stocking Treatment

Well, just when you thought you’ve heard it all… Our Stocking Hanger Kit giveaway supplied by Curtain-Tracks really turned up some interesting responses when it comes to what stuffs your socks.  Who knew that my girl Kelly enjoys nothing more than a jar of black olives on Christmas Day (and actually eats them all in one sitting?).  From sweet chocolates to woolly socks and lint rollers, you folks really pulled some surprises out of your hats.

So why not start a new tradition this year with a sleek new track, tucked neatly away under your mantle?  Heck, why not start a new trend? We love that this stocking kit prevents the little tikes (or in our case, the little furballs) from pulling down heavy mantle-top hooks.  At the same time, we can’t help but wonder how this fabulous track can be used throughout the year – mounted under a bookcase shelf, built-in, or kitchen cabinet?  Or perhaps you can use the hooks to display party decor, signs, and frills?


Oh, but you’re probably wondering who the lucky-dog winner is.  A-hem, drumroll please.  The Curtain-Tracks Stocking Hanger Kit goes to Lisa Mitrano, who finds that practicality suits her socks best when stuffed with batteries.  It’s true, you always need those suckers in a pinch.

Congratulations, Lisa! We can’t wait to see how these tracks will soup up your mantle.  May you find a heap of batteries in your socks this year.  And hopefully a stash of chocolates in the toe.

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